Redundancy in playout


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Typically, in an 247 playout, we use at least 2 encoders in parallel to supply then 2 DAB+ streams over 2 different path to the transmitters.
RB supply an audio stream and 2 different PCs are connected in parallel. Fine. Thats working 99%.

But to supply the track title text file to the PCs, we can configure ony one file path for the destination folder. Any idea, how we can send the title track information to more than one destination?

Plan B: FTP is also not a solution.
Plan C: Set up an MP3 stream with metatags and then rip the tags, maybe. But next track info is missing? But it should be more simple.
Plan D: Save title track info local on RB server. And all connected PCs are polling this directory once per second... seems my solution.

And comments?