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Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.
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RadioBOSS makes automating your broadcast to the world, your business or shop professional, simple, affordable, reliable.


9/25/2020 RadioBOSS 6.0 beta
Some of the new features are:
  • Crossfading improved to be more smooth and precise
  • Next track is preloaded allowing for instant network stream start and speed up local track startup
  • Added separate fading duration options for Stop and Next Track
  • File type option added: skip after set file types
  • Playlist Shuffle playback mode improved: now it tries to select tracks that did not play recently
  • Comments can be added to the playlist (a comment looks like a track but can't be played)

For more information on this version please visit https://www.djsoft.net/community/threads/radioboss-6-0-beta.6724/.

Free beta tester keys are available on request. To request the free beta tester license key, please fill this form: https://www.djsoft.net/enu/beta.html. The free key expires January 15, 2021. Note: this beta version released for testing purposes only.

4/11/2020 RadioBOSS 5.9.4
What's new:
  • Fixed tag cache encoding bug: sometimes international characters were not properly saved
  • Fixed: played scheduled events were not removed under certain conditions
  • Fixed: Track Tool "Space" hot key actioned in certain edit fields
  • Fixed MySQL database reconnect
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • If you experience tag encoding issues (e.g. corrupted track title in the playlist) please click Tools -> Clear tag cache and restart RadioBOSS.

Download: RadioBOSS 5.9.4

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    April 10, 2019. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

1/31/2020 RadioBOSS 5.9.1
What's new:
  • Cart wall: volume slider shows hint with volume level
  • Cart wall: fixed "Test" button sometimes did not work correctly
  • Playlist Generator: improved "Generate multiple presets window (added presets, window resize)
  • Fixed playlist generator command line processing for multiple playlist creation
  • Music Library: added "Rename file" context menu option
  • Music Library: disabled songs are shown in grey color
  • Fixed "set" and "clr" commands for COM port
  • FTP export checks if artwork file exists before removing it
  • Event delete: confirmation window includes event name (disabled by default, advanced options)
  • Playback is possible after the End marker in Track Tool
  • Confirmation for "Delete all" command in the playlist (disabled by default, advanced options)
  • HTTP Live Stream (hls) playback support
  • Improved "Browse for folder" dialog in music library
  • Improved events list: sorting indication, fixed bugs
  • Fixed: track start/end dates sometimes were not processed correctly
  • Advanced settings: additional text for system tray icon hint to distinguish between RadioBOSS instances
  • Fixed multiple additional work zone bugs
  • Added hot key to call Track Tool in Music Library
  • Fixed misleading error message in voice track recording tool

Download: RadioBOSS 5.9.1

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    January 30, 2019. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

12/2/2019 RadioBOSS 5.9
What's new:
  • Track tags (categories): assign one or more tags to tracks, tags can be used to search tracks and filter tracks in Playlist Generator
  • Track normalization (Tools menu in Music Library; scan in Track Tool): uses EBU R128 standard to determine loudness levels
  • Sweepers: it's possible to insert a sweeper instead of multiple playlist tracks
  • Improved Auto Intro user interface when playing; shows time remaining before auto intro start
  • Playback Queue can be put to pause
  • Teaser: added "Shuffle" option for transitions and playlist source for music tracks
  • Added DSD format support (DFF, DSF files)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to add tracks, folders and network streams to a playlist
  • Relay: relay linear input with sound level monitor (relaystart 1/relaystart 2 commands to relay Input 1 and Input 2 respectively)
  • Relay: fade in option added
  • Relay: option added to move to the next track in the playlist after relay disconnects
  • Relay: main DSP is turned off for relay stream by default (Settings->Playback->Miscellaneous)
  • Auto intro: added track tags filter
  • Auto intro: added BPM and year filters, along with Range condition (e.g. 1990-1999)
  • Auto intro: do not add auto intro for file types option
  • Broadcasting: added 28 kbps bitrate
  • Style: now it's possible to use custom selection color with Windows UI
  • Configurable color for active playlist tab (Settings->View->Style)
  • Music Library: improved list sorting
  • Changed %filename variable: now it does not include file extension; added %filename_ext variable that includes extension
  • Added %bpm variable for stream titles
  • Default cover artwork can be set from the Settings window (Reports section)
  • Do not send empty track title when playback is stopped option added (Advanced configuration)
  • Mix point threshold and silence trimming take playback level info into account
  • Error notification emails now contain additional information (profile name and executable path)
  • File types can be reordered in the list
  • Updated BPM detection algorithm
  • Genre and language lists are sorted
  • Improved print form for scheduled events
  • Improved accessibility

Music Library
  • Music Library: all tools (normalize, trim silence, detect mix point, detect BPM) are combined in one window
  • Additional options for "makelibrary" command to scan for silence, normalize tracks, detect mix point and BPM (to create the command, click Tools->Schedule library update)
  • Improved search UI in Music Library
  • Show real track duration accounting for start and end points

Ad Scheduler
  • Ads Scheduler: fixed remote ads export sometimes didn't work properly with international characters in file names
  • Ads Scheduler: configure start time seconds for created events
  • Smooth level meter option added (Advanced configuration)

HTTP notifications
  • %artwork parameter that holds cover art (base64 encoded), %xml parameter that includes current and next track information in XML form
  • POST requests are now supported
  • Notification is also sent when a playlist is stopped
  • Notifications can be individually turned on and off
  • Album cover is removed from FTP when a track has no cover and there's no default cover defined

  • Event option: add to the very end of the playlist
  • Scheduled events list can be used in additional work zone
  • "next" scheduler command now has additional parameter: fade out time (milliseconds)
  • "enablegroup" and "disablegroup" scheduler commands allow specifying of multiple event groups, comma separated
  • "streamarchive" scheduler command now allows to specify recording duration
  • Recordings made with the "streramarchive" command are not split into segments (always saved as a single file)
  • OpenWeatherMap: user supplieid API key can used instead of the default key to prevent rate limitation errors
  • Alternative weather data source (AccuWeather) - requires registering for API key
  • ?any file name template for scheduler (matches any part of file name)

Track Tool
  • Track Tool: track level change is applied immediately if a track is playing
  • Track Tool: minor UI improvements
  • Hook duration is now displayed
  • Normalize tracks option

Fixes and minor improvements
  • Fixed: cart wall font was off sometimes; carts may become disabled on font change
  • Fixed: Replay Gain was not processed for Overlay Playback tracks
  • Fixed: bulk tag editor in Music Library had Playcount set to zero
  • Fixed: scheduled event was played after tracks in the playback queue
  • Fixed: auto intro did not play at the beginning of a track sometimes
  • Fixed: general DSP is not applied to AUX and cart wall to avoid broken sound
  • Fixed bugs in jingle assign window
  • Fixed UI bugs in AUX player
  • Fixed occasional crash when DPI mode was changed or when connecting via RDP
  • Fixed: possible track duplicates in reports
  • Fixed: sometimes last word was cut when using MIC
  • Fixed: dragging from AUX player sometimes did not work
  • Fixed: occasional "freeze" or "access violation" errors
  • Fixed bugs in search: slow loading and incorrect duration display
  • Fixed stream archive incorrect microphone recording
  • Fixed incorrect tags display in Music Library
  • Fixed crash when normalizing certain music tracks
  • Fixed: Genre was not saved sometimes in Track Tool
  • Fixed: tags were not saved in Track Tool sometimes
  • Fixed: auto intro sometimes did not play when positioned to end on fade in
  • Fixed: %bpm did not work in print template
  • Fixed jingles list edit bug
  • Fixed: sweeper configuration was not saved in full
  • Fixed Track Tool volume control did not control voiceover volume
  • Fixed Track Tool playback stopped working ocasionally
  • Fixed voiceover did not play sometimes in Track Tool

Download: RadioBOSS 5.9

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    December 1, 2018. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

10/12/2019 RadioBOSS 5.9 beta
Some of the new features are:
  • Track tags (categories): assign one or more tags to tracks, tags can be used to search and filter tracks
  • Track normalization (Tools menu in Music Library): uses EBU R128 standard to determine loudness levels
  • Scheduled events list can be used in additional work zones
  • Improved Auto Intro user interface when playing; shows time remaining before auto intro start

For more information on this version please visit https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,6309.0.html.

