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Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.
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RadioBOSS makes automating your broadcast to the world, your business or shop professional, simple, affordable, reliable.


4/24/2018 RadioBOSS 5.7.2
What's new:

  • Playlist right-click menu: added "Expand playlist" command for inline playlists
  • Fixed "getfile" command bug (sometimes playlists were not handled properly)
  • Added more bitrates to bitrate dropdown list for encoders
  • Fixed "Maximum wait time in the queue" event option sometimes didn't work properly
  • Sweepers: sweeper mix point is taken into account (fixed)
  • Fixed weather command sometimes didn't work for some cities
  • Changed playlist search behavior
  • Fixed intro indication bug
  • Fixed rare software crash when HTTP or email notifications were used
  • Minor improvements in user manual
  • Fixed: stats chart for 24 hour period was not updated automatically
  • Fixed rare miniplayer crash in Ads Scheduler
  • Log window is not deactivated when "Create report" is disabled
  • Track Tool can be called for Track List playlist items

Download: RadioBOSS 5.7.2

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    April 23, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.


4/2/2018 RadioBOSS 5.7.1
What's new:
  • Reworked settings backup and restore feature
  • Improved encoder status display
  • Playlist generator: fixed a bug when under certain circumstances unwanted track repeats may occur
  • Fixed occasional crash when prelisten was used or overlay event played
  • Fixed: sometimes sound card volume was reset to 100%
  • Improved Track Tool and Segue Editor track waveform display, minor bugs fixed
  • Improved statistic relay UI
  • Statistic relay for Icecast: collect server wide stats or stats for a specified mount point
  • Proportional artwork resize for non-square artwork images
  • Fixed space bar in FX tab DSP list actioned also as hot key
  • Improved "weather" command error handling
  • Minor fixes in user manual
  • Other improvements and bugs fixed

Download: RadioBOSS 5.7.1

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    April 1, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.


2/17/2018 RadioBOSS 5.7
What's new:
  • Auto Intro: automatically insert intro/jingle before track, based on set conditions and probability (menu Tools->Auto Intro)
  • Broadcasting statistics: browse statistics for different time periods up to one year
  • Teasers: repeat protection for tracks when playlist or folder is used as source
  • Teasers: playlist source for tracks and jingles
  • Teasers: added "Presets" feature to quickly save and load settings
  • Teasers: fade out and mix points now work correctly for teasers in the playlist
  • Cart wall: delay cart playback until playlist fades out
  • Cart wall now allows to use file name macro (same macro as in scheduler)
  • Cart wall: allows to use scheduler commands
  • Cart wall: added "stopall" command to stop all playing cart wall items
  • Sweepers improved: configurable repeat protection, better sweeper selection quality
  • HTTP request wizard to quickly configure Tune In and Twitter integration
  • Tag and duration cache to enable much faster file indexing while making playlists, loading sweepers etc
  • Custom user fields can be included in playlist and music library columns
  • Added "comment" and "last played" playlist columns
  • Encoder window: added "show password" feature
  • Auto remove stop commands from the playlist (option added in Settings->General)
  • Show weather and humidity data in the main window (Settings->View)
  • Improved playlist search feature
  • Double click action in the playlist, new action added: "Open Track Tool"
  • "Nowplaying" XML file includes evaluated track tile ("CASTTITLE")
  • Improved the way Track Lists are displayed in the playlist, fixed some track title issues
  • Track List: increased repeat protection time limit
  • Added "Tab size" configuration option to Settings->View->Style
  • Added "Turn off track repeat after Play was used" option for "Repeat track" right-click menu
  • FTP: allows to download files when URL contains path with spaces (spaces should be changed to %20 in such URLs)
  • Speaker icon near volume control in the main window can now be used to mute playback volume
  • RadioBOSS checks if the main sound card is actually active, and reinitializes it if sound card appears to be stalled
  • "playbackinfo" API command also returns previously played track title
  • Added API commands to read and write file tags
  • Added API command to retrieve requested songs list
  • Continuous start time calculation (track right-click, Calculate start time)
  • Lots of minor UI improvements

  • ?noeval macro modifier to evaluate file name macro on actual playback (instead at the time of event launch)
  • added ?wd macro to use week day in file names
  • Sweepers: configuration option to include or exclude subfolders

Ads Scheduler
  • New feature: separators between ads (configured in block settings)
  • New feature: alternate audio tracks for advert
  • "Shuffle playlist" feature redesigned: only ads are shuffled, while intro, outro and sweepers keep their positions
  • Ads playback time is sorted in reports
  • Improved search feature

Track Tool
  • Fixed: sometimes save button didn't work
  • Track Tool can now be called from library search

Playlist Generator
  • New filters: Gender, Language
  • Add teasers to the playlist
  • Improved genre filter UI

Music Library
  • Statistics window: select longest and shortest track in the list
  • Added start date, end date and file type columns

Bugs fixed
  • Renaming a file now also renames database entry (when SQLite storage for additional info is used)
  • Fixed HTTP headers in local streaming server (malformed headers prevented playback in some browsers and players)
  • Fixed: "Trigger mix at" sometimes overriden track's "Mix" point
  • Fixed: some commands were not removed when Queue Mode was used
  • Fixed: under certain circumstances, track can be skipped after a command in the playlist
  • Fixed: when "Manual" option was hidden from the settings, it could still be activated
  • Fixed: sometimes Track Information was showing incorrect track data when Track List was playing
  • Fixed content-type and encoding headers for some API responses
  • Fixed: "Non-playable playlist" tab sometimes was not marked in italic font
  • Fixed: local playback volume under certain conditions could be reset to 100%
  • Fixed: incorrect Start Date in report under certain conditions
  • Encoder wizard trims spaced from all fields to prevent incorrect input
  • Fixed "getfile" command sometimes did not work when was inserted directly into playlist
  • Fixed hang when playlist referenced itself
  • Fixed UI bug occurred sometimes when player window was resized
  • Fixed: "playrequestedsong" command sometimes did not work in the playlist

Download: RadioBOSS 5.7

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    February 17, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.


1/8/2018 RadioCaster 2.6
What's new:
  • Fixed AAC/AAC+ mono broadcasting
  • Fixed crash/out of memory error on some systems
  • Minor improvements

Download: RadioCaster 2.6

12/15/2017 RadioBOSS 5.7 beta
Some of the new features are:
  • Auto Intro: automatically insert intro/jingle before track, based on set conditions and probability (menu Tools->Auto Intro)
  • Broadcasting statistics: browse statistics for different time periods up to one year
  • Improved Teasers, Sweepers and Cart Wall
  • Alternate tracks and separators in Ads Scheduler
  • New filter rules in Playlist Generator
  • Lots of other features and improvements!

For more information on this version please visit https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,5029.0.html.

Free beta tester keys are available on request. To request the free beta tester license key, please fill this form: https://www.djsoft.net/enu/beta.html. The free key expires April 15, 2018. Note: this beta version released for testing purposes only.

11/1/2017 RadioBOSS Cloud
RadioBOSS Cloud - web based web radio automation solution is available for testing.
For more information please visit https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,5001.0.html.

9/19/2017 RadioBOSS 5.6.2
What's new:
  • Print feature in Music Library and RadioBOSS player: added save button
  • Added Arabic translation
  • Report Generator: added Language field
  • Overlay playback events are now fully logged
  • Teaser log can be turned on to diagnose problems
  • Teasers: fixed error when sometimes first jingle did not play to the end
  • Sweepers: added setting to control selection quality (Settings->Scheduler)
  • Added detailed error messages for teasers and time announcements
  • Ads Scheduler: added search feature
  • Ads Scheduler: deleting an advert from the list registers as change
  • Ads Scheduler: fixed save button did not work in overview window
  • Fixed possible crash when using preview player in Music Library
  • Fixed: converting track did not copy additional file info
  • Fixed: incorrect track was selected in the playlist when inline stop command was used

Download: RadioBOSS 5.6.2

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    September 18, 2016. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.


7/22/2017 RadioBOSS 5.6.1
What's new:
  • Silence detector: added log entry to show how many tracks were loaded from the aux playlist
  • Fixed occasional error message whan opening some of RadioBOSS modules
  • Fixed: "Start fading out on mix" option conflicted with settings made in Track Tool
  • Fixed: speaker pair settings sometimes did not work for cart wall and AUX playback devices
  • Fixed possible application freeze when changing broadcasting source
  • Fixed: file type bed continued to play after track ended
  • Fixed font color for file types in playlist right-click menu
  • Fixed: sometimes there was error message when adding track to music library
  • Fixed: scheduled track was not dequeued when started manually
  • Fixed: wrong next track was selected when playing track was removed or moved to a different playlist

Download: RadioBOSS 5.6.1

6/8/2017 RadioBOSS 5.6
What's new:
  • Automatic Teaser: allows you to create teasers using track "hook points" (set manually or automatic) with custom start/transition/end jingles
  • Custom tag fields: allows to define up to 5 custom fields that can be used in Music Library, Track Tool, and Report Generator
  • Voiceovers: mark voiceover location in Track Tool and voiceover will be inserted; random voiceover selection from folder, configurable probability
  • Track List improved "In order" selection when source folder was modified: now track selection follows the order based on previously selected track
  • Additional info storage location: database can be used instead of saving information in tags (prevents music files modification)
  • "Trigger Mix At" can be used for custom file types as well
  • "Turn off after Next track" option for "Repeat track" option (right-click menu on Repeat Track button)
  • Grid in playlist - can be turned on in settings
  • Added Date column to the log
  • Use default audio device option instead of selecting a specific device
  • User account management: block direct access to .exe files in the installation folder
  • Search: improved sorting - sort field sunchronizes with search field
  • Played track history in Last Played hint and API to retrieve last played tracks

