Bypass 'stop' if command to 'play' comes from API


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A feature request is bypassing 'stop' if that is next to be played in the playlist, when 'play' is commanded via the API.
We use the 'Events - Legacy behavior for "Do not action event when playlist is stopped" option.

The use case is the studio playlist may be set up by a presenter and not cleared properly. The stops remain in the playlist. We have RadioBOSS on our outside broadcast laptops that remotely command our studios to 'play' via cartwall command, after they finish. The studio will 'play' the stop, but then the playlist stops again.

They are able to double click play on the cart wall to get around this, but it would be preferable if the behavior of the API bypassed the stop if it is the next item in the list, since in context you do want the playlist to start.
I don't think this is a good approach for this. Bypassing commands is counter intuitive and is not an expected behavior (users expect for stop command to stop, no matter what). If you use API then I think you can use getplaylist2 commands to retrieve playlist contents, and, if needed, remove unnecessary "stop" commands from the playlist.