Free beta tester keys are available on request. To request the free beta tester license key, please fill this form: https://www.djsoft.net/enu/beta.html. The free key expires January 15, 2020. Note: this beta version released for testing purposes only.

8/16/2019 RadioCaster 2.8
What's new:
  • RadioBOSS Cloud auto configuration support
  • RadioCaster now does not disconnect from servers when source is changed
  • Added XML metadata support
  • Added "output silence when there is no sound in the source" option
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Improved high DPI monitor support
  • Fixed occasional crash when settings window was closed
  • Dutch translation added

Download: RadioCaster 2.8

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioCaster or RadioCaster Update after
    August 13, 2018. Otherwise, update price is $19.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users $49.95; please visit this page for further details.

8/2/2019 RadioLogger 3.3.2
What's new:
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Fixed crash when recording certain network streams
  • Minor improvements

Download: RadioLogger 3.3.2

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioLogger or RadioLogger Update after
    August 1, 2018. Otherwise, update price is $14.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users $39.95; please visit this page for further details.

5/21/2019 RadioBOSS 5.8.5
What's new:
  • Equalizer: configurable range for sliders
  • Improved accesibility for Equalizer and Compressor
  • Weather announcement new variables to get wind speed in miles per hour
  • Duration is removed for nonexistent files in the playlist (when check is active)
  • Fixed: when tag cache was used, track duration was not updated sometimes when file was changed
  • Fixed: scheduled tracks were started after tracks in playback queue
  • Fixed report entry for Track List tracks with no tags
  • Fixed: voice drop was not displayed sometimes in the Now Playing bar
  • Fixed: cart wall font was changed when grid size was changed
  • Fixed cart wall display on high DPI screens
  • Fixed: some segue editor settings were written permanently to a track
  • Fixed: next track title was not shown when repeat track is active
  • Fixed broken sorting for certain columns in Music Library
  • Fixed: getfile command sometimes was not correctly processed when was inlined in the playlist
  • Fixed: scheduled events can still be moved even when disabled in UAC
  • Fixed: start time calculation did not work for 00:00:00am
  • Fixed: sweepers were inserted with "clock" icon for events with "Insert as regular tracks" option
  • Fixed minor bugs

Download: RadioBOSS 5.8.5

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    May 20, 2018. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

3/25/2019 RadioBOSS 5.8.4
What's new:
  • Improved high DPI (scaling) support
  • Nowplaying export: exports real track duration (considers gap killer, start and end points)
  • User colors are preserved in color dialogs
  • Option added: do not store opened file name for a playlist tab (Settings->General->Advanced)
  • Fixed: queue mode did not work when "Stop after this track" was enabled
  • Fixed: category repeat protection rules did not work when global rules were disabled
  • Added access control origin header for API responses
  • Minor errors fixed
  • Minor UI improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.8.4

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    March 24, 2018. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

3/2/2019 RadioBOSS 5.8.3
What's new:
  • Playback queue window improvements: total queue duration and queued tracks duration display
  • Playback queue window remembers size and position
  • Set rating and file type for Track List items in the playlist
  • Update window is now accessible
  • "delete" API command allows multiple indexes
  • Fixed: mix point marker was not removed from nowplaying bar on stop
  • Fixed: when prelisten resulted in an error playlist was not un-muted
  • Fixed: album cover was still sent for tracks with "Do not sent title to the server" option
  • Fixed: sometimes playlist file was saved incorrectly which resulted in "Error 2" code on playback
  • Fixed AIM/IRC server metadata was not sent correctly
  • Fixed "Move under playing track" start time was not updated
  • Fixed: statistics window did not update prioperly sometimes
  • Fixed playback error in Track Tool
  • Fixed: getfile command made part of file path lowercase
  • Minor Track Tool improvements
  • Minor improvements in Music Library statistics window
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Added Georgian translation

Download: RadioBOSS 5.8.3

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    March 1, 2018. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

1/25/2019 RadioBOSS 5.8.2
What's new:
  • Start and End dates for music tracks are correctly applied when period covers year change
  • ReplayGain is applied for Auto Intro
  • Improved resizing for statistics window and tab
  • Music Library: separate menu commands to open track parameters and call Track Tool
  • Fixed: additional information stored in a database was reset for music files that were not readable
  • Fixed: MySQL database was not initialized correctly on some computers
  • Fixed: resume playback did not work for certain tracks with international characters
  • Fixed: ReplayGain did not work for some tracks when "Cache tags" was enabled
  • Fixed: incorrect fade out value was applied sometimes
  • Fixed: Track Tool changed mix point for the currently playing track
  • Fixed: segue editor sometimes did not work
  • Fixed: jingles window lost focus after using the open file dialog
  • Fixed: prelisten crashed when used for music files with voiceovers
  • Fixed: unable to launch RadioBOSS on Windows XP
  • Fixed: Next/Prev buttons in Track Tool when used in Music Library
  • Fixed: Set button in Track Tool put marker in incorrect position sometimes

Download: RadioBOSS 5.8.2

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    January 24, 2018. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

12/19/2018 RadioBOSS 5.8.1
What's new:
  • Configure streaming to RadioBOSS Cloud from encoder wizard
  • API command to retrieve RadioBOSS version and uptime ("status")
  • Configurable: Disable accessible VST UI when using screen reader mode
  • Track Tool: detect Mix point based on level
  • Track Tool: confirmation box to remove additional information from a track
  • Improvements in cart wall loop feature
  • Fixed cart wall font bug when loading previously saved cart wall
  • Improvements in playback queue editor
  • Improved multiple actions event editor
  • Fixed no sound playback speed bug on some computers
  • Bugs fixed and minor improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.8.1

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    December 18, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

11/21/2018 RadioBOSS 5.8
What's new:
  • Automatic network stream relaying while using playlist as a backup option ("relaystart URL" and "relaystop" scheduler commands)
  • Added "Advanced configuration" section to allow fine tuning (Settings->General->Advanced configuration)
  • MySQL database option to store additional track information and cache
  • Ability to select columns in the scheduled events list
  • File tag cache can now be used if APEv2 is used to store additional information
  • Minor UI improvements in the scheduled events list
  • Played scheduled tracks are deleted from the playlists per-event (each event is now deleted separately without waiting for other events to finish playback)
  • Scheduler: specify multiple minute values when using "Hours" option
  • Scheduler: ability to turn off event groups display
  • Scheduler: "Every year" option for expiration
  • Scheduler command to reset "played" track state in playlist (resetplayedstate)
  • Changed the way Shuffle function works when there are scheduled tracks in the playlist
  • Music DSP does not affect microphone
  • Active playlist tab can now be changed when playback is active
  • Added scheduler command to switch active playlist tab (playlist tab_name)
  • Added scheduler command to change active equalizer preset (eqpreset preset_name)
  • Playlists are saved with relative paths when possible
  • Playlist display is updated when title format is changed in the settings
  • Added ability to mute main playlist playback when prelisten is used
  • Hot keys: added support for extended keyboard keys (multimedia keys, F13-F24 etc)
  • Style option for Music Library and Track Tool
  • Font configuration for cart wall buttons (Settings->View->Style)
  • Font color can be changed for each cart wall button
  • Improved profile auto-save, removed the "periodically save” profile option
  • Changed profile load and save UI
  • Cart wall can be disabled in user access control
  • Cart wall shows an error notification on failed cart wall buttons
  • Drag-n-drop for cart wall improved: it now accepts multiple files and folders (multiple cart wall buttons are assigned at once)
  • Added values for current date and time in broadcasting title format
  • Broadcasting stats: show number of listeners when mouse hovers over the chart
  • Broadcasting stats window can be used in additional work zones
  • Broadcasting encoders can be rearranged in the list
  • Playlist search: added buttons to search up and down
  • Automatic check for new versions; can be turned off in Help->Automatically check for updates menu
  • Accessible VST plugin configuration when screen reader mode is enabled
  • API: start event and skip scheduled launch (schedule/run)
  • API: edit track rating and playcount, custom fields (readtag/writetag)
  • API: added "cnt" parameter for getplaylist command to limit the number of returned tracks
  • API: command to set broadcasting title (setcasttitle)
  • Search: select and rearrange columns in the list
  • Search: added "Comment" column
  • Improved Multiple Actions UI in scheduler event settings
  • Pause and unpause is performed with a short fade
  • File tag cache can now be used if APEv2 is used to store additional information
  • Changed the way "Do not action event when the playlist is stopped" option works: now the event is not inserted into the playlist (previous behavior can be enabled in Additional Configuration)
  • %nextsong variable added for broadcasting title and HTTP requests (next song title)
  • Lots of other UI and localization improvements

