From stream URL to station info

Paul Webster

New member
This is a slightly unusual question.
I have a plugin for Logitech Media Server (LMS) that tries to show additional information when a user is listening to a radio stream.
For example - showing cover art for the track that is now playing.

For streams that play via radioboss there is a naming convention
<serverid><useridwithinserver>/stream (or similar)
From that I can make an API call to query things ...
However, I do not see a call that I could make that would return the station info.

In other words something like

ideally it would return the same data as the search results - but for a single station ... something like

"name": "Station Name",
"description": "Station Description",
"path": "xxx",
"genre": "Pop",
"url": "https://somewhere",
"links": {
"m3u": "http://<serverid><useridwithinserver>/stream.m3u",
"m3u_ssl": "https://<serverid><useridwithinserver>/stream.m3u",
"pls_uri": "<serverid><useridwithinserver>/stream.pls",
"http": "http://<serverid><useridwithinserver>/stream",
"ssl": "https://<serverid><useridwithinserver>/stream",
"port80": "http://<serverid><useridwithinserver>",
"port443": "https://<serverid><useridwithinserver>",
"page": "https://<serverid><useridwithinserver>",
"artwork": "https://<serverid><useridwithinserver>.png",
"stationlogo": "https://<serverid>{{@user_id}}.png",
"api": "https://<serverid>"
"streamlink": "https%3A%2F%2F<serverid><useridwithinserver>%2Fstream",
"stationlogo": "https://<serverid><useridwithinserver>.png"
where the id fields are replaced by real values ... although I can generate most from the URL ... but then I would be able to show the station name and description.

Is there a call I could make ... or could you add one?