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Bien. He tenido algunos días con problemas con Radio Boss, la última versión Tengo listas creadas con Playlist Generator Pro y el problema es que no carga esas listas cuando lo tengo activado y lo hace después de 6 o 7 segundos.
Tengo horas a las en punto y luego la lista para que las cargue a las en punto y un segundo.
Alguien pasó a su lado y encontró la solución, muchas gracias ;)


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Please write in English.
Well. I have had a few days with problems with Radio Boss, the latest version I have lists created with Playlist Generator Pro and the problem is that it does not load those lists when I have it activated and it does so after 6 or 7 seconds.
I have hours at o'clock and then the list for me to load at o'clock and a second.
Someone passed by and found the solution, thank you very much;)


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It takes time to create a playlist.

You can create the playlist in advance, save it, then, using another event, load it at the exact time. This can be accomplished using the Wizard when you configure the event.