Ads Scheduler
  • Remote ads management: ads, playlists and events can be sent to a remote RadioBOSS installation

Music Library
  • The "Date Added" field is properly set when the tracks are first added to the library
  • Database cleanup (additional information and cache)

Playlist Generator
  • Color settings for categories (background and text)
  • UI improvements in category window and settings tab

Track Tool
  • Next and Prev track is loaded without reloading Track Tool
  • Tag Editor area can be resized
  • Improved zoom when cursor is visible
  • Playback is stopped at the End mark
  • Ability to prelisten to voiceovers

Fixes and minor improvements
  • Improved performance on launching next track
  • Minor improvements in Playback Queue window
  • Fixed: playrequestedsong command did not work in the playlist
  • Track Tool: "Set" button is now more precise
  • Fixed broadcasting statistics window bug: encoder list was scrolled to the top
  • Fixed Track Tool playback level was not respected in overlay events
  • AutoIntro, Sweepers: Track Tool parameters were not respected
  • Copying a file also copies additional information for a track
  • Fixed play after pause volume level was sometimes zero
  • Nowplaying text when stopped now also sent to streaming servers
  • Sometimes waveform did not correspond to actual sound in the Nowplaying bar
  • Fixed play after pause volume level was sometimes zero
  • Fixed "pause #N" didn't work properly in events with "multiple actions"
  • Nowplaying text when stopped now also sent to streaming servers
  • Fixed scheduled events "maximum time wait" sometimes didn't work properly
  • Events list "Show groups" state is preserved between program restarts
  • File type bed did not work in overlay player
  • Broadcasting stats can be retrieved over HTTPS protocol
  • Podcasts via HTTPS protocol sometimes didn't work
  • Playlist Generator: long playlists (>20 days approx.) sometimes were not generated properly
  • AdsScheduler: impression report was sometimes generated incorrectly
  • AdsScheduler: fixed encoding in some generated reports
  • AdsScheduler: fixed style bug
  • Crossfades (mix point) is not correctly re-evaluated when the playlist is changed
  • Email reports encoding bug
  • Playlist information was not updated when Track Tool was called from the log window
  • Crossfade settings were not loaded when playlist was expanded
  • Sometimes "getfile" command did not properly delete tracks
  • Fixed default font problem in secondary windows
  • Fixed main window font for some areas of the player window
  • Fixed playlist sorting bug for certain columns
  • Current weather data is not deleted if weather update failed
  • Sorting in search was reset after software restart
  • Broadcasting stats window disappeared when settings window was opened
  • An occasional error message (unable to activate previous instance) when update was installed using Check for Updates
  • Track List launched a file that was deleted
  • Scheduler wait options sometimes work incorrectly
  • Incorrect broadcasting title was sometimes sent for certain playlist items
  • Fixed occasional crash when using HTTP requests
  • Fixed crash on startup on some systems
  • Fixed Music Library crashes
  • Mix point is changed after it's edited in Track Tool for playing track
  • Occasional crash when some API commands were used

Download: RadioBOSS 5.8

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    November 20, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

11/9/2018 RadioLogger 3.3.1
What's new:
  • Silence detector threshold setting
  • Fixed audio card restart when it became unavailable
  • Minor improvements

Download: RadioLogger 3.3.1

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioLogger or RadioLogger Update after
    November 8, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $14.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users $39.95; please visit this page for further details.

9/17/2018 RadioBOSS 5.8 beta
RadioBOSS 5.8 beta is available for testing. For more information please visit https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,5601.0.html.
9/16/2018 RadioLogger 3.3
What's new:
  • Fixed: audio device sometimes was lost after remote desktop connection
  • Fixed: sometimes main window was not properly positioned
  • Minor improvements

Download: RadioLogger 3.3

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioLogger or RadioLogger Update after
    September 15, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $14.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users $39.95; please visit this page for further details.

8/3/2018 RadioCaster 2.7.1
What's new:
  • Minor UI refinements
  • Improved accessibility (must be enabled from menu RadioCaster->Screen Reader)
  • Fixed: equalizer customizattions (number of bands, frequencies) did not work
  • Updated AAC decoder

Download: RadioCaster 2.7.1

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioCaster or RadioCaster Update after
    August 2, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $19.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users $49.95; please visit this page for further details.

5/6/2018 RadioCaster 2.7
What's new:
  • Ability to rearrange encoders in the list
  • Fixed occasional error message when closing the software
  • Fixed error: sometimes VST plugin settings were not saved
  • Fixed rare error when saving equalizer or compressor presets

Download: RadioCaster 2.7

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioCaster or RadioCaster Update after
    May 5, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $19.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users $49.95; please visit this page for further details.

5/5/2018 RadioLogger 3.2
What's new:
  • Notification when silence ended
  • Fixed auto delete feature (handling file delete errors)
  • Fixed records split bug
  • Fixed: sometimes non scheduled hours were recorded

Download: RadioLogger 3.2

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioLogger or RadioLogger Update after
    May 4, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $14.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users $39.95; please visit this page for further details.

4/24/2018 RadioBOSS 5.7.2
What's new:
  • Playlist right-click menu: added "Expand playlist" command for inline playlists
  • Fixed "getfile" command bug (sometimes playlists were not handled properly)
  • Added more bitrates to bitrate dropdown list for encoders
  • Fixed "Maximum wait time in the queue" event option sometimes didn't work properly
  • Sweepers: sweeper mix point is taken into account (fixed)
  • Fixed weather command sometimes didn't work for some cities
  • Changed playlist search behavior
  • Fixed intro indication bug
  • Fixed rare software crash when HTTP or email notifications were used
  • Minor improvements in user manual
  • Fixed: stats chart for 24 hour period was not updated automatically
  • Fixed rare miniplayer crash in Ads Scheduler
  • Log window is not deactivated when "Create report" is disabled
  • Track Tool can be called for Track List playlist items

Download: RadioBOSS 5.7.2

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    April 23, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

4/2/2018 RadioBOSS 5.7.1
What's new:
  • Reworked settings backup and restore feature
  • Improved encoder status display
  • Playlist generator: fixed a bug when under certain circumstances unwanted track repeats may occur
  • Fixed occasional crash when prelisten was used or overlay event played
  • Fixed: sometimes sound card volume was reset to 100%
  • Improved Track Tool and Segue Editor track waveform display, minor bugs fixed
  • Improved statistic relay UI
  • Statistic relay for Icecast: collect server wide stats or stats for a specified mount point
  • Proportional artwork resize for non-square artwork images
  • Fixed space bar in FX tab DSP list actioned also as hot key
  • Improved "weather" command error handling
  • Minor fixes in user manual
  • Other improvements and bugs fixed

Download: RadioBOSS 5.7.1

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    April 1, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

