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We are expanding Internetradio.se and are therefore seeking collaborators who want to join us on the journey we have embarked upon. After the launch of our 30 channels, we began phase 2 with our first fully AI-driven channel going online at Mad Mix Radio, and it was an immediate success. We are not completely finished with either the website, layout, or content, but one thing we know is that we have become eager to progress, and now we're going all in.

So, we are seeking everything from disc and video jockeys to radio hosts who want to broadcast live for real, or you who want to add your pre-recorded programs to our syndicate. We will have 20 channels created for different genres as well as syndication, but also 10 channels driven by AI, entirely or partially. We are also seeking technical personnel who can handle primarily Linux but also Windows. Our Linux servers use CentOS and Ubuntu. Our Windows servers exclusively use Windows 2022 Server, and we are looking for someone who can handle these different operating systems.

We have no VPS in our setup for our radio and TV channels, but everything is run on dedicated machines. However, we have built a suite of services that will be launched after the summer where we can offer everything from VPS with our own CDN to dedicated machines. We have been assigned an AS number, and furthermore, we are registrars of most TLDs and have our own physical albeit smaller server location with redundant fiber entering the server hall from three different directions.

We are also seeking someone who can handle social media as we are currently building our presence there, which happens on X, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube. If you know how to handle marketing and how to create content, then we are interested in you.

Soon we will start our collaboration with a company that ensures that anyone who wants to follow air traffic worldwide can do so, and we will have live TV, live cameras, live ATC placed at the world's largest airports. Not only that - we will also start 3 radio and TV channels with a full focus on ice hockey.

We have a lot in the pipeline, but we choose not to reveal everything right now, but as everything becomes clear, this will be available on our news page. One more thing, we are seeking someone who can handle a website, knows everything about Wordpress, and also has good knowledge in handling DIVI.

Take a look at www.internetradio.se where you can see what we are and what we do, and also what we want to achieve. All creative souls are welcome to contact us at hello@internetradio.se
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Phone: +44 [0] 787 796 3058
E-mail: hello@internetradio.se
Snail mail is completely out of the question!