nowplaying.txt next track wants to appear to the next line in the playlist


I'm very happy there is nowplaying.text records next track on radioboss

but is it possible to jump to the next line past the excluded track ?

in the picture I send:
- The jingle is indeed set so that it does not enter (not save title into a file) to nowplaying.txt

when playing Anne Murray - Over You, it is automatically saved in nowplaying.txt

line 1: Anne Murray - Over You
line 2: empty (because the jingle is set not save title into a file)

is it possible that every blank data in the second line is continued to the next line of songs in the radioboss playlist?

so what I want when the position is like in this submitted image :
line 1: Anne Murray - Over You
line 2: Atomic Kitten - The Tide is Hight

hopefully you understand what I mean and maybe it can be applied in the next radioboss update.


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Thank you for the suggestion. This makes sense, so we'll make it evaluate the following track for simple cases (when there's no shuffle or custom playback queue involved).