"daypart" function in Tracktool


New member
Is it possible (like in many other playout software) to implement a "daypart" tab in Tracktool to create more control when a song can be sheduled to play during a certain part of the day?

For example: The song "Lazy Sunday Afternoon" can only be sheduled to play on a Sunday afternoon.


Yes, and I asked a long time ago for this possibility. For example, Jazler has it for a long time.
Eg. songs with explicit content can only be played at night. Or The Boomtown Rats "I Don't Like Mondays" can played only Mondays. Or jingles that would be broadcast only in the night shift, during the morning, or weekends... etc. Uffff....
I don't think it's difficult to implement because there is a possibility of playing songs from-to date. And for us, this would be a great opportunity to better define the playlist.