Radio Boss Freezes When Going Live


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I'm new to this forum. Is it possible that someone can help me with my problem? I am running Radio Boss for our Internet Radio Station. When it is playing the playlist all is fine. When I go live weekly at 10am Saturday mornings and 7:p Sunday evenings it freezes for about 15 seconds before it put the live on. It is strange, however that when I go live at 8:35p Sundays there is no delay and it goes right on live. This started happening last October. I kept looking at this forum to see if I could get answers but my problem was not something anyone else was having and therefore not discussed. I have rebooted, defragmented, did updates all to no avail. Today at 10am it froze for about 2 and one half minutes. What could be causing his problem? I have Radio Boss Advanced ( - Default.

Please help. Thank you.


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I have Radio Boss Advanced ( - Default.
This version is seven years old, a lot had changed since then. I'm afraid we're no longer able to support it. Please consider updating to the latest version.