Timed Break Note

Greetings Dmitry.

I want to be able to time out exactly to the end of the hour. I remember when I used to work for a radio station, with the old system we had, we could insert (or place in the playlist generator) an event called a timed break note, which faded the current songs at a certain time, and jumped to the next item.

Is there any way I can insert a fade command at a specific time into the playlist? So, if my last song is 4 minutes long, then the fade command is placed just before that song, and set to, if it's the 2pm hour, 2:56:00. Then, whatever is playing at 2:56:00 is faded into the last song.

Hope that makes sense :) Sorry if I've missed an obvious function that you've already created.



I'm sure there is a way to do this in RadioBOSS, without