  • New commands to disable and enable event groups: enablegroup, disablegroup
  • Command to stop all overlay playback events: stopoverlays
  • Edit Action button to edit event action: allows convenient way to edit some special items like network streams, Track Lists etc.
  • Fade in and fade out for overlay events
  • Improved event list sorting, live sorting updates when sorted by "Run In"

Music Library
  • Scan tracks: set mix points based on level
  • Improved bulk tag edit: added progress window with percentage and Cancel button

Playlist Generator
  • Calculations in playlist generator priority rules (ex. "Current-1" for previous year)
  • Improved repeat protection rules UI: predefined intervals (1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day etc.)
  • Improved repeat protection rules UI for category
  • Option added: filter non-playable tracks

Ads Scheduler
  • "Create event to update ads" option to automatically update ads
  • "Shuffle playlist" option for created events

Report Generator
  • Added new field: total playback time

Fixes and minor improvements
  • Added hot key (Ins) to add tracks from file explorer
  • Ctrl+Tab hot key to switch between playlist tabs
  • Config file options: nowplaying text when nothing is playing; playlist titles for special items (Track List, announcements etc)
  • Stream archive: sometimes the microphone recording was distorted
  • Playlist stats calculation sometimes never finished
  • APEv2 tag is not saved for FLAC files (uses alternative data stream instead)
  • Crash when playing some corrupted APE or FLAC tracks
  • Track Tool - preview playback volume level was not saved
  • "getfile" command reworked to allow more reliable track selection and deletion
  • Sometimes the incorrect track was selected in the playlist after stop command was executed
  • Accessibility issue with "Multuple actions" window in event properties
  • Menu button did not work in scheuduler list
  • "clr repeat_track" command did not work in the playlist
  • streamarchive FN command did not change stream archive button state
  • Playlist Generator: "advanced position" sometimes did not work correctly
  • "Prevent multiple instances" option removed, now it's always on
  • adsupdate command did not work when Ads Scheduler was open
  • Empty file type identifiers are not allowed
  • ID2v2 tag version is preserved when tag is edited (previous versions always converted to ID3v2.4)
  • Error message in the log when inline playlist can't be opened
  • Fixed "now playing" for network streams when stream deleted from the playlist
  • Track List: playlist title was sometimes incorrect
  • Periodic metadata updates were not sent when nothing was playing
  • Many other minor improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.6

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    June 8, 2016. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.


4/12/2017 RadioBOSS 5.6 beta
Some of the new features are:
  • Automatic Teaser: allows creating teasers using track "hook points" (set manually or automatic) with custom start/transition/end jingles
  • Custom tag fields: allows to define up to 5 custom fields that can be used in Music Library, Track Tool, and Report Generator
  • Voiceovers: mark voiceover location in Track Tool and voiceover will be inserted; random voiceover selection from folder, configurable probability
  • Track List improved "In order" selection when source folder was modified: now track selection follows the order based on previously selected track
  • Additional info storage location: database can be used instead of saving information in tags (prevents music files modification)
  • "Trigger Mix At" can be used for custom file types as well
  • "Turn off afger Next track" option for "Repeat track" option (right-click menu on Repeat Track button)
  • Grid in playlist - can be turned on in settings
  • Added Date column to the log
  • Many other minor improvements
For more information on this version please visit https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,4846.0.html.

Free beta tester keys are available on request. To request the free beta tester license key, please fill this form: https://www.djsoft.net/enu/beta.html. The free key expires August 15, 2017. Note: this beta version released for testing purposes only.

2/9/2017 RadioLogger 3.1
What's new:
  • Added French translation
  • Fixed Portuguese translation
  • Minor improvements an bugs fixed
Download: RadioLogger 3.1

2/5/2017 RadioCaster 2.5
What's new:
  • New feature: use alternative servers to gather broadcasting statistics (statistic relays)
  • New feature: use custom command line encoders
  • Log is now saved to a file
  • When stats can't be retrieved, it shows the reason (error message)
  • Added French translation
  • Fixed: text file with title is read in non-blocking mode
  • Fixed: some encoder settings didn't work
  • Fixed: sometimes tray icon disappeared and/or window can't be restored from tray
  • Improved UI
Download: RadioCaster 2.5

1/7/2017 RadioBOSS 5.5.5
What's new:
  • Fixed: playlist columns were not loaded correctly for default user sometimes
  • Remote API "getplaylist2" command fixed
  • Remote API - most error messages now also have error code
  • Remote API fixed scheduled events XML time format
  • Improved error diagnostics for automatic time announcements
  • Sometimes loading events list using "load" command failed
  • Nowplaying is not updated for technical items (commands, DTMF generator, etc)
  • Fixed minor overlay playback bug (when playing line input with no duration specified)
  • Other bugs fixed; minor performance improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.5.5

11/25/2016 RadioBOSS 5.5.4
What's new:
  • WAV file tagging support
  • Genre and Language list is alphabetically sorted
  • Nowplaying.txt file is cleared when nothing is playing
  • Prelisten player considers custom track level set in Track Tool
  • Track List: improved random track selection
  • Statistics didn't show when encoder server address was configured with "http://"
  • Fixed: tags didn't load on Windows XP
  • Fixed: tag information font size issue
  • Fixed: sometimes wrong podcast was selected from the feed
  • Fixed a bug in Playlist Generator Pro
  • Fixed: folder based file types sometimes didn't work when getfile command was used
  • Fixed "Resume playback" and "Start playlist ehen encoder connected" options conflict
  • Fixed rare application freeze when waveform display was used
  • Fixed numerous high DPI and large font issues
  • Fixed MIC Music Level cut off at incorrect level
  • Fixed next track display when playback queue was modified in the Queue window
  • Fixed radioboss_helper "all pipe instances are busy" error

Download: RadioBOSS 5.5.4

10/21/2016 RadioBOSS 5.5
What's new:
  • File Types: assign file types based on file location
  • UAC: Default User feature
  • Search: Select folder as search track source
  • Configurable option: played emphasizing tracks
  • Improved statistics window. Error message when stats cannot be retrieved from the server
  • Statistic relays to collect stats from different servers
  • Fixed: admin password is not required to collect Shoutcast v2 stats
  • Additional work zone (separate window) - menu View->Work Zones->Additional
  • New columns in Search window: Year, Genre, Album
  • File type bed applied with fade in and fade out
  • Segue Editor and Track Tool: shows 0dB level for music tracks
  • Report Generator: Filename field added
  • Fixed "Next" and "Prev" buttons (didn't work when the playing track was deleted)
  • French and Ukrainian translations added
  • Ability to use multiple DTMF sequences to start and stop an event
  • Customizable genre list for all tag editor windows in RadioBOSS
  • Fixed: CD tracks did not play
  • DTMF tone generator
  • Changed DTMF detection time window handling (details in user manual)
  • Improved File Explorer tree and search in the tree
  • Cart wall items playback is now logged
  • Alt+R prelisten now also works in AUX players and Search
  • Improved appearance on high DPI screens
  • New Remote Control API commands added
  • Improved "Copy to folder" feature
  • "Delete non existent files" changed to "Mark non existent files"
  • Tag reading can be turned off
  • API: "inserttrack" command allows to specify streaming title ("streamtitle" parameter)
  • API: "getplaylist2" command to retrieve playlist contents (faster than "getplaylist")
  • Numerous UI improvements, minor bugs fixed, performance improvements

  • "Every Year" option added to repeat event every year
  • "Week of month" selection (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Last weeks)
  • Fixed: expired events that were not removed when scheduler was turned off
  • "playsongrequest" event is now silent when there are no pending song requests
  • "streamarchive" command: ability to set custom file name
  • "setdtmfsource" command to change DTMF detection source
  • "silencedetector" command to control silence detector
  • Event expiration: "Disable event" option (in addition to "Delete event")

Playlist Generator
  • Generate multiple playlists using different presets (sharing the same no-repeat buffer)
  • Create playlist generator events in RadioBOSS ("Create event" menu command)
  • Consider tracks in RadioBOSS playlist window for repeat protection
  • Non-playable tracks are excluded from track sources
  • New priority rules: Year, Genre; "equals" rule type
  • Import categories from preset: UI improvement
  • Multiple artists passing for repeat protection (saparated with "ft.", "vs." etc, the list of separators is configurable)
  • Genre filter
  • UI improvements

Music Library
  • Fixed: music library auto-update did not save settings
  • Prelisten player improved
  • Fixed: saving large library produced "Out of memory" error

Ads Scheduler
  • Improved reports for ads
  • Printable reports
  • Ability to group ads in the list
  • Assign Type for ads; check if two or more consecutive ads have the same type
  • "Comment" field for ads
  • "Check all ad blocks" feature to test all blocks
  • Significant performance improvement when generating playlists and events
  • Sweepers: gap killer is taken into account; improved selection quality
  • Prelisten for ads in the list
  • "Add sweeper to empty block" option added
  • UI improvements

Bugs fixed
  • Sometimes RadioBOSS closed slowly
  • With Queue Mode enabled selection always moved to the playing track
  • DTMF Exit sometimes worked incorrectly
  • Track List didn't work in Overlay playback events

Download: RadioBOSS 5.5

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    October 21, 2015. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.


8/13/2016 RadioBOSS 5.5 beta
Some of the new features are:
  • Statistic relays
  • Improvements in Scheduler (Yearly, Monthly repeats)
  • Lots of improvements in Ads Scheduler
  • Multiple playlist generation with different presets in Playlist Generator Pro
  • Folder-based file types
  • Additional work zone (separate window)
  • Search feature can search in folders
  • Lots of user interface and performance improvements
  • And much, much more!
For more information on this version please visit https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,4651.0.html.

