Several questions for the playlist generator

Sasa Grbic

I want a playlist generator to make a playlist with half an hour of music in the 1980's, so that he can do half an hour of music in the nineties. I would like the playlist generator to play a halfway playlist by various parameters of the year. I also want the playlist generator to play real playlists and based on bpm tags. I have set the 24-hour play list of categories I have set for 30 minutes. How do I do this?


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I'm not sure if I understood the question completely. You can set up filters for the category to filter out tracks by year, BPM and other fields. You can create multiple categories to select different tracks.

Please see the user manual page about playlist generator:


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Hello - new user here ... seems like a good idea to tag on to this topic!

We're able to use Playlist Generator Pro. However, we'd like to know whether it's possible to enter more than one term in Genre / Comment and then use PGP's filter to select on the basis of just ONE of those terms.

E.g. a song has "90s Rock" as the genre/comment and we've set up Categories that REQUIRE 90s and REQUIRE Rock. But the song set up as 90s Rock is never selected in the playlist despite the presence of the two different categories.

Songs that have only 90s or only Rock as genre/comment ARE, of course, selected when we include 90s category or Rock category in the playlist.

Do we have to have two copies of the song in order for it to be attributable to two different categories?


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If you want any tracks that have either or both "90s" or "Rock" in the playlist, then simply enter "90s, rock" to the comment filter.