Terrestrial radio


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Hi all,

I've been a radio manager for nearly 20 years. We are live much of the time, and though we do stream 24/7, much of what is broadcasted is derived from automation. Our automation - jockeypro LT - has a neat interface for building a schedule, and it plays everything we ask it to. In short, we repeat much of the shows we run live (and we broadcast two shows that we import at appointed times), so any file that is programmed in for a specific time should play accordingly, at a specific time. We are a terrestrial FM station.

I am wondering if RadioBoss would serve these seemingly basic needs. In short, since JockeyPro is not only not being made any longer, it also only runs on an XP. Time to think about making the change now. Many people in the past have recommended radioDJ, but that looks a bit too advanced for someone like myself. I pick up on things quick, but this seems somewhat laborious. Being free, I also wonder about customer service.

I suppose I am looking for some sort of guidance. An impartial recommendation of some sort, and since I am on a RadioBoss blog, just looking to see how I can get situation and running smoothly.