Free beta tester keys are available on request. To request the free beta tester license key, please fill this form: https://www.djsoft.net/enu/beta.html. The free key expires January 15, 2017.
Note: this beta version released for testing purposes only. Final release planned for November 01, 2016.

6/1/2016 RadioBOSS 5.4.7
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Added 20kbps streaming bitrate
  • Enable/Disable right-click menu command for scheduled events
  • Email notifications improved
  • Improved the update checking feature
  • "download" command now able to download from FTP
  • Protection from multiple start of jingles (1-9 buttons)
  • Fixed playback queue with embedded playlists
  • Fixed incorrect event startup when playlist was stopped
  • Fixed: freeze check triggered sometimes when virtual sound card was added
  • Improved the Edit command (playlist right-click menu)
  • Improved playlist track titles for various special items (embedded playlists, timed pauses etc)
  • Fixed prelisten for jingles
  • Fixed "Import categories" bug in Playlist Generator
  • Broadcasting encoders: reconnect query on settings change
  • Fixed possible bug in the "Resume playback" feature
  • Fixed: mouse wheel didn't work on some systems
  • Fixed Track Tool sometimes did not update playlist entry
  • Fixed "Do not action event when playlist is stopped" sometimes didn't work properly
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.4.7

3/29/2016 RadioBOSS 5.4.4
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Improved AAC/AAC+ encoding quality
  • Fixed the playback queue bug (switching to the active playlist)
  • Fixed event editor bug: incorrect font color
  • Fixed UAC bug: crossfade editor and track tool
  • Fixed overlay playback: stopped playlist playback on error
  • Fixed weather tags didn't work when overlay playback was used
  • Fixed TTS: sometimes didn't read from file
  • Increased maximum no-repeat time for playlist generator
  • Hot key for Ads Scheduler added
  • Updated translations
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.4.4

3/24/2016 RadioLogger 3.0.2, RadioCaster 2.4.2
What's new in RadioLogger 3.0.2:
  • Silence detector detects a disconnected device
  • Italian and Portugal translations added
  • Fixed a bug when an incorrect sound device was used if the default device was changed
Download: RadioLogger 3.0.2

What's new in RadioCaster 2.4.2:
  • Improved AAC/AAC+ encoding quality
  • Added user manual and multi-language support
  • Column size in the encoder list is preserved
  • Fixed a bug when an incorrect sound device was used if the default device was changed
  • Fixed a minor bug in the statistics
  • Fixed an incorrect device name when DirectSound was used
  • Other fixes and improvements
Download: RadioCaster 2.4.2

3/17/2016 RadioLogger 3.0
What's new:
  • Reworked RadioLogger user interface
  • New feature: Silence alerts to email
  • Improved network stream recording
  • Improved AAC recording quality
  • Improved low bitrate OPUS recording quality
  • Added styles support for Windows
  • Mono recording for FLAC
  • Week day (%wd) macro for recording file names
  • Fixed recording and record splitting bugs
  • Many minor fixes and improvements
Download: RadioLogger 3.0

2/16/2016 RadioBOSS 5.4.1
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Fixed a track list repeat protection bug
  • Fixed: macro in TTS didn't work when text was loaded from a file
  • Fixed voice tracking bug
  • Fixed occasional incorrect calculation of playlist duration and wrong data in the playlist columns
  • Fixed: some network streams did not play all the way to the end
  • Fixed incorrect DTMF detector behavior when the network stream source was used
  • Fixed title error for Podcast streams
  • Improved duplicate track highlighting in the playlist
  • "clearplaylist" command fixed
  • Immproved sorting order when adding a foler to the playlist
  • Music Library: fixed statistics
  • Fixed silence detector bug
  • Removed video window frame when using a non-Windows style
  • Improved software performance

Download: RadioBOSS 5.4.1

1/17/2016 RadioCaster 2.4 released!
What's new:
  • Settings window has been redesigned
  • Encoder display name can be set
  • Added setting to control the reconnect time for every encoder
  • Fixed bugs in listener statistics retrieval
  • Improved handling of the network stream sources
  • Metadata from a text file: use only first line
  • Fixed: FLAC network streams didn't work
  • Fixed: delayed metadata update under certain circumstances
  • Lots of performance and stability improvements
Download: RadioCaster 2.4

12/28/2015 RadioBOSS 5.4
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Custom (user) encoders for broadcasting feature: RadioBOSS can use any command-line encoder to broadcast
  • Audience monitoring: new column in the playlist shows the number of listeners for each song and change compared to the previous song
  • Broadcasting: Multiple text lines for track title, shown in rotation
  • Broadcasting: configurable period for metadata update
  • Broadcasting encoders are not disconnected when encoder source is changed
  • Playback Queue can be viewed and edited using View->Playback Queue
  • Adding tracks to the playlist performs much faster
  • Show duplicate tracks feature (Playlist->Extra->Show duplicates) works much faster
  • Playlist Queue Mode (delete files after playback) is set individually for each playlist: right-click on a playlist tab
  • Improved tag read and write support for various formats; fixed corrupted WMA file after the tag is saved
  • Log file for the integrated server
  • Listener number limit for the integrated server
  • Fixed listener number report for the integrated server
  • Notepad: text align settings
  • Configurable hot key for "insert stop" command
  • DTMF: new "counter phase" detect option; improved DTMF detect time frame configuration
  • Playlist right-click "Rename/edit..." feature improved to support TTS and Track List
  • Track List: new option "Ignore no-repeat rules"
  • Track List: new option "Do not repeat album"
  • Top panel view style: Full, Min, Hide
  • Proportions for Last Track/Now Playing/Coming up Next are saved when the window is resized
  • Configurable colors for the Last Track/Now Playing/Coming up Next boxes
  • Windows 10 style
  • Style font setting is correctly applied to all of the child windows
  • Style support improved
  • Automatic weather announcements: Fahrenheit temperature values added
  • Text-to-Speech: support for %artist, %title and other tags
  • Text-to-Speech: can read text file contents and support for SpeechAPI XML tags
  • Fixed: sometimes weather was not updated correctly
  • Automatic weather announcement is not played when there is no weather data available
  • Fixed: "generate" command did not work when called from API
  • Fixed "click" on some ASIO sound cards when using MIC
  • Remote API commands are logged
  • Fixed encoding problem in Remote API commands
  • Remote API: "move" command relocates the track to a new position (formerly it exchanged two tracks)
  • Fixed playlist and scheduled event list columns ordering problem when the windows theme was changed or connected using Remote Desktop
  • RadioBOSS detects wrong sound card settings for the main sound card and attempts to fix the issue automatically
  • Improved mouse drag in all lists
  • Fixed: MIC hot key didn't work correctly in push-to-talk mode
  • Fixed: under certain circumstances scheduled events were inserted at incorrect position
  • Fixed tooltip in the scheduled events list and playlist
  • Fixed listener count bug in the Report Generator
  • Optimized track information: faster operation and faster playlist scrolling with a keyboard
  • Improved playback for network streams and podcasts (faster initialization and better error handling)
  • Fixed: sometimes track type was not identified correctly
  • Email notifications can be sent to multiple addresses (comma separated)
  • RadioBOSS Update can be downloaded and installed semi-automatically (Help->Check for Updates)
  • Saving a playlist also saves the custom crossfade settings
  • Configurable crossfade duration for the "Override mix with the previous track" feature
  • Improved screen reader accessibility (details: https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,4088.0.html)

  • Scheduler: "Waiting options" can be used with the "Overlay playback" feature
  • Scheduler: improved multiple actions window
  • Improved "download" scheduler command
  • New scheduler command to send text strings to COM port: send comN text
  • Scheduler wizard can be used to add "download" command
  • Improved sweeper selection for scheduled events

Segue editor
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Fixed Zoom problem: sometimes the mix point was reset after zooming
  • Mouse wheel zoom improved
  • Fixed: custom crossfade parameters for the file types were not used

Track Tool
  • Start and End date for a track (used by Playlist Generator and Track List)
  • Fixed zoom problem for short tracks

Playlist Generator Pro
  • Priority value can be set to less than zero to exclude a track completely
  • Fixed: sometimes the playlist generator used no more than 2,501 tracks from a category

Advertisement Scheduler
  • Tracks in the list can be dragged to another position
  • Improved sweeper selection

Download: RadioBOSS 5.4

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    December 01, 2014. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.


11/27/2015 RadioBOSS 5.4 beta
Some of the new features are:
  • Custom encoders for broadcasting
  • Audience monitoring
  • Improved Playback Queue
  • Improvements in the scheduler
  • Improvements in Track List feature
  • Lots of user interface and performance improvements
  • And much, much more!
For more information on this version please visit https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,4408.0.html.

Free beta tester keys are available on request. To request the free beta tester license key, please fill this form: https://www.djsoft.net/enu/beta.html. The free key expires February 24, 2016.
Note: this beta version released for testing purposes only. Final release planned for December 20, 2015.

