Scheduled Overlay Event dilemma


I have just about come to the conclusion that the following can't be done. :cry: I've tried several different things that look very promising only to find out that it won't work. I'm hoping someone might have a way that I haven't tried.

I need an event to be started by DTMF. Then pause for 7 seconds, then play a particular audio file OVERLAYED what is playing in the playlist. When the particular audio file is played I would like the playlist volume to drop to about 50% then return to 100% following the event. Just like the scheduled event with overlay does, but only lower the volume during the particular audio file and not during the 7-second pause.

You can use the pause command to insert silence. But I'm not sure if it's the solution for your case.
I do use the pause command and it does what I need it to do, except that the volume reduces while the 7-second pause is pausing, if you know what I mean.

I’ve tried creating a very simple playlist with the first item being the pause 7 second command followed by my audio file and then made it a scheduled event with overlay at 50%. I’ve also tried doing the same sort of thing where I created a scheduled event to pause 7 seconds, then play the audio file with overlay at 50%. Same result, the overlay reduces the playlist volume 50% during the 7-second pause.

If I could schedule the pause 7-seconds to be triggered by the DTMF without overlay while the playlist still continues, then somehow trigger the audio file immediately after the pause with overlay, that would work…..or, since CARTs can overlay (manually), I could schedule the event that when it hears the DTMF that It pause 7 sec with overlay at 100% volume, then trigger the cart to play right after that which when it plays, it will overlay with playlist volume reduced. the problem is that carts can‘t be a scheduled event from what I understand.

im not sure if I made it clear as to what I’m saying…but at least I understand! Lol.

Same result, the overlay reduces the playlist volume 50% during the 7-second pause.
This is the intended behavior, actually. The main playlist volume is reduced while overlay event is active - regardless if it's playing actual music or pause or whatever.