Cannot start RadioBoss


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We have one studio running Windows 7 with RadioBoss v6.0.6.2 (Registered) and it will not start. (It used to, perfectly.) I checked if there were any updates - nup. Nor any new programs running or anything otherwise abnormal.

When RadiuoBoss is selected to run, it comes up with a windows box that says "Report Window Handle Is Not Valid"- acknowledge this and it opens up a blank windows with FMRB as the name of the winow - no text, just a blank window. Close that and another windows pops up with "Finalization Not Performed".
Acknowledge that and it closes but no RadioBoss :(

What do we need to do to fix this ?
We re-installed RadioBoss to no avail.

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Thanks, we will try that.
It happened again today and a tech team member uninstalled RadioBoss, reinstalled and it worked. We lost all the profiles though.



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The profiles are still on the disk, but in a different folder, if you want to restore them, please click Settings->Open Settings Folder, then go one level up, and you'll see the two (or more) RadioBOSS_NNN directories, they each keep the profiles for every installed RadioBOSS instance.