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Hi guys please help and advice me , I have radio boss cloud , I've got 7 shows that are via a live url . I have a problem that I permanently have to keep enabling the show myself and disabling them . I was under the impression that if I set these up they should automatically load up and stop playing then auto will kick in .

I've asked for help from radio boss but unfortunately they are not being helpful.

Please advise
If you set the "Disable event at" option, this will disable the event and it will not be re-enabled automatically. This option exists for cases when you need to run a certain program only for a limited time. For recurring programs, please use the Week days, Weeks, Repeat Every and other options to m ake the event run when desired.
Not quite - my advice would be to not use the "Disable event at" feature at all.
yes, the disable event is not something I use at all now, i tried it but it permanently disables that event until you manually enable, seems that no automation event will re-enable