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Hi All

My first post here, i read a lot and viewed many videos about Raadioboss.
I could not find the problem i have to solve

Perhaps someone could help.
I set every hour a fadeout for 8 seconds, then news must be played (news have different length from 2.30 to 3.30 minutes), afterned a jingle must be played for the new hour, after this he has to play a random playlist from a folder. At some hours, for example 17:00 21:00 he must play a playlsit from different folder and remove the playlist from the hour before.

MY problem now is he skips the news, which he must play, but if i set he must play at precise time, the time announcement is not spoken to the end.

would be nice if someone could tell  me how to set the settings right here.
kind regards



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Please make sure that you use the latest RadioBOSS 5.9.4. Then check what event causes the problem - when yyou find it please send a screenhot to take a look at.