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Author Topic: Traktor Kontrol s2: Using laptop as master speakers and cueing tracks with headp  (Read 1109 times)

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I dusted off my old Traktor Kontrol S2 to use with Traktor DJ. I don't actually have any speakers to hook up to the controller and I don't really need em either for my purpose - I just want to record a small mix.

However I need to be able to cue tracks on the opposite deck in my headphones. But it seems like Traktor will only allow me to either a) Have all the sound come out through laptop speakers or b) Have all the sound come out through headphoens plugged into the controller.

How can I make the laptop my main speaker but still cue up tracks in my headphones plugged into the controller? In Djay Pro it works fine, I'm able to set a main output as well as a pre-cueing output. That doesn't seem possible in Traktor, however?

Any help?

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You can't. You can only use one sound card with Traktor. You might be able to use an aggregate device or asio4all driver but if it does work you might have latency issues. The easiest solution is to pick up a pair of powered speakers and connect them to the S2. Also the Native Instruments website has a forum that would probably be a better place to ask for help with Traktor. There probably isn't a lot of Traktor users here.


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You could also not use the S2 and just do your mix internally with the software.