Do not repeat from tags


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Hi there,

Could you please add the option to use Tags to create "do not repeat" rules? Currently it's only possible to completely filter by Tag, not just seperate.

Background info:
I run a non-stop music station with hand-mixed (one hour) shows of dance music. I'm using the Playlist Generator PRO to create random playlists with separation ("do not repeat" rules). To identify tracks I use from other shows I use tags. Example Show number 1001 has tag 1001. If Show number 1035 has tracks from 1001, I will add that tag. So Show number 1035 has tags: 1001, 1035. I would like to have the no-repeat rules to look at tags. So in this case Episode 1001 and 1035 will be seperated by a few hours.

Hope you understand and can make it work :) It gives a lot of new options to the "do not repeat" function.

Thanks in advance.


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Thank you for the suggestion, we'll consider adding the repeat protection rules based on tags in one of the future updates.