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Get Me Radio!

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Hello, we’re Get Me Radio!

We’re the new Internet Radio Directory and we’re welcoming broadcasters to submit their stations to our directory. It’s completely free to submit your station.

“Not another Internet Directory?” I hear you say!

Well yes, but here’s the twist… We are not just a website with a link to your radio station. If you submit your radio station to our platform, your station will also be on our mobile apps (Google Play, Apple App Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, Amazon App Store, Huawei App Galery) but we’re also on a bunch of TV apps (Roku TV, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV) and we’re also on voice assistants (Alexa and Google Home). So… not just another Internet Directory!

You also get statistics to show who’s listening, from where and a bunch of other broadcaster tools. See more at

Wait, you’re still reading? Pop over to our Get Me Radio! site and create a broadcaster account and submit your station!

Thanks for reading!