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Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.
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RadioBOSS makes automating your broadcast to the world, your business or shop professional, simple, affordable, reliable.

NEWS 6/1/2016

RadioBOSS 5.4.7

New features in RadioBOSS
  • Added 20kbps streaming bitrate
  • Enable/Disable right-click menu command for scheduled events
  • Email notifications improved
  • Improved the update checking feature
  • "download" command now able to download from FTP
  • Protection from multiple start of jingles (1-9 buttons)
  • Fixed playback queue with embedded playlists
  • Fixed incorrect event startup when playlist was stopped
  • Fixed: freeze check triggered sometimes when virtual sound card was added
  • Improved the Edit command (playlist right-click menu)
  • Improved playlist track titles for various special items (embedded playlists, timed pauses etc)
  • Fixed prelisten for jingles
  • Fixed "Import categories" bug in Playlist Generator
  • Broadcasting encoders: reconnect query on settings change
  • Fixed possible bug in the "Resume playback" feature
  • Fixed: mouse wheel didn't work on some systems
  • Fixed Track Tool sometimes did not update playlist entry
  • Fixed "Do not action event when playlist is stopped" sometimes didn't work properly
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.4.7

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