Using series to control repeated tracks


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I am new to this community, and have a question that may be simple, but I haven't been able to find a solution on my own.

We have recurring programs on our station where each day a new track/interview is played multiple times in a day, and the episode advances each day with repeat of these on the weekends.

Ex. Show A
    Interview 1 played: Mon at 3:00,8:00,12:00,21:00
    Interview 2 played:  Fri at 3:00,8:00,12:00,21:00
    Interview 1 &/or 2 played Sat at 3:00,8:00,12:00,20:00

    Show B
    Episodes Mon-Thu (advancing each day) 9:00,13:00,22:00
                  Fri 9:00,13:00
    Repeats: Sat 9:00,13:00,22:00; Sun 9:00, 14:00

Is there currently a way to set this up automatically?  It looks like from the scheduler wizard I choose one track from playlist/folder > (tracklist) > series, but I'm uncertain that it will advance by the day.

Thanks for the excellent program and support!           


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The series feature is the way to go here.

But repeating played episode if you already advanced the list to the next item (that is, play Interview 1 on Saturday if the list is already at "Interview 2" position) is tricky. It will work if you copy the show folder and play the same show from two folders, advancing each other when needed.

You will need the following events scheduled (Track List 1 selects from first folder, Track List 2 selects from the second folder, folder contents are the same - both contain "Show A" episodes), the general idea is:

1. Play Track List 1 - to play Interview 1 at Mon at 3:00,8:00,12:00,21:00
2. Advance Track List 1 (e.g. at 23.00 on Monday)
3. Play Track List 1 - to play Interview 2 at Fri at 3:00,8:00,12:00,21:00
4. Play Track List 2 - repeat Interview 1.
4a. Optionally advance Track List 2 and play Interview 2.
5. Advance Track List 2.