2/17/2018 RadioBOSS 5.7
What's new:
  • Auto Intro: automatically insert intro/jingle before track, based on set conditions and probability (menu Tools->Auto Intro)
  • Broadcasting statistics: browse statistics for different time periods up to one year
  • Teasers: repeat protection for tracks when playlist or folder is used as source
  • Teasers: playlist source for tracks and jingles
  • Teasers: added "Presets" feature to quickly save and load settings
  • Teasers: fade out and mix points now work correctly for teasers in the playlist
  • Cart wall: delay cart playback until playlist fades out
  • Cart wall now allows to use file name macro (same macro as in scheduler)
  • Cart wall: allows to use scheduler commands
  • Cart wall: added "stopall" command to stop all playing cart wall items
  • Sweepers improved: configurable repeat protection, better sweeper selection quality
  • HTTP request wizard to quickly configure Tune In and Twitter integration
  • Tag and duration cache to enable much faster file indexing while making playlists, loading sweepers etc
  • Custom user fields can be included in playlist and music library columns
  • Added "comment" and "last played" playlist columns
  • Encoder window: added "show password" feature
  • Auto remove stop commands from the playlist (option added in Settings->General)
  • Show weather and humidity data in the main window (Settings->View)
  • Improved playlist search feature
  • Double click action in the playlist, new action added: "Open Track Tool"
  • "Nowplaying" XML file includes evaluated track tile ("CASTTITLE")
  • Improved the way Track Lists are displayed in the playlist, fixed some track title issues
  • Track List: increased repeat protection time limit
  • Added "Tab size" configuration option to Settings->View->Style
  • Added "Turn off track repeat after Play was used" option for "Repeat track" right-click menu
  • FTP: allows to download files when URL contains path with spaces (spaces should be changed to %20 in such URLs)
  • Speaker icon near volume control in the main window can now be used to mute playback volume
  • RadioBOSS checks if the main sound card is actually active, and reinitializes it if sound card appears to be stalled
  • "playbackinfo" API command also returns previously played track title
  • Added API commands to read and write file tags
  • Added API command to retrieve requested songs list
  • Continuous start time calculation (track right-click, Calculate start time)
  • Lots of minor UI improvements

  • ?noeval macro modifier to evaluate file name macro on actual playback (instead at the time of event launch)
  • added ?wd macro to use week day in file names
  • Sweepers: configuration option to include or exclude subfolders

Ads Scheduler
  • New feature: separators between ads (configured in block settings)
  • New feature: alternate audio tracks for advert
  • "Shuffle playlist" feature redesigned: only ads are shuffled, while intro, outro and sweepers keep their positions
  • Ads playback time is sorted in reports
  • Improved search feature

Track Tool
  • Fixed: sometimes save button didn't work
  • Track Tool can now be called from library search

Playlist Generator
  • New filters: Gender, Language
  • Add teasers to the playlist
  • Improved genre filter UI

Music Library
  • Statistics window: select longest and shortest track in the list
  • Added start date, end date and file type columns

Bugs fixed
  • Renaming a file now also renames database entry (when SQLite storage for additional info is used)
  • Fixed HTTP headers in local streaming server (malformed headers prevented playback in some browsers and players)
  • Fixed: "Trigger mix at" sometimes overriden track's "Mix" point
  • Fixed: some commands were not removed when Queue Mode was used
  • Fixed: under certain circumstances, track can be skipped after a command in the playlist
  • Fixed: when "Manual" option was hidden from the settings, it could still be activated
  • Fixed: sometimes Track Information was showing incorrect track data when Track List was playing
  • Fixed content-type and encoding headers for some API responses
  • Fixed: "Non-playable playlist" tab sometimes was not marked in italic font
  • Fixed: local playback volume under certain conditions could be reset to 100%
  • Fixed: incorrect Start Date in report under certain conditions
  • Encoder wizard trims spaced from all fields to prevent incorrect input
  • Fixed "getfile" command sometimes did not work when was inserted directly into playlist
  • Fixed hang when playlist referenced itself
  • Fixed UI bug occurred sometimes when player window was resized
  • Fixed: "playrequestedsong" command sometimes did not work in the playlist

Download: RadioBOSS 5.7

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    February 17, 2017. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

1/8/2018 RadioCaster 2.6
What's new:
  • Fixed AAC/AAC+ mono broadcasting
  • Fixed crash/out of memory error on some systems
  • Minor improvements

Download: RadioCaster 2.6
12/15/2017 RadioBOSS 5.7 beta
Some of the new features are:
  • Auto Intro: automatically insert intro/jingle before track, based on set conditions and probability (menu Tools->Auto Intro)
  • Broadcasting statistics: browse statistics for different time periods up to one year
  • Improved Teasers, Sweepers and Cart Wall
  • Alternate tracks and separators in Ads Scheduler
  • New filter rules in Playlist Generator
  • Lots of other features and improvements!

For more information on this version please visit https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,5029.0.html.

Free beta tester keys are available on request. To request the free beta tester license key, please fill this form: https://www.djsoft.net/enu/beta.html. The free key expires April 15, 2018. Note: this beta version released for testing purposes only.

11/1/2017 RadioBOSS Cloud
RadioBOSS Cloud - web based web radio automation solution is available for testing.
For more information please visit https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,5001.0.html.
9/19/2017 RadioBOSS 5.6.2
What's new:
  • Print feature in Music Library and RadioBOSS player: added save button
  • Added Arabic translation
  • Report Generator: added Language field
  • Overlay playback events are now fully logged
  • Teaser log can be turned on to diagnose problems
  • Teasers: fixed error when sometimes first jingle did not play to the end
  • Sweepers: added setting to control selection quality (Settings->Scheduler)
  • Added detailed error messages for teasers and time announcements
  • Ads Scheduler: added search feature
  • Ads Scheduler: deleting an advert from the list registers as change
  • Ads Scheduler: fixed save button did not work in overview window
  • Fixed possible crash when using preview player in Music Library
  • Fixed: converting track did not copy additional file info
  • Fixed: incorrect track was selected in the playlist when inline stop command was used

Download: RadioBOSS 5.6.2

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    September 18, 2016. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

7/22/2017 RadioBOSS 5.6.1
What's new:
  • Silence detector: added log entry to show how many tracks were loaded from the aux playlist
  • Fixed occasional error message whan opening some of RadioBOSS modules
  • Fixed: "Start fading out on mix" option conflicted with settings made in Track Tool
  • Fixed: speaker pair settings sometimes did not work for cart wall and AUX playback devices
  • Fixed possible application freeze when changing broadcasting source
  • Fixed: file type bed continued to play after track ended
  • Fixed font color for file types in playlist right-click menu
  • Fixed: sometimes there was error message when adding track to music library
  • Fixed: scheduled track was not dequeued when started manually
  • Fixed: wrong next track was selected when playing track was removed or moved to a different playlist

Download: RadioBOSS 5.6.1
6/8/2017 RadioBOSS 5.6
What's new:
  • Automatic Teaser: allows you to create teasers using track "hook points" (set manually or automatic) with custom start/transition/end jingles
  • Custom tag fields: allows to define up to 5 custom fields that can be used in Music Library, Track Tool, and Report Generator
  • Voiceovers: mark voiceover location in Track Tool and voiceover will be inserted; random voiceover selection from folder, configurable probability
  • Track List improved "In order" selection when source folder was modified: now track selection follows the order based on previously selected track
  • Additional info storage location: database can be used instead of saving information in tags (prevents music files modification)
  • "Trigger Mix At" can be used for custom file types as well
  • "Turn off after Next track" option for "Repeat track" option (right-click menu on Repeat Track button)
  • Grid in playlist - can be turned on in settings
  • Added Date column to the log
  • Use default audio device option instead of selecting a specific device
  • User account management: block direct access to .exe files in the installation folder
  • Search: improved sorting - sort field sunchronizes with search field
  • Played track history in Last Played hint and API to retrieve last played tracks

  • New commands to disable and enable event groups: enablegroup, disablegroup
  • Command to stop all overlay playback events: stopoverlays
  • Edit Action button to edit event action: allows convenient way to edit some special items like network streams, Track Lists etc.
  • Fade in and fade out for overlay events
  • Improved event list sorting, live sorting updates when sorted by "Run In"

Music Library
  • Scan tracks: set mix points based on level
  • Improved bulk tag edit: added progress window with percentage and Cancel button

Playlist Generator
  • Calculations in playlist generator priority rules (ex. "Current-1" for previous year)
  • Improved repeat protection rules UI: predefined intervals (1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day etc.)
  • Improved repeat protection rules UI for category
  • Option added: filter non-playable tracks