10/12/2015 RadioBOSS
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Fixed crash on some systems while using File Explorer
  • Fixed several UI issues
  • Minor performance improvements

Download: RadioBOSS

6/10/2015 RadioBOSS 5.3
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Sidechain compressor for microphones: voice activated microphone and automatic music ducking while speaking
  • Virtual audio sound cards included with the RadioBOSS package (thanks to VB-Audio, http://www.vb-cable.com)
  • Automatic weather announcements
  • Startup options: start minimized, delay startup
  • New File Type option: "Do not play two or more tracks consecutively"
  • Stream recording shows recorded duration in the status bar
  • A setting added to select the source for the Stream Recording feature
  • Remote Control API: insert after the scheduled events command
  • Remote Control API: "playbackinfo" command also includes overlay events
  • Reconnect time can be specified for every broadcasting encoder
  • "Move to" right click command added to move tracks between playlist tabs
  • Ctrl+Up arrow, Ctrl+Down arrow to move tracks in the playlist
  • Drag-n-drop tracks between the playlist tabs and the cart wall
  • When playing a Shoutcast stream an artwork is shown
  • When relaying a Shoutcast stream an artwork is forwarded to broadcasting encoders
  • More events are added to the event log
  • Hot key management improved (the window is made accessible for screen reader software)
  • Improved library search feature (in some cases speed should vastly increase)
  • Track List feature selects tracks in the background: it should eliminate long track startup when using this feature
  • Next and current track information is properly displayed when using the Track List feature
  • Toolbar buttons added to show and hide work zones
  • Level meter improvements: maximum level can be set to +3dB; RMS level display
  • Cart wall: switch between tracks (right-click option on a cart wall tab)
  • Volume control for cart wall tracks
  • "Start playback after having connected to a server" option added for encoders
  • "Open containing folder" playlist right-click command
  • If a file doesn't have cover art, an attempt is made to load it from a folder where the track is located
  • Presets for compressor (includes two predefined presets: Raido and Limiter)
  • A setting added to change highlight color for the playlist
  • Improved UI style saving
  • Music Library search sorting improved
  • Windows Mixer Control feature *REMOVED*
  • Lots of minor improvements and optimizations
  • Scheduler wizard reworked
  • Additional syntax to perform calculations in filename templates
  • A command added to load text or text file into notepad tab
  • "download" command can download a podcast
  • "download" command now works with HTTPS protocol
  • %showname variable for HTTP request and "set %showname=" command
  • Deafult option set for new scheduled events ("Set default" button)
  • "getfile" command to select one track or playlist from a folder; optionally delete after playback
  • Purely technical events like create a backup run automatically even in Manual mode
  • "set autoamp on|off" command to control AutoAmp state
  • "set http_request on|off" command to turn on and off the HTTP request feature
Playlist Generator Pro
  • Genre, Gender, Language, Year no-repeat rules
  • Calculate the estimated duration for rotation
  • "On error, create an empty playlist" option added
  • Ability to save and load priority rules
  • "Outro" category: add only at the end of the playlist
  • Take into account the "Last played" tag
  • Shows the generation progress in the Windows task bar
  • No-repeat feature improved
Advertisement Scheduler
  • "Maximum time wait" options for generated events
  • Fixed space bar selection bug
  • Fixed a rarely occurring bug when scheduled events times were wrong
Voice Track Recorder
  • Level slider
  • Normalization
  • Undo changes
Music Library
  • Count the number of tracks for each artist (Statistics)
  • "Check music library" feature shows tracks without a tag
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Track number column
Report Generator
  • Track playback duration can be added to the report
  • Drag-n-drop report fields
  • Separate fields for date and time
  • Time constraints (in addition to date) for report period
  • Fixed sorting bug that occurred sometimes
Track Tool
  • Lots of minor UI improvements
  • "Disable song" option that prevents Playlist Generator Pro to use this track
  • Previous and Next track buttons in Track Tool
  • Set track playback volume
Segue Editor
  • Set playback volume for all tracks
  • Zoom using mouse wheel
  • "Remove custom crossfade" right-click command in the playlist

Download: RadioBOSS 5.3

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    May 01, 2014. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

4/16/2015 RadioBOSS 5.3 beta
Some of the new features are:
  • Virtual audio sound cards included with the RadioBOSS package
  • Sidechain compressor for microphone
  • New features and rules in the playlist generator
  • Improvements in the scheduler
  • Track Tool module redesigned and improved
  • Improved the Stream Archive feature
  • And much, much more!
For more information on this version please visit http://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,4244.0.html.

Free beta tester keys are available on request. To request the free beta tester license key, please send an e-mail to sales@djsoft.net (use the "RadioBOSS 5.3 beta" subject). The free key expires July 31, 2015.
Note: this beta version released for testing purposes only. Final release planned for May, 20, 2015.

2/14/2015 RadioBOSS 5.2.3
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Fixed playback hiccup on some sound cards (mostly when ASIO was used)
  • Fixed: DTMF Exit sometimes didn't work
  • The "getfile" command now works from the playlist
  • Double-click prelisten in Search
  • Fixed bugs in automated time announcement
  • Other minor issues were fixed

Download: RadioBOSS 5.2.3

1/26/2015 RadioBOSS 5.2.2
New features in RadioBOSS
  • VU meter and spectrum display microphone level with the "Output to encoders only" option enabled
  • Switching the "Output to encoders only" option for the microphone does not require restarting
  • Bugs fixed in the Track List feature
  • Improved Start Time calculation (made more accurate)
  • "scheduler on" command now also turns off "Manual" scheduler mode
  • Added ability to select multiple folders in the Music Library when importing tracks
  • Fixed tag reading error for some files
  • Fixed fade on stop bug (under certain circumstances the track stopped abruptly)
  • Fixed bugs in the Stream Archive feature
  • Fixed ReplayGain implementation
  • Fixed: PFL device didn't work if the same device was selected for the Main output
  • Lots of minor bugs fixed
  • Fixed the "Resume playback" bug when the playlist was stopped
  • Added %path variable for HTTP request to export full file name
  • Improved mouse wheel scrolling
  • Removed Windows "beep" when using hot keys
  • Fixed: jingle hot keys interfered with the cart wall hot keys
  • Overall software optimization and improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.2.2

11/24/2014 RadioBOSS 5.2
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Added "Dark" UI color scheme
  • Song Request API to receive automated song requests
  • Listener number chart in Broadcasting Statistics
  • Tag Editor improved: faster artwork and metadata reading, ability to edit tags during playback, and fixed the bugs
  • Cart wall improvements: hot keys, progress bar, grid resize, drag-n-drop
  • RadioBOSS is accessible by using only the keyboard; improved compatibility with screen reader software
  • "DTMF Only" logic changed (see the documentation for more info: http://manual.djsoft.net/radioboss/en/starting_events_by_dtmf_signal.htm)
  • "Next play" right-click playlist command evolved to Playback Queue
  • Track Tool redesigned
  • Scheduler Overlay player moved to the bottom left corner
  • All tracks that were played in the Overlay player are now included in the report
  • VST and Winamp DSP plugins can be used for a Microphone
  • Quick DSP configuration for the microphone: right-click the MIC button
  • WASAPI driver for pre-listen sound card
  • Added a button to the toolbar to record the stream (activates the Stream Archive feature)
  • Stream Archive configuration option added: automatic start/stop when MIC is activated and deactivated
  • FLAC and OPUS support for Stream Archive
  • Level Meter and MIC button can be moved to the center of the window (menu View->MIC and VU meter in the center)
  • New columns added to the playlist: Play, Insert stop command
  • Playlist file name history for AUX players
  • Custom picture can be used as a picture for tracks with no artwork
  • Added ability to set the Rating and File Type from the playlist
  • Notify when a track is going to end (flash in red)
  • "Tag from filename" right-click command added in the Track Information panel
  • Notepad tab improved
  • Item spacing setting for library search
  • Library search: alternate colors in the result
  • Station logo (top right corner) preserves image proportions
  • "Skip after scheduled track" option for file types
  • Status bar shows listener numbers: current and peak
  • HTTP Request: %listeners variable to send listeners count
  • Lots of minor issues and bugs were fixed
  • Code optimization for faster and more stable operation
  • Event sweeper feature improved
  • New "getfile" scheduler command added: command allows to select one file from the folder (newest, oldest, or random) and, optionally, delete it after playback
  • Scheduler list can be filtered by day of week (List button->Show filters)
  • "Weekdays" column added to event list
  • New "silencedetector (on/off)" command to control the silence detector from the scheduler
  • Warning when the scheduler expiration date is in the past
Playlist Generator Pro
  • UI to generate multiple playlists
  • Maximum (MAX), Minimum (MIN), and Average (AVG or AVERAGE) variables to set the playcount priority rules
  • Overlap amount can be set with fractions of a second
  • Length filter improved (allows to specify seconds)
  • Rename presets: right click on the preset name
Music Library
  • New feature: schedule automatic music library update (synchronize track with folder(s), update tags)
  • Multiple folders can be added at once from the Add Directory window
  • Improved the Check music tracks feature
  • Added "Scan BPM" feature (Tools menu)
  • Save search results as a music library (xml) file
  • Added "item spacing" setting
  • Added Bitrate column
Advertisement Scheduler
  • Color indication in the advertisement list to show missed, expired, and disabled tracks
  • Presets for grid
  • DTMF Only option for events
  • Added new feature: create report for advertisement track impressions within a specified date range
  • Sweepers to make commercial blocks of desired duration
Report Generator
  • Split into pages/continuous report option added
  • Listener field to include the number of listeners in the record for each song

Download: RadioBOSS 5.2.1

10/5/2014 RadioBOSS 5.2 beta
For the detailed information on new features please visit http://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,4040.0.html.

7/29/2014 RadioLogger 2.7 and RadioCaster 2.3
What's new in RadioLogger:
  • OPUS recording
  • FLAC recording
  • Event-driven WASAPI
  • Empty folders are now deleted when old records are deleted
  • A setting added to disable deleting of old records
  • Improved archive list
  • Fixed several bugs
Download: RadioLogger 2.7

What's new in RadioCaster:
  • Bugs fixed
Download: RadioCaster 2.3

7/15/2014 RadioBOSS 5.1.2
What's new:
  • Playlist Generator produces detailed error messages.
  • Improved command line interface in Playlist Generator.
  • Fixed bug: sometimes RadioBOSS crashed on DTMF signal detection.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Fixed bugs in makelibrary scheduler command.

