Repeating Songs / Artists


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HI There,

I came around following problem.
I run a playlist, for example for 3 hours, in this list all songs are only 1 time in the list, so no double songs.
I want to avoid repeatings songs for a certan time from this manual made playlist, so not made by Generator Pro, I know with Generator Pro you can set these things, but what with already existing playlist that are not made with the generator Pro?
I tried to import them in the Generator pro, this works, but if I generate then a new list from this one, he puts me several songs and titels 2 or 3 times in this list, so here i have same song more as double in the list.
eg. i need a simple option, that avoids repeating songs from an active list for example 2 or 3 hours.
The same problem I have with songs in this list which he played last few days already 10 times and there are songs which he played only 1 time, so i need here also an option that he must pick a song which is not played so many times, for example befor he playes a song which is already played 10 tiimes he picks one which is only played 5 times.

Is this possible?


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Ok I tried it, of course its an option, but i do not like to see only actual playing track, you can not see all tracks in list.
Also prelistening track is only for next track available, because you can not use the prelistening feature for othe tracks in the list which you can not see.
So this is not realy the solution i am looking for


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Yes I know this, but this is also not an option because i want to select the song by myself. I do not want that he picks songs which does not fit to the playing hour.
I think it must be not a big problem to programm that he does not plays same songs or artists 2 times or even more in one hour. OF course you can make playlists that are round about 1 hour so the artist is only 1 time in there.


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If you create playlist manually, it won't skip tracks to prevent repeats. You can create a playlist with Playlist Generator and then edit it. Or (better solution) create a playlist template for the generator that properly filters tracks so it creates the playlist you need.