Ads Scheduler
  • "Create event to update ads" option to automatically update ads
  • "Shuffle playlist" option for created events

Report Generator
  • Added new field: total playback time

Fixes and minor improvements
  • Added hot key (Ins) to add tracks from file explorer
  • Ctrl+Tab hot key to switch between playlist tabs
  • Config file options: nowplaying text when nothing is playing; playlist titles for special items (Track List, announcements etc)
  • Stream archive: sometimes the microphone recording was distorted
  • Playlist stats calculation sometimes never finished
  • APEv2 tag is not saved for FLAC files (uses alternative data stream instead)
  • Crash when playing some corrupted APE or FLAC tracks
  • Track Tool - preview playback volume level was not saved
  • "getfile" command reworked to allow more reliable track selection and deletion
  • Sometimes the incorrect track was selected in the playlist after stop command was executed
  • Accessibility issue with "Multuple actions" window in event properties
  • Menu button did not work in scheuduler list
  • "clr repeat_track" command did not work in the playlist
  • streamarchive FN command did not change stream archive button state
  • Playlist Generator: "advanced position" sometimes did not work correctly
  • "Prevent multiple instances" option removed, now it's always on
  • adsupdate command did not work when Ads Scheduler was open
  • Empty file type identifiers are not allowed
  • ID2v2 tag version is preserved when tag is edited (previous versions always converted to ID3v2.4)
  • Error message in the log when inline playlist can't be opened
  • Fixed "now playing" for network streams when stream deleted from the playlist
  • Track List: playlist title was sometimes incorrect
  • Periodic metadata updates were not sent when nothing was playing
  • Many other minor improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.6

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    June 8, 2016. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

4/12/2017 RadioBOSS 5.6 beta
Some of the new features are:
  • Automatic Teaser: allows creating teasers using track "hook points" (set manually or automatic) with custom start/transition/end jingles
  • Custom tag fields: allows to define up to 5 custom fields that can be used in Music Library, Track Tool, and Report Generator
  • Voiceovers: mark voiceover location in Track Tool and voiceover will be inserted; random voiceover selection from folder, configurable probability
  • Track List improved "In order" selection when source folder was modified: now track selection follows the order based on previously selected track
  • Additional info storage location: database can be used instead of saving information in tags (prevents music files modification)
  • "Trigger Mix At" can be used for custom file types as well
  • "Turn off afger Next track" option for "Repeat track" option (right-click menu on Repeat Track button)
  • Grid in playlist - can be turned on in settings
  • Added Date column to the log
  • Many other minor improvements
For more information on this version please visit https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,4846.0.html.

Free beta tester keys are available on request. To request the free beta tester license key, please fill this form: https://www.djsoft.net/enu/beta.html. The free key expires August 15, 2017. Note: this beta version released for testing purposes only.

2/9/2017 RadioLogger 3.1
What's new:
  • Added French translation
  • Fixed Portuguese translation
  • Minor improvements an bugs fixed
Download: RadioLogger 3.1
2/5/2017 RadioCaster 2.5
What's new:
  • New feature: use alternative servers to gather broadcasting statistics (statistic relays)
  • New feature: use custom command line encoders
  • Log is now saved to a file
  • When stats can't be retrieved, it shows the reason (error message)
  • Added French translation
  • Fixed: text file with title is read in non-blocking mode
  • Fixed: some encoder settings didn't work
  • Fixed: sometimes tray icon disappeared and/or window can't be restored from tray
  • Improved UI
Download: RadioCaster 2.5
1/7/2017 RadioBOSS 5.5.5
What's new:
  • Fixed: playlist columns were not loaded correctly for default user sometimes
  • Remote API "getplaylist2" command fixed
  • Remote API - most error messages now also have error code
  • Remote API fixed scheduled events XML time format
  • Improved error diagnostics for automatic time announcements
  • Sometimes loading events list using "load" command failed
  • Nowplaying is not updated for technical items (commands, DTMF generator, etc)
  • Fixed minor overlay playback bug (when playing line input with no duration specified)
  • Other bugs fixed; minor performance improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.5.5
11/25/2016 RadioBOSS 5.5.4
What's new:
  • WAV file tagging support
  • Genre and Language list is alphabetically sorted
  • Nowplaying.txt file is cleared when nothing is playing
  • Prelisten player considers custom track level set in Track Tool
  • Track List: improved random track selection
  • Statistics didn't show when encoder server address was configured with "http://"
  • Fixed: tags didn't load on Windows XP
  • Fixed: tag information font size issue
  • Fixed: sometimes wrong podcast was selected from the feed
  • Fixed a bug in Playlist Generator Pro
  • Fixed: folder based file types sometimes didn't work when getfile command was used
  • Fixed "Resume playback" and "Start playlist ehen encoder connected" options conflict
  • Fixed rare application freeze when waveform display was used
  • Fixed numerous high DPI and large font issues
  • Fixed MIC Music Level cut off at incorrect level
  • Fixed next track display when playback queue was modified in the Queue window
  • Fixed radioboss_helper "all pipe instances are busy" error

Download: RadioBOSS 5.5.4
10/21/2016 RadioBOSS 5.5
What's new:
  • File Types: assign file types based on file location
  • UAC: Default User feature
  • Search: Select folder as search track source
  • Configurable option: played emphasizing tracks
  • Improved statistics window. Error message when stats cannot be retrieved from the server
  • Statistic relays to collect stats from different servers
  • Fixed: admin password is not required to collect Shoutcast v2 stats
  • Additional work zone (separate window) - menu View->Work Zones->Additional
  • New columns in Search window: Year, Genre, Album
  • File type bed applied with fade in and fade out
  • Segue Editor and Track Tool: shows 0dB level for music tracks
  • Report Generator: Filename field added
  • Fixed "Next" and "Prev" buttons (didn't work when the playing track was deleted)
  • French and Ukrainian translations added
  • Ability to use multiple DTMF sequences to start and stop an event
  • Customizable genre list for all tag editor windows in RadioBOSS
  • Fixed: CD tracks did not play
  • DTMF tone generator
  • Changed DTMF detection time window handling (details in user manual)
  • Improved File Explorer tree and search in the tree
  • Cart wall items playback is now logged
  • Alt+R prelisten now also works in AUX players and Search
  • Improved appearance on high DPI screens
  • New Remote Control API commands added
  • Improved "Copy to folder" feature
  • "Delete non existent files" changed to "Mark non existent files"
  • Tag reading can be turned off
  • API: "inserttrack" command allows to specify streaming title ("streamtitle" parameter)
  • API: "getplaylist2" command to retrieve playlist contents (faster than "getplaylist")
  • Numerous UI improvements, minor bugs fixed, performance improvements

  • "Every Year" option added to repeat event every year
  • "Week of month" selection (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Last weeks)
  • Fixed: expired events that were not removed when scheduler was turned off
  • "playsongrequest" event is now silent when there are no pending song requests
  • "streamarchive" command: ability to set custom file name
  • "setdtmfsource" command to change DTMF detection source
  • "silencedetector" command to control silence detector
  • Event expiration: "Disable event" option (in addition to "Delete event")

Playlist Generator
  • Generate multiple playlists using different presets (sharing the same no-repeat buffer)
  • Create playlist generator events in RadioBOSS ("Create event" menu command)
  • Consider tracks in RadioBOSS playlist window for repeat protection
  • Non-playable tracks are excluded from track sources
  • New priority rules: Year, Genre; "equals" rule type
  • Import categories from preset: UI improvement
  • Multiple artists passing for repeat protection (saparated with "ft.", "vs." etc, the list of separators is configurable)
  • Genre filter
  • UI improvements

Music Library
  • Fixed: music library auto-update did not save settings
  • Prelisten player improved
  • Fixed: saving large library produced "Out of memory" error

Ads Scheduler
  • Improved reports for ads
  • Printable reports
  • Ability to group ads in the list
  • Assign Type for ads; check if two or more consecutive ads have the same type
  • "Comment" field for ads
  • "Check all ad blocks" feature to test all blocks
  • Significant performance improvement when generating playlists and events
  • Sweepers: gap killer is taken into account; improved selection quality
  • Prelisten for ads in the list
  • "Add sweeper to empty block" option added
  • UI improvements

Bugs fixed
  • Sometimes RadioBOSS closed slowly
  • With Queue Mode enabled selection always moved to the playing track
  • DTMF Exit sometimes worked incorrectly
  • Track List didn't work in Overlay playback events

Download: RadioBOSS 5.5

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    October 21, 2015. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

8/13/2016 RadioBOSS 5.5 beta
Some of the new features are:
  • Statistic relays
  • Improvements in Scheduler (Yearly, Monthly repeats)
  • Lots of improvements in Ads Scheduler
  • Multiple playlist generation with different presets in Playlist Generator Pro
  • Folder-based file types
  • Additional work zone (separate window)
  • Search feature can search in folders
  • Lots of user interface and performance improvements
  • And much, much more!
For more information on this version please visit https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,4651.0.html.

