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Today I found my streaming stopped after I ran a scheduled show with the message in my log saying "Command: stop" followed by another entry "Stop". This has never happened before when running scheduled files so why would it happen now. It was simply removed by going to the playlist and clicking the next track to play.

I was lucky I was with my streaming server to be able to start the next track but I need to understand why RadioBOSS decided to run the command so I can prevent it from happening again.

My RadioBOSS version is


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essexbigboy said:
my log saying "Command: stop" followed by another entry "Stop"
This is because stop command was inserted into the playlist manually or from a scheduled event (the previous log entry can clarify that).

RadioBOSS will not insert or execute commands by itself. You should inspect all your events and playlists to see if the "stop" command presents there.