Scheduled “start by DTMF only” event does not start


Running RB with Windows 7.

For some reason, the start by DTMF only scheduled events do not start. I see the DTMF in the debug window come in, but the events do not start. The scheduled time is definitely within the 10 minute window. They used to work, but now they don’t. Other scheduled events work just fine. Any ideas?

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I see the DTMF in the debug window come in
If the tone is detected, the event should start. The problem could be that the event was started manually using the Run Now button and its next automated launch is skipped.
Your answer helped. Problem is fixed. Looking closer and watching the scheduler and the “next run” column I noticed something. This is an older version of RB. This version, unlike the more recent versions, only looks 5mins ahead of the scheduled time for the DTMF. Because of internet delay coming from the network, the DTMF tone was always coming AFTER the scheduled time and therefore didn’t act upon the play by DTMF only (doing what it was supposed to do). Newer versions of RB look 5 mins before and 5 mins after the scheduled time for the DTMF (this is better).