Inhabilitar canción


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Hola, me da hasta cosa preguntar esto pero no logro entender y hacer fincionar esta funcion

En esta parte tenemos un recuadro para marcar o no si Inhabilitar canción, luego tenemos la opcion de meter la fecha de inicio y final ¿Como funciona exactamente esto?

- ¿la fecha de inicio es el dia que empieza la restriccion o el dia que se libera de la restriccion?
- ¿la fecha de final es el dia que finaliza la restriccion o el dia que se activa?
- hay que tener la pestaña activa siempre para que se aplique la restriccion?


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Hello, it gives me something to ask this but I can not understand and make this function work

In this part we have a box to mark or not if Disable song, then we have the option to enter the start and end date. How exactly does this work?

- Is the start date the day the restriction begins or the day the restriction is released?
- Is the end date the day the restriction ends or the day it is activated?
- Do you have to have the tab always active for the restriction to apply?


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The Start/End dates and "Disable song" option only work when tracks are selected using Playlist Generator or if you use Track List. Those options are ignored when tracks are inserted directly to the playlist window.

Start/End dates determine the period when a track can play. Useful for e.g. Christmas songs.

Disable song simply means that the song will not be used when building playlists.


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Hello, I wanted to know how it works, Songs requested in RadioBOSS, it is so that my listeners request their songs and the radioboss sounds them automatically ... thanks for the help.