Problem with Playback of Playlist

Hi Dmitry.

We have discovered a problem with playback of a generated playlist.

We have set up RB to automatically generate a 24 hour playlist every morning, using the Scheduler and Playlist Gen Pro.

Unfortunately, we found we had dead air for a few hours leading up to generation time every day.

We increased the duration of the playlist from 24 to 30 hours, and it still stopped about the same time every morning - usually 20 hours in to the playlist.

After conducting some experiments, we learned that once the new playlist is imported into the playlist screen and starts playing, the start time appears on all songs, with the exception of songs after the 20 hour point in the playlist, and the playlist appears to stop playing at that point.

A screen shot is attached. Hopefully this will help explain things.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.



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One more thing I just found out.

It seems to stop after approximately 450 songs. (One time it was 458, another time 451, another time 452).

Not sure if this helps, but some extra information.

Kind regards



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You should activate the Silence Detector: - this will help you to avoid dead air.

About 450 songs - from the screenshot I see that tracks were not yet played, and therefore it doesn't illustrate the issue.

The Start Time is calculated for about 450 tracks, this is the intended behavior. It does not calculate Start Time for the whole playlist for optimization purposes. It does not affect playback at all - when tracks are played the start time is also calculated further.

What RadioBOSS version you're using? Try installing the latest RadioBOSS 5.1.3.