DTMF Strange behavior


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Hi. During the day I had some problems with the launch of events through DTMF. I have several instances of radioboss running in parallel with the same audio input and DTMF detection settings. The events are configured to run from the time X: 20 (H: MM) only by DTMF and by a margin of 35 minutes forward. When the time comes, some instances execute the event before without even the audio having the DTMF tones. Other instances of radioboss are executed when the DTMF tone sounds. I enclose the audio where the event is executed without sounding the DTMF tone.

I have another instance with radioboss running in parallel and also had an incorrect DTMF detection.

Audio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XPuk5FVMIx0B9GujzN5VEtgkKrLql7Od/view?usp=sharing


Wrong detection:


Correct detection:




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I suggest updating to the latest version, as both versions you have a a bit old.

As for false DTMF start, I don't see how it's possible. The DTMF checker and RadioBOSS share the same DTMF detection algo so they will produce the same results.

I suppose the problem is that the tone was detected at some other part of the audio, e.g. it presented in the music. You can try increasing the minimal DTMF level to reduce the number of false detections (but make sure it still detects the correct tones), e.g. try -20 instead of -23 dB.