Icecast directory URL under Advanced being able to enter 2 directories

Good User

Hello to all,

Please allow 2 directories for the Icecast server to be listed in (under the Advanced panel), not only at the Icecast server Directory but also at

Before you say no, consider that other Icecast Server Sellers out there are permitting this feature, so that your Icecast server gets much more exposure. For example, for Icecast Sellers using the MediaCP control panel, it is a simple thing to do, for the server Directory information you put a comma between the 2 directories when you enter them. is an important directory to be listed in. I easily gained an additional 150-250 listeners (average) per hour by being listed there.

When I had my Icecast server with another Icecast server provider they permitted both Directories to be used for my Icecast server (they are using the MediaCP Control Panel as an interface to their Icecast servers).

I hope you will consider adding this important ability.

Thank You Very Much,

We'll add such a feature in one of the next updates, thank you for the suggestion.