It would be interesting for the event scheduler to take certain priorities when different events overlap. If we want an event to be added immediately to the queue of another event, immediately postponing to the row another one that has already been loaded. This generally happens when events occur on a minute repeater. If there is one that is a priority at a certain time over another that is not, it could be queued. I hope the order is understood. Greetings.
It is already possible, if you disable the "If there are scheduled events in the playlist, enqueue" option, the event will be inserted right after the playing track, moving all other scheduled events down. You can also enable the "Run without waiting for playing track to finish" to make it start immediately.
In the event options, I only get that "if there are TRACKS add to the queue", this option of the EVENTS seems not to be there.


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It appears to be translation issue. You have this option enabled ("Si hay pistas en la lista..."), this will make it queue scheduled events one after another. If you don't need them to be queued, please disable this.
Perfect, it really seems to be a translation error. I tested it by disabling this option and it happens that if there is another scheduled event, the one that enters breaks the previous one since it enters the queue on any type of track, be it a normal event or track. Ideally, you should log in when the Event is on the air. If it happened in Ads Scheduler it would enter in the middle of the publicity. I hope the query is understood.