Problem with "File Types" in the lates version


Hello, unfortunately, in the latest version of RadioBOSS I have various problems with the teasers and the fades managed by the "file types" section :cry: . Lately I find that the acronyms of the various recorded broadcasts overlap at the beginning of the speech, although I have configured in correctly "file types". I specify that these settings were fine for previous versions of RadioBoss. Is it just my problem or has it already been reported by others? In the latter case, a restart of the computer might fix the problem? :unsure:. Thanks


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You need to check the crossfade settings for each file type, also check the "Override previous track mix point" option, because it can change the defined mix value for other file types. If the settings are correct, the next thing to check is if the file types are actually correctly detected - you can use colors to see if they are marked with file type colors in the playlist.