Free beta tester keys are available on request. To request the free beta tester license key, please fill this form: https://www.djsoft.net/enu/beta.html. The free key expires January 15, 2017.
Note: this beta version released for testing purposes only. Final release planned for November 01, 2016.
6/1/2016 RadioBOSS 5.4.7
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Added 20kbps streaming bitrate
  • Enable/Disable right-click menu command for scheduled events
  • Email notifications improved
  • Improved the update checking feature
  • "download" command now able to download from FTP
  • Protection from multiple start of jingles (1-9 buttons)
  • Fixed playback queue with embedded playlists
  • Fixed incorrect event startup when playlist was stopped
  • Fixed: freeze check triggered sometimes when virtual sound card was added
  • Improved the Edit command (playlist right-click menu)
  • Improved playlist track titles for various special items (embedded playlists, timed pauses etc)
  • Fixed prelisten for jingles
  • Fixed "Import categories" bug in Playlist Generator
  • Broadcasting encoders: reconnect query on settings change
  • Fixed possible bug in the "Resume playback" feature
  • Fixed: mouse wheel didn't work on some systems
  • Fixed Track Tool sometimes did not update playlist entry
  • Fixed "Do not action event when playlist is stopped" sometimes didn't work properly
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.4.7
3/29/2016 RadioBOSS 5.4.4
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Improved AAC/AAC+ encoding quality
  • Fixed the playback queue bug (switching to the active playlist)
  • Fixed event editor bug: incorrect font color
  • Fixed UAC bug: crossfade editor and track tool
  • Fixed overlay playback: stopped playlist playback on error
  • Fixed weather tags didn't work when overlay playback was used
  • Fixed TTS: sometimes didn't read from file
  • Increased maximum no-repeat time for playlist generator
  • Hot key for Ads Scheduler added
  • Updated translations
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.4.4
3/24/2016 RadioLogger 3.0.2, RadioCaster 2.4.2
What's new in RadioLogger 3.0.2:
  • Silence detector detects a disconnected device
  • Italian and Portugal translations added
  • Fixed a bug when an incorrect sound device was used if the default device was changed
Download: RadioLogger 3.0.2

What's new in RadioCaster 2.4.2:
  • Improved AAC/AAC+ encoding quality
  • Added user manual and multi-language support
  • Column size in the encoder list is preserved
  • Fixed a bug when an incorrect sound device was used if the default device was changed
  • Fixed a minor bug in the statistics
  • Fixed an incorrect device name when DirectSound was used
  • Other fixes and improvements
Download: RadioCaster 2.4.2
3/17/2016 RadioLogger 3.0
What's new:
  • Reworked RadioLogger user interface
  • New feature: Silence alerts to email
  • Improved network stream recording
  • Improved AAC recording quality
  • Improved low bitrate OPUS recording quality
  • Added styles support for Windows
  • Mono recording for FLAC
  • Week day (%wd) macro for recording file names
  • Fixed recording and record splitting bugs
  • Many minor fixes and improvements
Download: RadioLogger 3.0

2/16/2016 RadioBOSS 5.4.1
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Fixed a track list repeat protection bug
  • Fixed: macro in TTS didn't work when text was loaded from a file
  • Fixed voice tracking bug
  • Fixed occasional incorrect calculation of playlist duration and wrong data in the playlist columns
  • Fixed: some network streams did not play all the way to the end
  • Fixed incorrect DTMF detector behavior when the network stream source was used
  • Fixed title error for Podcast streams
  • Improved duplicate track highlighting in the playlist
  • "clearplaylist" command fixed
  • Immproved sorting order when adding a foler to the playlist
  • Music Library: fixed statistics
  • Fixed silence detector bug
  • Removed video window frame when using a non-Windows style
  • Improved software performance

Download: RadioBOSS 5.4.1
1/17/2016 RadioCaster 2.4 released!
What's new:
  • Settings window has been redesigned
  • Encoder display name can be set
  • Added setting to control the reconnect time for every encoder
  • Fixed bugs in listener statistics retrieval
  • Improved handling of the network stream sources
  • Metadata from a text file: use only first line
  • Fixed: FLAC network streams didn't work
  • Fixed: delayed metadata update under certain circumstances
  • Lots of performance and stability improvements
Download: RadioCaster 2.4
12/28/2015 RadioBOSS 5.4
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Custom (user) encoders for broadcasting feature: RadioBOSS can use any command-line encoder to broadcast
  • Audience monitoring: new column in the playlist shows the number of listeners for each song and change compared to the previous song
  • Broadcasting: Multiple text lines for track title, shown in rotation
  • Broadcasting: configurable period for metadata update
  • Broadcasting encoders are not disconnected when encoder source is changed
  • Playback Queue can be viewed and edited using View->Playback Queue
  • Adding tracks to the playlist performs much faster
  • Show duplicate tracks feature (Playlist->Extra->Show duplicates) works much faster
  • Playlist Queue Mode (delete files after playback) is set individually for each playlist: right-click on a playlist tab
  • Improved tag read and write support for various formats; fixed corrupted WMA file after the tag is saved
  • Log file for the integrated server
  • Listener number limit for the integrated server
  • Fixed listener number report for the integrated server
  • Notepad: text align settings
  • Configurable hot key for "insert stop" command
  • DTMF: new "counter phase" detect option; improved DTMF detect time frame configuration
  • Playlist right-click "Rename/edit..." feature improved to support TTS and Track List
  • Track List: new option "Ignore no-repeat rules"
  • Track List: new option "Do not repeat album"
  • Top panel view style: Full, Min, Hide
  • Proportions for Last Track/Now Playing/Coming up Next are saved when the window is resized
  • Configurable colors for the Last Track/Now Playing/Coming up Next boxes
  • Windows 10 style
  • Style font setting is correctly applied to all of the child windows
  • Style support improved
  • Automatic weather announcements: Fahrenheit temperature values added
  • Text-to-Speech: support for %artist, %title and other tags
  • Text-to-Speech: can read text file contents and support for SpeechAPI XML tags
  • Fixed: sometimes weather was not updated correctly
  • Automatic weather announcement is not played when there is no weather data available
  • Fixed: "generate" command did not work when called from API
  • Fixed "click" on some ASIO sound cards when using MIC
  • Remote API commands are logged
  • Fixed encoding problem in Remote API commands
  • Remote API: "move" command relocates the track to a new position (formerly it exchanged two tracks)
  • Fixed playlist and scheduled event list columns ordering problem when the windows theme was changed or connected using Remote Desktop
  • RadioBOSS detects wrong sound card settings for the main sound card and attempts to fix the issue automatically
  • Improved mouse drag in all lists
  • Fixed: MIC hot key didn't work correctly in push-to-talk mode
  • Fixed: under certain circumstances scheduled events were inserted at incorrect position
  • Fixed tooltip in the scheduled events list and playlist
  • Fixed listener count bug in the Report Generator
  • Optimized track information: faster operation and faster playlist scrolling with a keyboard
  • Improved playback for network streams and podcasts (faster initialization and better error handling)
  • Fixed: sometimes track type was not identified correctly
  • Email notifications can be sent to multiple addresses (comma separated)
  • RadioBOSS Update can be downloaded and installed semi-automatically (Help->Check for Updates)
  • Saving a playlist also saves the custom crossfade settings
  • Configurable crossfade duration for the "Override mix with the previous track" feature
  • Improved screen reader accessibility (details: https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,4088.0.html)

