Monthly payments for RadioBOSS DJ PC Use Software

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Hello to all,

I have never used DJ software on my computer, I only use RadioBOSS Cloud. I am considering becoming a Live DJ though and would therefore need to buy your RadioBOSS PC software version. However that would only be a few hours a month that I would be DJ-ing live, therefore I wonder if you would consider offering a Monthly Payment service for RadioBOSS DJ software for PC. I am sure many cash-strapped FM stations and hobby users would want this monthly pay option. You could send them a 37 day-valid key after they pay for 30 days of RadioBOSS service (give them a grace period of 7 days extra to pay for the 30 days of RadioBOSS DJ PC Software). After 37 days their montly key would no longer work. I think you could take a survey of FM stations that use RadioBoss DJ Software to see how many would get a newer version of RadioBOSS if offered a monthly payment service for the upgrade, and also how many would buy more copies of RadioBOSS software if offered a Monthly payment option?

I know you might say why not just use RadioBOSS Cloud instead of PC-hosted software, but that use is not practical when DJ-ing Live, as there are certain DJ things you do as a Live DJ that require DJ software to be installed on a PC.

Thank You Very Much,

I'm not sure how much this monthly license will cost. I suppose it should be something like $20. I don't think making it any cheaper will make sense for us - administering this will eat some money and commissions are higher for small payments.
I think the idea is not so bad
Surely the price would have to cover your costs and also yield a certain profit
The advanced license costs 249:12=20,75$
I think that a monthly license would have to cost at least 30$ to be profitable you also have to calculate the extra work
nevertheless I think the idea is not so bad
It's certainly not bad and we actually consider implementing it at some point in the future. The "subscription" version of RadioBOSS will be a bit different, e.g. it will have to occasionally check subscription status so constant internet connection is a necessity for it.
A reminder for the normal subscription would be nice.
The subscription (for desktop RadioBOSS) does not exist yet and I'm not sure it will ever be. We'll consider it for the future, but for now I can't tell if it will be implemented.