Cut away ending: any working solution?


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Okay, I start a new topic which is closely related to the topic ?Cut start and end? from Nicky G. According to this forum, in 2018 there was found no solution.

I use RadioBoss 5.8.2.

I need to cut away the ending jingle of a third party file (legally...;)) and replace it through my own ending jingle. It is not possible so far.  I tried the workaround that you, Dmitry, gave to Nicky, as follows:

?You can create a file type for your own ending jingle. Then, in the crossfade settings for that file type, set:
- Override previous track mix point - 20 seconds (or how much you want to cut from the end)
- Start fading out on mix
- Set fade out time to like 1 seconds to prevent abrupt ending?

The override point works, meaning: my ending jingle starts early, but the previous track keeps playing in the background, no matter which settings for fade out or start fade at the mix. So always the original ending can be heard in the background which is not acceptable for broadcasting, of course. There are no settings of track tool which could be the reason.

Is there any solution? Is it a bug? What am I suppoded to change? Thanks for help.


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Hey, I found it out myself. The workaround of Dmitry works ALMOST good, and with a few changes it works perfect.

?You can create a file type for [Edit:] THE SPECIAL MUSIC FILE (not the new jingle) of which the ending has to be cut off. Then, in the crossfade settings for that file type:

- check "mix point" and set it to -20 seconds (or how much you want to cut from the end)
- check "trigger mix at" and set it to e.g. -14dB (if there is a small silence - play with settings)
- check "fade out" and set it to 0,1 seconds to really cut off the sound at this point
- check "start fading on the mix"

Note: "Override previous track mix point" is in my experience without effect here, leave it unchecked.

[Edit: As you, Dmitri, say in your following post, the override settings are meant for the following jingle! That was my mistake here. I thought it was for the music file. Thanks for clearing things up!]



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It should work with the "Override previous track mix point" option - I have added it to the list of bugs to check, the issue will be addressed in RadioBOSS 5.9.


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As it turned out, there's no bug. It's that "Start fading out on mix" option must be turned on for the previous track (that is being mixed with a jingle) - not for a jingle itself.

A modified "guide" to cut 20 seconds from previous track would be like this:

Music Track
- Turn on Start fading out on mix
- Set fade out time to how much the fade should last (e.g. 2 seconds), the track will play until the volume drops to zero and then end.

- Override previous track mix point: 20 seconds

If you don't want to edit parameters for all music tracks, you can use another file type for those tracks.