Download: RadioBOSS 5.1.2

6/20/2014 RadioBOSS 5.1.1
What's new:

Minor improvements. Bugs fixed.

Download: RadioBOSS 5.1.1

5/22/2014 RadioLogger 2.6
What's new:

Auto-restart on crash, improved recording quality, added lower bitrates, many bugs fixed.

Download: RadioLogger 2.6

5/5/2014 RadioBOSS 5.1
New features and improvements
  • User Accounts and Rights - password protect software features [RadioBOSS Advanced only!]
  • New feature: Notepad - can be added in Zone 2 and Zone 3
  • MP3 and AAC encoding quality improved; additional encoder parameters can be specified in the Player.ini file
  • Full Screen display - F11 key or menu View->Fullscreen
  • Graphical display (stars) for Rating in the playlist
  • Better visibility of the Scheduler and Silence detector state
  • MIC button is now more visible when turned on
  • Improved multi-monitor support
  • Prelisten and Delete icons added to the playlist for every track
  • Fade In setting for file type crossfades
  • Events can perform multiple actions and/or start multiple tracks
  • Run Now button can skip the next scheduled launch
  • "download" command can be used to trigger a specific URL (without saving any file)
  • "makelibrary" command can use libraries and playlists as track sources
  • Group color can be changed: add [#color] tag to the group name (color can be: red, green, or RGB code AABBCC)
  • Events can be ended by the DTMF signal
  • Scheduled event is not inserted between the voice track and track
  • Fixed "wait in the queue" bug
  • "Repeat every ... minutes" feature: "No more times" is now optional
  • Event groups can be minimized
  • Enable/disable all events in a group and rename a group (right-click a group)
Playlist Generator Pro
  • Priority-based track selection (depending on the Playcount, Date last played and Rating: for instance, tracks that were not played for a long time or tracks with a high rating can be boosted in priority)
  • Presets can be stored in groups
  • File name substitution macro can be used in source filenames
  • Now it is possible to use multiple track sources for each category
  • Related artists support for no-repeat rules
  • Improved random tracks selection
  • Each category can override global no-repeat rules
  • Fixed bug: for some file types the duration was incorrectly calculated
  • Categories can be moved in the list
  • Repeat album - an option added to the repeat album of the same artist only
  • Fixed BPM filter bug
  • UI improvements
Segue Editor
  • Ability to edit current track crossfades
  • Time ruler added
  • Save for current session only - improved
  • Fixed a lot of bugs
Other improvements
  • Highlight duplicate tracks in the playlist (Playlist->Extra->Show Duplicates)
  • Playlist state is now preserved after a program restart
  • ON AIR - shows the actual server connection state
  • Nowplaying: .txt can now be saved in UTF8 format
  • HTTP notification: new %casttitle field to send current playlist title
  • API: new command - getplaylist
  • Search: new feature to search in all libraries
  • "Set Active Playlist" right-click option to set the active playlist
  • Improved Start Time calculation
  • Reset profile settings feature
  • Music Library: import music library
  • Music Library: filename column display format setting
  • Lots of other minor improvements
  • Optimizations for faster operation
Bugs fixed
  • Minor improvements and bugs fixed in the Advertisement Scheduler, Report Generator,
    and Track Tool
  • Fixed several bugs in the Track List feature
  • Fixed bugs in Voice Tracking
  • Other minor bugs fixed
Download: RadioBOSS 5.1

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS (or RadioBOSS Update) after April 30, 2013. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

4/9/2014 RadioBOSS 5.1 beta
New features include User account management, priority-based track selection in Playlist Generator Pro and much more!

For more information please visit http://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,3748.0.html.

2/25/2014 RadioBOSS 5.0.3
What's new:
  • Improved Start Time playlist duration calculation
  • More reliable method to store user settings
  • Fixed a bug: sometimes track title was sent twice to the server
  • Hot keys now work in AUX players
  • Search feature added for AUX players
  • Music Library: bulk set Playcount for tracks
  • Extended the "no repeat" period for Track List
  • Event-driven mode for WASAPI devices now can be enabled
  • Added Polish localization
  • Added Portuguese localization
  • Fixed rare crash when sending notifications
  • Fixed a bug in Report Viewer (track duration was detected as ??:??)
  • Ads Scheduler: default priority for tracks is now 5
  • Playlist Generator Pro: bulk playlist generation command line improved (new options added)
  • Fixed lots of minor issues
Download: RadioBOSS 5.0.3

2/14/2014 RadioCaster 2.1 released!
What's new:
  • Event-driven mode support for WASAPI devices
  • Improved AAC+ quality on low bitrates
  • Fixed a bug: on some systems settings were reset occasionally
  • Fixed a bug: program crashed sometimes after running for a long time (30+ days)
  • OPUS codec support
  • Integrated server correctly serves MIME types for streams
  • Improved Configuration Wizard for encoders
Download: RadioCaster 2.1

1/31/2014 RadioBOSS 5.0.2
What's new:
  • Track List cache bug fixed
  • Bug fixed: generated report was empty sometimes
  • Search: "sort results" checkbox (right-click menu) to sort the results after search is complete
  • Bug fixed: notifications to email were still sent even when notifications are turned off
  • Playlist Generator Pro: changed UI while generating a playlist
  • Playlist Generator Pro: ability to generate multiple playlists at once using the command line
Download: RadioBOSS 5.0.2

1/25/2014 RadioBOSS 5.0.1
What's new:
  • Video window stays when RadioBOSS is minimized
  • Send Test Email button to test notifications
  • Hot keys in AUX players bug fixed
  • Slow search in music library fixed
  • Fixed a bug in scheduler: "Do not launch event when playlist is stopped" worked incorrectly
  • Fixed rare crash bug, which occured on some systems
  • Macro can be used in scheduler for commands
  • Minor UI improvements
Download: RadioBOSS 5.0.1

12/23/2013 RadioBOSS 5.0
What's new:

New features
  • AUX Players (can be added in Zone 2 and Zone 3)
  • Third work zone added. It can host: AUX playlist, Web browser, Cart wall, File explorer and Search (View->Work Zones->3).
  • Email notifications on error, silence detector actions, and other events
  • Do not launch events when MIC is on (Settings->Inputs->Advanced)
  • Play intro file when broadcasting encoder connected
  • Podcast playback (check "Podcast" when adding a URL)
  • A setting added to change the font in secondary windows (Settings->View->Other windows font)
  • New settings added to change color scheme + two default color schemes (dark/silver)
  • Added ability to change the playback control buttons' style
  • Playlist columns show/hide (View->Playlist columns)
  • Ability to load/save Cart Wall to a file
  • Loop option in Cart wall
  • Now it's possible to make the playlist tab non-playable (right click a tab)
  • Custom title format for encoders, also possible to disable metadata for the encoder
  • OPUS broadcasting and playback
File types
  • Treat the file type as a voice track
  • Custom title format for the track type
  • New option: do not mix tracks of this type with other tracks
  • Bed for file types
  • Automatic sweepers: insert a sweeper before event launch to make the event start at the specified time without an interruption of the playing track
  • Scheduler can now wait a specified time frame to launch an event between the tracks (Maximum time to wait in queue -> Play action)
  • Events can be assigned into groups
  • Save as a new event/Delete event buttons in the Event window were added
  • New scheduler command: download - downloads a file and saves it to a disk
Advertisement Scheduler
  • Grid copy/paste feature
  • "Add to queue" schedule event option
  • Improved grid color scheme
Report Generator
  • Date/time is now included in reports
  • Filters: filter by file type, track title or filename
  • Report generator now doesn't need to access original music files
  • Reports generated much faster
Playlist Generator Pro
  • Ability to add commands and network streams
  • Playlist export options: add to the end or overwrite
  • An option added: crossfade amount to take crossfading into account
Music Library
  • New feature: files verification - test all files in the library and report broken/unplayable (Tools->Check Music Tracks)
  • New feature: scan files and cut silence - scan all files and set their Cue In/Cue Out points to remove silence
  • Last played column added
  • Added ability to print music library
  • Overlay playback: playlist pause/unpause is now performed smoothly
  • Numerous improvements in UI graphics
  • Stream playback quality control: restarts the stream if any problems are detected (works only on streams with the duration set)
  • Crossfades edited with Segue Editor are now marked in the playlist (Custom Mix column)
  • ON AIR indicator when broadcasting is on (Settings->Broadcast->Show On Air)
  • RadioBOSS API file duration bug fixed
  • RadioBOSS API new commands added: delete, move, trackinfo, mic
  • Library search: tracks are now sorted by artist and then title
  • Export next track information to nowplaying and HTTP request
  • Improved track selection for the Track List feature
  • Report files are now saved in UTF8 encoding and contain all track information
  • File type for commands
  • An option added "identify sound cards by driver name" for Windows XP systems with multiple sound cards with the same name
  • Fadein/Fadeout options for microphone
  • DSP manager grays out the plugin types that are turned off
  • More user actions are now logged in the report
  • A setting added: fade out when the Stop button is clicked
  • Improved Stream Archive feature
  • Event window shows a warning on incorrect Repeat settings
  • Track waveform display in Now Playing didn't take the end time into account
  • WMA tag reading/writing problem
  • Incorrect encoding with some ID3v2 tags
  • Fixed several Cart wall bugs
  • m2ts video files playback
  • AIFF audio files playback
  • Prelisten bug on Search tab
  • Playlist and Scheduler printout didn't work on some machines
  • Track artwork display for some files
  • File Type incorrectly detected for events with "Send task name as title" option
  • "Back" button works in the Encoder Configuration Wizard
  • Overlay player sometimes didn't close
  • MIME type correctly sent when using the integrated server
Download RadioBOSS 5.0

11/01/2013 RadioBOSS 5.0 beta
New features include AUX players, OPUS support, third work zone, automatic fillers and much, much more!

