Track information does not follow track when it is moved to a different folder


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When we move a song from one folder to another, the information from the track tool does not follow. When We open the track, the intro and other info is not there. Where is this information stored? and how can I get it to migrate along with the song to the new folder.


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The information is stored in the database (by default) and is connected to the file by file path. You can switch it to store in the tracks (using the APEv2 tag) so that when you move the file, the info will also be moved. Or you can move the files from within RadioBOSS or Music Library - in this case the information will also be moved. Right-click the file in the playlist or in the music library, and select Move or Rename file to do this.

Storing the information in the tags has disadvantages, you can read about it here: