Questions about scheduler

I am new to Radioboss Cloud, and am so far very very impressed! However, I have a feeling I am doing something wrong.
I have an end of hour station id scheduled at 59:48. All of my station ids are of different lengths, so it was hard to decide exactly when I should have them trigger. They trigger every hour like that, and so far from what I can tell, they are working well. I have it set to not wait for the current song to end, so they will not be delayed, and at least fire pretty close to end of hour. However, where I am having problems is with the playlists scheduled for the beginning of the next hour. I want them to trigger immediately after the id plays, but it seems like there is always a song or track of some sort that plays for anywhere from a few seconds to playing all the way through between the id and start of next playlist, thus causing timings to be off by several seconds or minutes. I can't tell the system to not wait for current track to finish like with the ids, as some of my ids are a bit longer, and could be cut off. But I need the next playlist to start immediately after that id, no ifs ands or buts. Event is set to replace playlist, but it seems to be doing so for everything after whatever song was still in cue. Should I move my id up a few more seconds, say from 48 to 51? Or should I be setting up the playlist event differently in scheduler? Regarding the id, it would be nice if there was a way to have the system calculate exactly when it should be triggered based on its length. For example, when using Station Playlist, if I set an event for minute 60, that would make the system always place it so that it would finish playing exactly when the hour finishes, no matter the length of the station id. I would love to see a similar feature for both Radioboss desktop and cloud.

I'm a bit stumped, so prompt help will be very very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help, time and attention to my issue.
I think you should schedule station ID, for example, at the start of each hour (XX:00:00), then a couple of seconds later, schedule the music playlist (XX:00:05). This way the music playlist will be queued after the station ID and play right after it finishes.
Ok, so I have done what you said. It worked on the first hour after it was set up, so will keep checking it to see how things are going. I wanted to have the id run at the end of the hour instead of the beginning of the next one to be more like am and fm stations, which in many places are legally required to run the id at the end of the hour, but after thinking about it, there is a lot more delay with internet stations, so by the time people hear the station id half the time anyway it is already going in to the next hour, so no hurt in programming like you said. I hope it works now as you described.