For more information please visit http://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,3543.0.html.

08/30/2013 Stream Hosting
Please visit RADIOBOSS.FM web site for more information.

08/01/2013 RadioCaster v2 Released!
What's new:
  • DSP Manager module can be used to add various DSPs: Winamp DSP/VST plugins/integrated DSPs
  • Auto-restart if programs crashes or hangs for some reason
  • Fixed a bug: sometimes when transcoding another stream the sound was corrupted
  • Fixed a bug: sometimes titles were sent in wrong encoding
  • Multiple overall software improvements
Download: RadioCaster 2.0

07/24/2013 RadioBOSS 4.9.1
What's new:
  • File Type assignment sometimes worked incorrectly
  • Resume Playback bug fixed
  • Fixed Undo bug in the playlist
  • Fixed a bug: in rare cases last 2-3 seconds of a small file were cut
  • DTMF detector didn't turn on automatically when scheduler list was reloaded
  • Added "minute" macro for the scheduler: ?mm
  • Fixed selection bug in the playlist under Windows XP
  • Line Input when used with DirectSound driver was always mono
  • "One track only" option state is now saved between sessions
  • Fixed several bugs in Prelisten feature
  • Force 24h now forces Start Time to be in 24 hour format
  • Fixed several bugs in Search feature
Download: RadioBOSS 4.9.1

05/30/2013 RadioBOSS 4.9
What's new:
  • Remote control via HTTP protocol
  • Removed Crossfades, Tag Editor, and Plugins tabs
  • Track information/Tag Editor is now shown under the playlist (can be turned on/off by pressing Ctrl+I or the small "i" button)
  • Send the station logo and track artwork to the Shoutcast v2 server
  • An artwork file can be generated along with the nowplaying.xml file
  • Crossfade settings have been moved to the Settings->Crossfades menu
  • Crossfading: MIX point is now detected based on the sound level
  • Crossfading: new setting added to start fading out on mix
  • Redesigned FX tab: removed the Equalizer and Tempo effects; added DSP Manager
  • DSP Manager can be used to add various DSPs: Winamp DSP/VST plugins/integrated DSPs
  • Ability to choose the source for broadcasting encoders: RadioBOSS Out/Line.IN/Line2.IN
  • Reworked Line.IN/Microphone settings, category renamed to Input
  • Added second line input: Line2.In
  • Added DSP manager for Microphone: allows you to use the Equalizer or Compressor DSP for microphone
  • Changing playback devices doesn't require you to restart the program anymore
  • Playlist and scheduled events list printout
  • Added new columns in the playlist: BPM, Rating, and Play count
  • Added Search feature for file explorer (Right click->Show search bar)
  • New right-click menu command for playlist: "move under the currently playing track"
  • File Types: ability to set the background color for the file type
  • File Type can be assigned from the Track Tool
  • Scheduler: set the font and background color for events
  • Scheduler: commands can be inserted after the currently playing track (instead of immediate execution)
  • New scheduler command: makelibrary - create/update music library files
  • New scheduler command: adsupdate - update playlists and events from the Advertisement Scheduler
  • New scheduler command: createbackup - create settings backup
  • Added settings backup and restore feature
  • Ability to assign multiple beds for a voice track
  • Added a feature to assign SayTime or Text-to-Speech to the cart wall
  • Drag-n-Drop to the Cart Wall from Windows Explorer
  • Improved MP3 encoding quality
  • Improved AAC+ encoding: added low bitrate profiles (8, 12, and 16 kbps), improved quality on bitrates under 56 kbps
  • FLAC broadcasting is now possible when using a built-in server
  • Improvements in an integrated broadcasting server
  • DTMF: added an option to delay an event launch
  • Active playlist is now marked in bold font
  • Improvements in the Search tab
  • Added a "Play count" field for HTTP request
  • Improved support for large fonts
  • Added item spacing setting for playlist (Settings->View)
  • Added a setting to change the voice track folder (Settings->General)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for the voice track recorder
  • Web Browser tabs preserve the last visited website address
  • Improvements in the TrackList feature (better track selection)
  • URL playback is now possible when using Overlay Playback in the scheduler
  • Fixed video playback problems for some MKV files
  • Playlist duration, start time, and playing time left calculations are more accurate
  • Wine compatibility: RadioBOSS can now be used under Wine in Linus/OSX
  • Improved Prelisten feature
  • Improved sorting in the Music Library
  • Numerous other UI improvements and program code optimizations
Playlist Generator Pro:
  • Ability to set the total playlist duration in days
  • Playlist Generator Pro can store the last position in the source when selecting "In Order" - this allows you to take subsequent tracks each time the playlist is generated
  • Added a no-repeat rule for album and track title
  • Added filter by BPM for categories
Advertisement Scheduler:
  • New settings for generated Scheduler Events
  • The first day of the week (Sunday or Monday) now depends on the system language
  • Ads Overview feature: view all ad blocks on one screen
  • Empty block generation: include intro/outro/intro+outro option added
  • Active/Start date/End date options added
  • When tagging mp3 files the tag version now doesn't change to ID3v2.4
  • Search in music library could produce incorrect results
  • OGG broadcasting sometimes caused sound corruption
  • Sometimes voice tracks weren't recorded when the ASIO device was used for the Microphone
  • Edit->Undo command removed the current/next track marks
  • Recording and playback devices now do not depend on Default device selection in Windows
  • ReplayGain information wasn't read for some OGG and MP3 files
  • Several bugs were fixed in the Ads Scheduler
  • Scheduled tasks sometimes could be skipped on slow or high-loaded computers
  • Several other minor fixes
  • Now it's possible to disable MIC or any of the Line inputs in the settings
Download: RadioBOSS 4.9

04/26/2013 RadioLogger 2.5
What's new:
  • Stop and Rec buttons were added for manual recording
  • Improved recording quality at low bitrates
  • Show button on taskbar - option added
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Several bugs were fixed
Download: RadioLogger 2.5

02/06/2013 RadioLogger 2.4
What's new:
  • Ability to record from network stream (URL)
  • Several UI improvements
  • Now program doesn't have to be restarted when changing source or playback devices
  • First day of week (Monday/Sunday) is now determined automatically depending on system settings
  • Numerous overall improvements
  • several minor bugs were fixed
Download: RadioLogger 2.4

01/30/2013 RadioBOSS 4.8.2
What's new:
  • Settings for DTMF tone detector: threshold, time frame
  • Time Zone setting allows to change time for RadioBOSS only
  • Fixed "connect" command
  • Fixed: ReplayGain for some MP3's didn't work
  • Minor improvements
Download: RadioBOSS 4.8.2

01/25/2013 RadioCaster 1.5
What's new:
  • Improved user interface
  • Can work as stream transcoder
  • Settings can be applied without program restart
  • Several minor improvements
Download: RadioCaster 1.5

01/15/2013 Update: RadioBOSS 4.8.1
What's new:
  • Chained OGG support
  • Web-browser now remembers the last opened URL
  • Search works much faster now
  • Added a timer in voice track recorder
  • Removed unnecessary options on "Broadcasting" settings tab
Download: RadioBOSS 4.8.1

12/21/2012 RadioBOSS 4.8 released!
What's new:
  • Events can be started by DTMF signal. The signal is checked on the line input (configured via Settings->Microphone/Line.In->LINE.IN).
    In the event properties set the "DTMF" option and set the sequence, eg. "764C".
  • Automatic time announcements (demo voices can be downloaded from the "Download" section)
  • Added second work zone which can host Search, File expolorer, Cart wall or Web browser. It can be shown/hidden via menu: View->Work Zones->1 or 2 or using hot keys Ctrl+1/Ctrl+2
  • Search feature extended: now it can search in different music libraries
  • Added button to check for updates: Help->Check for Updates
  • Added a setting to change a font used in the Player window (Settings->View->Window font) and font used to display countdown timers under the On Air box
  • Added ability to move tabs in work zones
  • Added new commands: "streamarchive on" and "streamarchive off" to turn on and off stream recording
  • Playlist Generator Pro can be launched from the command line
  • Mouse drag-n-drop for categories and playlist structure in the Playlist Generator Pro
  • Added Text-To-Speech feature (Playlist->Extra->Add TTS)
  • Improved network stream playback (now it re-establish the connection in case of error)
  • Improvements in the Adverticement Scheduler module
  • Improved "Add command..." feature (Playlist->Add command menu)
  • Improved "Restart program if it crashes or hangs" feature
  • Fixed performance issue in Music Library when loading large libraries (100k+ tracks)
  • Fixed performance issue in Playlist Generator Pro when generating with "Read additional info" option
  • Fixed an error when program failed to start on some systems
  • Fixed a large number of bugs + numerous overall improvements
Download: RadioBOSS 4.8

Update or purchase before the end of the year and get 25% discount!

11/30/2012 RadioCaster 1.4 Released!
- Metadata can now be read from URL
- 192khz encoding
- Fixed buffering problems on some machines, improved performance, several bugs fixed.