  • Scheduler: "Waiting options" can be used with the "Overlay playback" feature
  • Scheduler: improved multiple actions window
  • Improved "download" scheduler command
  • New scheduler command to send text strings to COM port: send comN text
  • Scheduler wizard can be used to add "download" command
  • Improved sweeper selection for scheduled events

Segue editor
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Fixed Zoom problem: sometimes the mix point was reset after zooming
  • Mouse wheel zoom improved
  • Fixed: custom crossfade parameters for the file types were not used

Track Tool
  • Start and End date for a track (used by Playlist Generator and Track List)
  • Fixed zoom problem for short tracks

Playlist Generator Pro
  • Priority value can be set to less than zero to exclude a track completely
  • Fixed: sometimes the playlist generator used no more than 2,501 tracks from a category

Advertisement Scheduler
  • Tracks in the list can be dragged to another position
  • Improved sweeper selection

Download: RadioBOSS 5.4

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    December 01, 2014. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.

11/27/2015 RadioBOSS 5.4 beta
Some of the new features are:
  • Custom encoders for broadcasting
  • Audience monitoring
  • Improved Playback Queue
  • Improvements in the scheduler
  • Improvements in Track List feature
  • Lots of user interface and performance improvements
  • And much, much more!
For more information on this version please visit https://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,4408.0.html.

Free beta tester keys are available on request. To request the free beta tester license key, please fill this form: https://www.djsoft.net/enu/beta.html. The free key expires February 24, 2016.
Note: this beta version released for testing purposes only. Final release planned for December 20, 2015.
10/12/2015 RadioBOSS
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Fixed crash on some systems while using File Explorer
  • Fixed several UI issues
  • Minor performance improvements

Download: RadioBOSS
6/10/2015 RadioBOSS 5.3
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Sidechain compressor for microphones: voice activated microphone and automatic music ducking while speaking
  • Virtual audio sound cards included with the RadioBOSS package (thanks to VB-Audio, http://www.vb-cable.com)
  • Automatic weather announcements
  • Startup options: start minimized, delay startup
  • New File Type option: "Do not play two or more tracks consecutively"
  • Stream recording shows recorded duration in the status bar
  • A setting added to select the source for the Stream Recording feature
  • Remote Control API: insert after the scheduled events command
  • Remote Control API: "playbackinfo" command also includes overlay events
  • Reconnect time can be specified for every broadcasting encoder
  • "Move to" right click command added to move tracks between playlist tabs
  • Ctrl+Up arrow, Ctrl+Down arrow to move tracks in the playlist
  • Drag-n-drop tracks between the playlist tabs and the cart wall
  • When playing a Shoutcast stream an artwork is shown
  • When relaying a Shoutcast stream an artwork is forwarded to broadcasting encoders
  • More events are added to the event log
  • Hot key management improved (the window is made accessible for screen reader software)
  • Improved library search feature (in some cases speed should vastly increase)
  • Track List feature selects tracks in the background: it should eliminate long track startup when using this feature
  • Next and current track information is properly displayed when using the Track List feature
  • Toolbar buttons added to show and hide work zones
  • Level meter improvements: maximum level can be set to +3dB; RMS level display
  • Cart wall: switch between tracks (right-click option on a cart wall tab)
  • Volume control for cart wall tracks
  • "Start playback after having connected to a server" option added for encoders
  • "Open containing folder" playlist right-click command
  • If a file doesn't have cover art, an attempt is made to load it from a folder where the track is located
  • Presets for compressor (includes two predefined presets: Raido and Limiter)
  • A setting added to change highlight color for the playlist
  • Improved UI style saving
  • Music Library search sorting improved
  • Windows Mixer Control feature *REMOVED*
  • Lots of minor improvements and optimizations
  • Scheduler wizard reworked
  • Additional syntax to perform calculations in filename templates
  • A command added to load text or text file into notepad tab
  • "download" command can download a podcast
  • "download" command now works with HTTPS protocol
  • %showname variable for HTTP request and "set %showname=" command
  • Deafult option set for new scheduled events ("Set default" button)
  • "getfile" command to select one track or playlist from a folder; optionally delete after playback
  • Purely technical events like create a backup run automatically even in Manual mode
  • "set autoamp on|off" command to control AutoAmp state
  • "set http_request on|off" command to turn on and off the HTTP request feature
Playlist Generator Pro
  • Genre, Gender, Language, Year no-repeat rules
  • Calculate the estimated duration for rotation
  • "On error, create an empty playlist" option added
  • Ability to save and load priority rules
  • "Outro" category: add only at the end of the playlist
  • Take into account the "Last played" tag
  • Shows the generation progress in the Windows task bar
  • No-repeat feature improved
Advertisement Scheduler
  • "Maximum time wait" options for generated events
  • Fixed space bar selection bug
  • Fixed a rarely occurring bug when scheduled events times were wrong
Voice Track Recorder
  • Level slider
  • Normalization
  • Undo changes
Music Library
  • Count the number of tracks for each artist (Statistics)
  • "Check music library" feature shows tracks without a tag
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Track number column
Report Generator
  • Track playback duration can be added to the report
  • Drag-n-drop report fields
  • Separate fields for date and time
  • Time constraints (in addition to date) for report period
  • Fixed sorting bug that occurred sometimes
Track Tool
  • Lots of minor UI improvements
  • "Disable song" option that prevents Playlist Generator Pro to use this track
  • Previous and Next track buttons in Track Tool
  • Set track playback volume
Segue Editor
  • Set playback volume for all tracks
  • Zoom using mouse wheel
  • "Remove custom crossfade" right-click command in the playlist

Download: RadioBOSS 5.3

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS or RadioBOSS Update after
    May 01, 2014. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.
4/16/2015 RadioBOSS 5.3 beta
Some of the new features are:
  • Virtual audio sound cards included with the RadioBOSS package
  • Sidechain compressor for microphone
  • New features and rules in the playlist generator
  • Improvements in the scheduler
  • Track Tool module redesigned and improved
  • Improved the Stream Archive feature
  • And much, much more!
For more information on this version please visit http://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,4244.0.html.

Free beta tester keys are available on request. To request the free beta tester license key, please send an e-mail to sales@djsoft.net (use the "RadioBOSS 5.3 beta" subject). The free key expires July 31, 2015.
Note: this beta version released for testing purposes only. Final release planned for May, 20, 2015.
2/14/2015 RadioBOSS 5.2.3
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Fixed playback hiccup on some sound cards (mostly when ASIO was used)
  • Fixed: DTMF Exit sometimes didn't work
  • The "getfile" command now works from the playlist
  • Double-click prelisten in Search
  • Fixed bugs in automated time announcement
  • Other minor issues were fixed

Download: RadioBOSS 5.2.3
1/26/2015 RadioBOSS 5.2.2
New features in RadioBOSS
  • VU meter and spectrum display microphone level with the "Output to encoders only" option enabled
  • Switching the "Output to encoders only" option for the microphone does not require restarting
  • Bugs fixed in the Track List feature
  • Improved Start Time calculation (made more accurate)
  • "scheduler on" command now also turns off "Manual" scheduler mode
  • Added ability to select multiple folders in the Music Library when importing tracks
  • Fixed tag reading error for some files
  • Fixed fade on stop bug (under certain circumstances the track stopped abruptly)
  • Fixed bugs in the Stream Archive feature
  • Fixed ReplayGain implementation
  • Fixed: PFL device didn't work if the same device was selected for the Main output
  • Lots of minor bugs fixed
  • Fixed the "Resume playback" bug when the playlist was stopped
  • Added %path variable for HTTP request to export full file name
  • Improved mouse wheel scrolling
  • Removed Windows "beep" when using hot keys
  • Fixed: jingle hot keys interfered with the cart wall hot keys
  • Overall software optimization and improvements

