Using RadioBoss Cloud and Rodecaster for live broadcast

the buzzz

New member
Hi guys

I’ve only just purchased a RadioBoss standard license so I can broadcast live on my internet radio station. Up until now the station has been playing only (still is) via RadioBoss Cloud, on automatic rotation via random shuffle with station IDs etc. I also have a Rodecaster Pro which I want to use for mics etc. What I’d like to know is:

1. How do RadioBoss standard and RadioBoss Cloud integrate? DJ Soft help said yes they do but only sent me a link (not helpful)
2. How do I interface both with my Roadcaster Pro?

In a nutshell - I want to continue using Cloud through the week, playing music only, then switch to live broadcast using Rodecaster every Friday morning for 3-hour breakfast show, after which throw back to Cloud.

Make sense??