Download: RadioCaster 1.4

11/25/2012 Beta version: RadioBOSS 4.8
More information:
RadioBOSS 4.8 [beta]

10/17/2012 RadioBOSS 4.7.7 Released!
- Resolved several streaming-related issues:
* Sudden disconnects
* Slow track switching
* 'Chopped' sound
* Buffering on listener side
* Unstable work on ADSL connections
* ... and the like
- New Help File
- A bug fixed "Send task name instead of track titles" sometimes didn't work
- Several UI-related improvements

Download: RadioBOSS

09/29/2012 RadioBOSS 4.7.6 Released!
- Encoder Wizard improved: if started again, all fields are pre-filled with existing values, allowing for faster configuration changing
- Custom title can be specified for URLs and Pause
- File Types: new option "Do not add files of this type to report" added
- Added "prelisten" feature for Cart Wall
- Mix Point is now shown in Now Playing box (red line)
- Voice Tracking: now voice track is played closer to subsequent track's intro. It can be configured via Settings->Playback->Fading.
- Voice Tracking: it's now possible to set bed for voice tracks. It's used for long voice tracks which don't fit in the intro+outro.
- Segue Editor: volume control extended
- Fixed a bug: on some systems registration key was not stored
- Playlist Generator Pro now doesn't crash if it's closed while playlist generation is in progress
- Fixed a bug with WMS broadcasting in PULL mode
- Dutch translation added
- Several bugs, related to "Start time" and "Playing time left" calculation, are fixed
- Fixed a bug: on some systems in very rare cases program crashed at startup
- Numerous UI improvements

Download: RadioBOSS

09/19/2012 RadioBOSS 4.7.5 Released!
- New feature: Push-To-Talk for microphone
- Added ability to turn off additional info reading in Playlist Generator Pro
- Several user interface issues fixed
- Turning off VST plugins now turns off all loaded plugins
- Fixed APE tag writing for some files
- Fixed statistics display for Icecast KH servers
- Fixed a bug: under certain circumstances broadcasting stream was broken causing players to buffer
- Fixed broadcasting in OGG and FLAC

Download: RadioBOSS

09/13/2012 RadioCaster 1.3 Released!
- Wizard to help set up encoders
- Integrated broadcasting server
- Styles support: now it's possible to change how program looks
- New option: hide program to system tray
- Several minor improvements and bugs fixed
- Improved stability

Download: http://dl.djsoft.net/RadioCaster_setup.exe

08/31/2012 RadioBOSS 4.7.4 Released!
- Improved stability and overall program code optimization
- Playlist Generator Pro now uses Start and End parameters set in TrackTool
- Fixed a bug in Playlist Generator ("not enough tracks" error)
- Fixed: sometimes an error message popped up on program closing when VST plugins were used
- Changed User-Agent string for HTTP request, and now it can be changed in player.ini file
- HTTP request fixed: after long time running the feature stopped to work
- Line.In position properly restored after program restart when "resume playback" feature was used
- Fixed several minor bugs

08/21/2012 New version: RadioLogger 2.3
- New option "Ask on close" added
- Bug fixed: sometimes records were not split correctly
- Several minor improvements and fixes

07/03/2012 Update: RadioBOSS 4.7.3
- Windows Media Services streaming support (PUSH and PULL modes)
- Wizard to help set up broadcasting encoders
- Improved profile loading speed and fixed couple of minor bugs
- Playback of tracks now starts faster
- Memory usage of TrackTool and Segue Editor reduced significantly
- TrackTool loads tracks much faster
- Bug fixed in the Microphone/Line.In settings
- Bug fixed: encoders edit while statistics was open resulted in error message
- Bug fixed: silence detector triggered when line.in was used in "windows mixer control" mode
- Several other improvements and fixes

06/22/2012 Update: RadioBOSS 4.7.2
- Several bugs in the HTTP-GET feature were fixed
- New fields for HTTP request: %seconds and %filename
- Metadata for streams is displayed with delay to compensate for playback/download buffer
- Bulk tag editor in Music Libaray fixed
- Several localization issues updated for English, Russian, German languages
- Now playing/FTP upload/HTTP request are now performed when title is changed in the network stream
- Other minor improvements and fixes

06/01/2012 Update: RadioBOSS 4.7.1
- Smooth seeking (configurable via Settings->Playback->Fading)
- Fixed scheduler event bug: changing the source folder/playlist for "play one track" didt't take effect; random selection sometimes didn't work
- Program hang on Windows 2003 Server and sometimes on other systems fixed
- Better operation with no sound card
- Fixed "read_folder" command
- Configurable network playback buffer (Settings->Playback->Miscellaneous)
- Improved stability

05/10/2012 RadioBOSS 4.7 released!
- Added Graphical Segue Editor
- VST plugins support
- Auto-restart feature in case the program crashes or hangs
- Winamp General (gen_*.dll) plugins supported (experimental)
- Multiple Winamp DSP plugins can be used simultaneously
- Local Mute feature for microphone (disable local echo for microphone)
- ReplayGain support (Playback->Miscellaneous)
- Playlist Generator Pro: "use all tracks from source" option
- "Maxium time to wait in queue" option for scheduled events
- Repeat protection for the Track List feature
- Custom broadcasting title for events
- Export selected events from the scheduler feature
- Improved Shuffle mode
- Auto-save for the scheduler event list
- Improved voice track playback, now the voice track is played in the intro/outro portion of the tracks and the music is attenuated
- Fade in/out settings for the cart wall (Settings->Playback->Fading)
- "Do not crossfade short tracks" option added
- "Do not fade out tracks in manual mode" option added
- Graphical intro/outro indication during playback
- "Ask on close" option added
- Track Lists are now preloaded to avoid any possible gap when reading big playlist/folder
- Several HTTP requests can be used
- Ability to name broadcasting encoders
- Configurable mouse double-click function for playlist
- Substitution macro for scheduler (?yyyy, ?mm, ?dd, ?hh)
- Total listeners peak statistics
- "Start time" takes crossfading into account for improved accuracy
- Option added: "do not send info about this track to the server" for the file type
- Track Tool improved and fixed several errors
- Fixed MP4 playback and tag reading
- Fixed errors in video file playback
- Bugs fixed in Playlist Generator Pro and Playlist Generator
- Several Microphone-related bugs fixed
- Fixed player window position when second monitor was disconnected
- Minor fixes in the Voice Track recording tool
- Stream Archive feature fixed
- Fixed the prelisten bugs
- Improved stability

03/13/2012 RadioCaster 1.2 released!
- Some bugs were fixed

01/09/2012 RadioBOSS 4.6.4
- New feature: insert timed pause
- Song title is now sent to server after reconnect
- Program starts up faster
- LINE.IN duration can be set in seconds
- Fixed: M4A (iTunes, ALAC, AAC) tags read incorrectly
- Fixed: "prevent multiple instances" feature failed to work sometimes
- Fixed: Music Library player failed to work
- Fixed several bugs in the Track Tool
- Fixed: tag writing for FLAC files

12/10/2011 RadioBOSS 4.6.3
- Report Generator: custom printable reports of what was played
- Playlist Generator PRO:
-- better shuffling
-- fixed some UI issues
-- error log now includes the category name
-- several bugs fixed

12/02/2011 RadioBOSS 4.6.2
- Added Shoutcast 2 broadcasting support
- Added a “Manual” mode to the scheduler. In this mode, tasks are not launched automatically, but the program shows a task launch countdown instead. Tasks in this mode are started manually by clicking the “Start” button. This feature is useful for live broadcasts.
- Fixes in the Track Tool program
- Some interface issues fixed

11/17/2011 Update: RadioCaster
- Fixed: 'error code=8' error on some systems.

10/21/2011 Major update: RadioBOSS 4.6
- Voice Tracking
- New scheduler edit features: Import, Duplicate; updated event window
- Ogg-FLAC broadcasting
- "Run in" scheduler times works much accurately
- Playback settings reworked. Now it is possible to send jingles/carts to another device.
- Cart wall playback lowers playlist volume
- Playlist drag-n-drop improved
- Playlist Generator Pro speed improvement
- Music Library speed improvement
- Fixed CD grabber/converter
- Fixed speaker assignment (didn't work on some sound cards)
- Fixed scheduler issues: sometimes days of week were interpreted incorrectly; "repeat" feature works correctly after midnight.

09/07/2011 New product: RadioCaster
RadioCaster is a program for taking any audio connected to your computer or playback device and broadcasting it online. Easy to setup and use.
More info: RadioCaster Overview

08/18/2011 Update RadioBOSS 4.5.6
- amplification for all file types now also works with "play above the air" tasks
- added a high-pass filter (HPF)
- fixed a bug that affected the order of execution of certain scheduled tasks with certain commands
- the cart-machine plays video files now
- fixes and improvements in the UI
- Unicode playlists are now saved in the .m3u8 format (according to the standard), which means that they can now be opened in other programs
- scheduler: additional options cannot be used for all commands; these options become unavailable for incompatible commands
- scheduler: when the "repeat every ... minutes" option is enabled, the time of the last task execution is calculated
- fixed: an error occurred sometimes when the list of scheduler tasks was being edited
- fixed the operation of the silence detector
- fixed an error with WMA file conversion
- Playlist Generator Pro enhancements: improved the random track selection algorithm; fixed interface bugs; fixed the filtering by comments feature

07/31/2011 Update RadioBOSS 4.5.5
- Added an option: "do not write an APEv2 tag with additional information to the file"
- Window colors are configurable now
- When the "getrandomplaylist" command is used, playlists will not be repeated any more
- You can now set an activation threshold for the silence detector
- Added an ability to minimize the left part of the player
- Tag reading for M4A, MP4 (iTunes) files is now supported
- Fixed an error with reading ID3v2 tags in some encodings
- Fixed some interface errors
- Fixed an error: the StreamArchive function didn’t work
- Fixed an error pertaining to a wrong order of tasks coming from the scheduler
- Fixed a bug with the Shuffle feature turning off
- Fixed bugs and new features added to Track Tool:
-- The tag editor can be minimized now
-- Playback is now performed by the second device selected in RadioBOSS
-- Correct work with m4a, aac, tta formats
-- Fixed errors that occurred when reading and saving tags
-- Testing of the fade in/out point works correctly now

