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I am entering the east world, but I have problems with the weather data
I put together a track list when I enter the events for the time and weather data, the time is playing but the weather data tells me like this "Can't play! Error code 2 (can't open file / address invalid server) ".

Now I have the list with 10 track lists but when it is time to set the time, it is entered as part of the list and it remains there, as the list is to be repeated, the time comes out again, how can I make it run without remaining in the list .

Thank you very much for the help you can give me


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You need to ensure that the weather data is actually loaoded, in Settings / View, enable the "Show weather humidity data in the main window" option, you should see the weather data in the top left corner, under the clock.


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Debe asegurarse de que los datos meteorológicos estén realmente cargados, en Configuración / Ver, habilite la opción "Mostrar datos de humedad climática en la ventana principal", debería ver los datos meteorológicos en la esquina superior izquierda, debajo del reloj.
bueno. Está configurado y los muestra correctamente pero al presionar play no sale la temperatura o el zumbido