IMpossible to play line input

La Cle

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we set the setting for line in 1 with [WASAPI] and line in from our soundcard => the result is WASAPI input device init error : -1(no description (-1)) Unable to play! Error code 5 (invalid handle) and just silence playing
we also tried with DirectSound => DS:Unsable to start the device -1(no description (-1)) and just silence playing
In both cases, we connected a smartphone playing a podcast to the line input of the sound card

Could you help us to find where the problem comes from ?
Thank you very much !


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It seems that the device is either disabled, or it's busy by other program using it in exclusive mode, or some other reason like this. You can't do anything about this from within RadioBOSS - the system does not let it initalize the device. Please check the device settings.