Computer locked up, scheduler lost all items

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I've been experimenting with the software in anticipation of going online later this year.
Great software, very similar to commercial programs I've used.
However, one problem jumped up a couple of days ago.
I had half a dozen or so experimental items under the scheduler tab.  In the process of running one of them (a script that had worked flawlessly for days), the software suddenly froze.  There was nothing I could do but cold boot the system and restart Radio Boss.  (Windows 10, all updates installed)
When I did, the scheduler tab was totally clean.  All half dozen commands were gone.  Everything else (music list, test playlists) were still there.
Two questions.
1) Is this common and is there a way to restore the lost items?
2) If not, is there a way to store them in case this happens again?
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