RadioBoss Cloud file name template modifiers


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from RadioBoss Help:
"The date and time can be adjusted using modifiers, the modifier syntax is: ?(+|-)N(y|m|d|h|n)

The modifier is added to the end of the command.

Example: The command is C:\Playlists\?yyyy-?mm-?dd.m3u?+2d (modifier marked in red, it adds two days to the current date) and the current date is February 2, 2016. Using the above parameter will open the playlist with the filename C:\Playlists\2012-02-04.m3u; the next day, it will open C:\Playlists\2012-02-05.m3u and so on.
Modifiers can change: y - year, m - month, d - day, h - hour, n - minute."

Do the file name templates in RadioBoss Cloud not support modifiers?
It just says An error occurred: Invalid parameter [e45] when I try to add a modifier.


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The modifiers are not currently supported by RadioBOSS Cloud. We'll add support in one of the next updates.