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HI There,

I came around following problem.
I run a playlist, for example for 3 hours, in this list all songs are only 1 time in the list, so no double songs.
I want to avoid repeatings songs for a certan time from this manual made playlist, so not made by Generator Pro, I know with Generator Pro you can set these things, but what with already existing playlist that are not made with the generator Pro?
I tried to import them in the Generator pro, this works, but if I generate then a new list from this one, he puts me several songs and titels 2 or 3 times in this list, so here i have same song more as double in the list.
eg. i need a simple option, that avoids repeating songs from an active list for example 2 or 3 hours.
The same problem I have with songs in this list which he played last few days already 10 times and there are songs which he played only 1 time, so i need here also an option that he must pick a song which is not played so many times, for example befor he playes a song which is already played 10 tiimes he picks one which is only played 5 times.

Is this possible?
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If you don't want to use the playlist generator, probably using the Playlist->Extra->Shuffle command (and turn off Shuffle mode) should work. This way, you first shuffle the playlist, and then play it in order.