07/09/2011 Update RadioBOSS
- the microphone can be used in the Mono mode
- you can now set the duration for Line.In
- a new option for tasks in the scheduler: "do not remove after playback "
- the scheduler now allows you to launch programs
- you can now set an arbitrary format for tracks in the playlist
- a microphone amplifier
- Greek localization

05/11/2011 Update RadioBOSS
- Scheduler can be turned on/off at set times
- It's now possible to have different station info for every encoder
- New timer: shows the total playing time left
- Added option to don't show stream name in title (Settings->View)
- Fixed: sample freq may be incorrect when using MP3 encoder for broadcasting
- Playlist Generator: playlist can be used as a track source
- Playlist Generator Pro: fixed some bugs; new feature: add specific track
- Many minor fixes and tweaks

04/10/2011 Update RadioBOSS
- Fixed random program crashes
- TrackTool vertical zoom now works correctly
- Fixed slow starting of some mp3 files
- Many other minor fixes

03/25/2011 Update RadioBOSS 4.5.1
- updated TrackTool
- updated Playlist Generator Pro
- unlimited File Types quantity (limit was 10 before)
- fixed error which crashed RadioBOSS after several time operating

03/06/2011 New version RadioBOSS 4.5

- Includes new Playlist Generator Pro software - advanced playlist generation tool
- Allows use of microphone and linear input using ASIO or WASAPI API's, which minimizes latency; Microphone/Line.in settings are completely revised.
- Broadcasting improved. Now RadioBOSS allows to use any number of encoders (instead of fixed up to 5 encoders in earlier versions); Possible to resample or change number of channels for broadcasting encoders
- Changes in user interface
- ASIO and DirectSound outputs: optimized CPU usage
- added "Last played" section
- added "Remaining in this hour" timer
- removed track bar for changing track position. Now its function is included in the "On Air" display(right-click to change track position). "On Air" also shows intro duration and Fade Out position.
- Music Library optimized and now works several times faster
- New fields in the Broadcast area: AIM, IRC
- New hot keys: F1-F8 for Explorer, Search, etc
- Silence Detector now triggers only if playback was started before; and doesn't after playback was stopped
- optimized CPU usage when using ASIO and/or DirectSound
- Track List: when source is a folder, it's possible to read whole directory tree

01/16/2011 New version RadioLogger v2.2.

- the code has been optimized and the program now works faster and is more stable
- the recording quality has been improved
- the output file name format is specified more accurately now, you can also add a serial number to it
- added an ability to record sound from playback devices (Stereo Mix is not needed any more)

11/05/2010 New version RadioBOSS v4.4.

- Possibility to work with several playlists (in addition to Main, Temp). The program supports an unlimited number of playlists.
- Possibility to save additional track parameters (genre, rating, language, crossfade parameters). To do that, launch the TrackTool program from the playlist or Music Library.
- Added an integrated web browser.
- Cart machine
- Added a possibility to broadcast using a proxy server.
- Added a possibility to use proxies for playing streams
- Added a plug-in for MIDI playback
- Cart machine
- Improved AutoAmp AGC (Automatic Gain Control) feature

08/30/2010 Update: RadioBOSS v4.3.1.

- video playback for Windows Vista/7 has been improved
- a pre buffering option for Microphone/ Line In has been added to address errors during Line In playback
- an option of recurrent auto save of the profile has been added (e.g., when the program is exited incorrectly, playlists, schedules and settings will be saved)
- MKV video files playback errors have been corrected
- the Silence Detector functionality has been restored
- virtualization display error occurring in WASAPI has been corrected
- several errors in the Task Scheduler performance have been corrected
- many other corrections have been made

07/28/2010 New version: RadioBOSS v4.3 Released.

- Concurrent playback on several sound cards
- Output through ASIO
- Output through WASAPI (recommended for Win7/Vista and above)
- Adjustable sampling rate during mixing
- Improvements in the scheduler. You can now set the start date for a task and make it recurring – that is, make it start on specific days of the week or with certain periodicity. You can also schedule tasks for a specific minute of specific hours during a day.
- Added a new option to the scheduler - “clear the Main playlist"- that enables you to completely clear the playlist when changing a block.
- Added a possibility to launch a track from the playlist according to the schedule.
- The task editing window now has a wizard that simplifies the addition of commands, Internet streams and so on.
- Changed profiles for AAC/AAC+ broadcasting for improved sound quality with the same bitrate + fixed some AAC+ broadcasting bugs.
- The time remaining till the start of scheduled tasks is now calculated with greater accuracy
- Fixed a bug that caused the next track to be shown incorrectly in the Shuffle (random playback) mode
- Fixed a bug that caused the program to work incorrectly on computers without a sound card

05/18/2010 RadioBOSS v4.2.8.500 Released.

- updated the help file
- improved the scheduler algorithm
- the position of the video playback window is now saved
- improved the "resume playback" function
- fixed a bug in the getrandomplaylist command (sometimes the playlist did not start)
- fixed a bug that caused the program to start twice when the “start automatically” option was enabled
- fixed a bug in the connect/disconnect commands, automatic reconnection to the server now works correctly

04/28/2010 User Manual for RadioBOSS published!
RadioBOSS User Manual is now available.

Download PDF: RadioBOSS_UserManual_en.pdf

Online: Read Online

03/19/2010 RadioBOSS 4.1.0 Released!
Update: RadioBOSS 4.1.0


- fixed a bug in the scheduler: sometimes, tracks were inserted into the beginning of the playlist instead of being queued
- improvements and bugfixes in the music database
- improvements in the playlist generation algorithm
- fixed bugs in the playlist generator
- fixed a bug: the total number of listeners in broadcasting statistics was calculated incorrectly
- fixed a bug: sometimes, 2 tracks were played at the same time
- lots of other minor improvements and fixes

03/11/2010 Update: RadioBOSS 4.0.9
Update: RadioBOSS 4.0.9


- a feature for playing one track from a playlist or folder has been added (the Playlist->Add Track List menu command)

- an error in the AutoAmp function has been fixed

02/26/2010 Update: RadioBOSS
Update: RadioBOSS

- Bug fixed: the silence detector did not work correctly in the "no sound card" mode
- Added a possibility to set the duration of playback for audio streams (the value is specified in minutes after a space, e.g. "http://stream/p.m3u 60")
- Changes in the program architecture: improved stability and decreased CPU load
- Added a possibility to disable visualization
- Added a possibility to select a tracks database in the playlist generator

02/07/2010 Update: RadioBOSS
Update: RadioBOSS

- the Turkish translation has been added
- the broadcast statistics shows the amount of data sent to the server
- the silence detector is triggered by the signal strength
- silence detector alerts are logged in the report
- fixed bug: sometimes the schedule list was loaded empty
- the size/position of columns is retained in the report
- it is possible to select the encoding for the HTTP request (UTF8 or ANSI)
- now the track name is sent to the Icecast server in the UTF8 format

01/28/2010 Update: RadioBOSS
Update: RadioBOSS

- tag read/write added for FLAC, MPC, APE, TTA files.
- removed tag support for WAV files
- improved line in/MIC support
- fixed scheduler errors: playlist generation and streams playback
- fixed MMS streams playback error

01/19/2010 RadioLogger 2.1 Released!
New version: RadioLogger v2.1

- Fixed some user interface issues

11/20/2009 RadioLogger 2.0 Released!
New version: RadioLogger v2.0

- Improved user interface
- Many minor issues and bugs fixed

10/28/2009 RadioBOSS 4.0 Released!
New version: RadioBOSS v4.0

- Application got split into versions: Express, Standard, and Advanced.
- Windows Vista and Windows 7 Compatible.
- Modified player’s interface.
- Added resizing of interface units (versions Standard and Advanced).
- Video playback (version Advanced).
- Support for Unicode in file names, interface and tags (except ID3v1).
- Player now shows which track is to be played next.
- Added launching playlists over air.
- Fixed error when generating playlists by schedule.
- Added ‘Pause’ command to scheduler.
- Information on ‘Stop’ and ‘Pause’ button clicks now gets recorded to the report.
- Modifying broadcast settings no longer requires restarting the application.
- Encoder priority when airing now matches the priority of the RadioBOSS application.

08/27/2009 RadioBOSS v3.2.5 Released!
Update: RadioBOSS 3.2.5!

- now it is possible to view the statistics of network broadcasting
- the program does not freeze when connecting to the server
- the microphone (the MIC button) now works during network broadcasting
- the line-in and microphone now work better (no more stuttering, distortions, etc.)
- the MIC button now works correctly in Windows Vista
- the new "generate" command for creating playlists according to schedule is available in the scheduler
- the bug causing an error while switching to the next day has been fixed in the "repeat" function of the scheduler, the task used to stop launching
- the "Set the minimum buffer size automatically " is now available in the settings
- the program has been optimized for running on multiprosessor and multi-core systems
- several minor bugs and drawbacks has been fixed

06/18/2009 RadioBOSS v3.2 Released!
New version: RadioBOSS 3.2!

- Added an ability to broadcast in AAC and AAC+ formats
- Added an ability to simultaneously broadcast in different formats and/or to different servers
- Bug fixed: when an OGG stream was played, tags could not be read
- Bug fixed: when a mixing point was enabled, stream playback interrupted when a stream was launched
- Bug fixed: sometimes, when Winamp plugins were used, not all of them were loaded or the list of plugins appeared empty
- The explorer is updated automatically

04/17/2009 RadioBOSS v3.1 Released!
New version: RadioBOSS 3.1!

- scheduler: FADEOUT command is added (syntax: fadeout