problem with volume level in latest version 6


Please try the latest RadioBOSS 6.0.2, it has some adjustments regarding this issue.

Have you tried the latest 6.0.2 update?
We installed directly from the user interface window. After the automated installation and restart and no other change, the version has been running for about 48 hours without any volume reduction. With all prior release 6 versions we were experiencing several tracks per hour with volume reduction. We do not use the jingles feature and can't comment on that issue. Thanks for working towards resolving this serious problem.


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We have the (same) problem, that we can not anymore (with the new version) set any tags or change volume on our recordet voictracks... they are wav files. After I changed it to an mp3, it was possible to change volume and set tags. So I guess the problem comes with the wav files
It's not the same, previous messages are about volume levels and yours is about saving parameters for WAV files. We'll address this issue in the next update.


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Please note that those jingles are not processed by the DSP as configured in RadioBOSS, they play as is. If you have a DSP that increases music volume level (e.g compressor, stereo tool etc) this does not affect jingles.
Thankyou, version 6.0.3 fixed the issue.
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