RB backup & Restore


I've noticed that when I update RB to the latest version, it creates a directory of files and folders in the following directory [C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Roaming\djsoft.net] with the new install entitled [\RadioBOSS_(various numbers)].

When I do a RB Backup, is it just backing up this particular folder for the latest version I am running? If I create new playlists add audio in a different directory, is the RB backup backing up these newly created files? If not, should I save all my created playlists, audio, events, etc in the directory that RadioBOSS created when I installed the latest version?

Thanks in advance for clarifying.



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It only creates a backup of the settings folder and does not backup any external files you create. If you want to also backup your other files, you can either create a separate backup using 3rd party tools, or place your playlist files inside RadioBOSS's settings folder.