Add 'Tag' filter to 'TrackList Repeat Protection'


I would like to be able to use the 'Tag' field data in 'TrackList Repeat Protection'. Using the 'Tag' tool when dividing multiple tracks into groups turned out to be a very handy tool and I really wanted to use it in anti-repeat rules as well.



In my haste I forgot to describe the idea itself.
I actively use the 'Tag' filter, I could say it's the main tool for determining the direction of styles or genres in music + assigning various information inserts and thanks to this filter it's easy to work with the database and visually perceive the information. Using 'Tag' as one of the rules to prohibit track duplication will allow me to avoid repeats by genre, as currently the audio file genre field can contain either incorrect information or a set of multiple genres with completely different delimiter characters, which makes the rule to exclude repetition by genre almost useless and does not work. Tags I accurately distribute what genre or category the track will belong to and this mechanism is comfortable for me and it works clearly and conveniently for me. This is why I would like to be able to use the 'Tag' filter to create repeat protection rules.
I would like to select specific filter positions this way and just use everything from the 'Tag' list at once.


Such a controller would be very useful in 'TrackList Repeat Protection'
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Yes, this is what we have in mind for the next major update - RadioBOSS 6.3. This feature is currently in development.