Download: RadioBOSS 5.2.2
11/24/2014 RadioBOSS 5.2
New features in RadioBOSS
  • Added "Dark" UI color scheme
  • Song Request API to receive automated song requests
  • Listener number chart in Broadcasting Statistics
  • Tag Editor improved: faster artwork and metadata reading, ability to edit tags during playback, and fixed the bugs
  • Cart wall improvements: hot keys, progress bar, grid resize, drag-n-drop
  • RadioBOSS is accessible by using only the keyboard; improved compatibility with screen reader software
  • "DTMF Only" logic changed (see the documentation for more info: http://manual.djsoft.net/radioboss/en/starting_events_by_dtmf_signal.htm)
  • "Next play" right-click playlist command evolved to Playback Queue
  • Track Tool redesigned
  • Scheduler Overlay player moved to the bottom left corner
  • All tracks that were played in the Overlay player are now included in the report
  • VST and Winamp DSP plugins can be used for a Microphone
  • Quick DSP configuration for the microphone: right-click the MIC button
  • WASAPI driver for pre-listen sound card
  • Added a button to the toolbar to record the stream (activates the Stream Archive feature)
  • Stream Archive configuration option added: automatic start/stop when MIC is activated and deactivated
  • FLAC and OPUS support for Stream Archive
  • Level Meter and MIC button can be moved to the center of the window (menu View->MIC and VU meter in the center)
  • New columns added to the playlist: Play, Insert stop command
  • Playlist file name history for AUX players
  • Custom picture can be used as a picture for tracks with no artwork
  • Added ability to set the Rating and File Type from the playlist
  • Notify when a track is going to end (flash in red)
  • "Tag from filename" right-click command added in the Track Information panel
  • Notepad tab improved
  • Item spacing setting for library search
  • Library search: alternate colors in the result
  • Station logo (top right corner) preserves image proportions
  • "Skip after scheduled track" option for file types
  • Status bar shows listener numbers: current and peak
  • HTTP Request: %listeners variable to send listeners count
  • Lots of minor issues and bugs were fixed
  • Code optimization for faster and more stable operation
  • Event sweeper feature improved
  • New "getfile" scheduler command added: command allows to select one file from the folder (newest, oldest, or random) and, optionally, delete it after playback
  • Scheduler list can be filtered by day of week (List button->Show filters)
  • "Weekdays" column added to event list
  • New "silencedetector (on/off)" command to control the silence detector from the scheduler
  • Warning when the scheduler expiration date is in the past
Playlist Generator Pro
  • UI to generate multiple playlists
  • Maximum (MAX), Minimum (MIN), and Average (AVG or AVERAGE) variables to set the playcount priority rules
  • Overlap amount can be set with fractions of a second
  • Length filter improved (allows to specify seconds)
  • Rename presets: right click on the preset name
Music Library
  • New feature: schedule automatic music library update (synchronize track with folder(s), update tags)
  • Multiple folders can be added at once from the Add Directory window
  • Improved the Check music tracks feature
  • Added "Scan BPM" feature (Tools menu)
  • Save search results as a music library (xml) file
  • Added "item spacing" setting
  • Added Bitrate column
Advertisement Scheduler
  • Color indication in the advertisement list to show missed, expired, and disabled tracks
  • Presets for grid
  • DTMF Only option for events
  • Added new feature: create report for advertisement track impressions within a specified date range
  • Sweepers to make commercial blocks of desired duration
Report Generator
  • Split into pages/continuous report option added
  • Listener field to include the number of listeners in the record for each song

Download: RadioBOSS 5.2.1
10/5/2014 RadioBOSS 5.2 beta
For the detailed information on new features please visit http://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,4040.0.html.
7/29/2014 RadioLogger 2.7 and RadioCaster 2.3
What's new in RadioLogger:
  • OPUS recording
  • FLAC recording
  • Event-driven WASAPI
  • Empty folders are now deleted when old records are deleted
  • A setting added to disable deleting of old records
  • Improved archive list
  • Fixed several bugs
Download: RadioLogger 2.7

What's new in RadioCaster:
  • Bugs fixed
Download: RadioCaster 2.3
7/15/2014 RadioBOSS 5.1.2
What's new:
  • Playlist Generator produces detailed error messages.
  • Improved command line interface in Playlist Generator.
  • Fixed bug: sometimes RadioBOSS crashed on DTMF signal detection.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Fixed bugs in makelibrary scheduler command.

Download: RadioBOSS 5.1.2
6/20/2014 RadioBOSS 5.1.1
What's new:

Minor improvements. Bugs fixed.

Download: RadioBOSS 5.1.1
5/22/2014 RadioLogger 2.6
What's new:

Auto-restart on crash, improved recording quality, added lower bitrates, many bugs fixed.

Download: RadioLogger 2.6
5/5/2014 RadioBOSS 5.1
New features and improvements
  • User Accounts and Rights - password protect software features [RadioBOSS Advanced only!]
  • New feature: Notepad - can be added in Zone 2 and Zone 3
  • MP3 and AAC encoding quality improved; additional encoder parameters can be specified in the Player.ini file
  • Full Screen display - F11 key or menu View->Fullscreen
  • Graphical display (stars) for Rating in the playlist
  • Better visibility of the Scheduler and Silence detector state
  • MIC button is now more visible when turned on
  • Improved multi-monitor support
  • Prelisten and Delete icons added to the playlist for every track
  • Fade In setting for file type crossfades
  • Events can perform multiple actions and/or start multiple tracks
  • Run Now button can skip the next scheduled launch
  • "download" command can be used to trigger a specific URL (without saving any file)
  • "makelibrary" command can use libraries and playlists as track sources
  • Group color can be changed: add [#color] tag to the group name (color can be: red, green, or RGB code AABBCC)
  • Events can be ended by the DTMF signal
  • Scheduled event is not inserted between the voice track and track
  • Fixed "wait in the queue" bug
  • "Repeat every ... minutes" feature: "No more times" is now optional
  • Event groups can be minimized
  • Enable/disable all events in a group and rename a group (right-click a group)
Playlist Generator Pro
  • Priority-based track selection (depending on the Playcount, Date last played and Rating: for instance, tracks that were not played for a long time or tracks with a high rating can be boosted in priority)
  • Presets can be stored in groups
  • File name substitution macro can be used in source filenames
  • Now it is possible to use multiple track sources for each category
  • Related artists support for no-repeat rules
  • Improved random tracks selection
  • Each category can override global no-repeat rules
  • Fixed bug: for some file types the duration was incorrectly calculated
  • Categories can be moved in the list
  • Repeat album - an option added to the repeat album of the same artist only
  • Fixed BPM filter bug
  • UI improvements
Segue Editor
  • Ability to edit current track crossfades
  • Time ruler added
  • Save for current session only - improved
  • Fixed a lot of bugs
Other improvements
  • Highlight duplicate tracks in the playlist (Playlist->Extra->Show Duplicates)
  • Playlist state is now preserved after a program restart
  • ON AIR - shows the actual server connection state
  • Nowplaying: .txt can now be saved in UTF8 format
  • HTTP notification: new %casttitle field to send current playlist title
  • API: new command - getplaylist
  • Search: new feature to search in all libraries
  • "Set Active Playlist" right-click option to set the active playlist
  • Improved Start Time calculation
  • Reset profile settings feature
  • Music Library: import music library
  • Music Library: filename column display format setting
  • Lots of other minor improvements
  • Optimizations for faster operation
Bugs fixed
  • Minor improvements and bugs fixed in the Advertisement Scheduler, Report Generator,
    and Track Tool
  • Fixed several bugs in the Track List feature
  • Fixed bugs in Voice Tracking
  • Other minor bugs fixed
Download: RadioBOSS 5.1

Pricing and availability
  • The update is free for existing users who purchased RadioBOSS (or RadioBOSS Update) after April 30, 2013. Otherwise, update price is $69.95, please visit this page to purchase.
  • License prices for new users start from $119.95; please visit this page for further details.
4/9/2014 RadioBOSS 5.1 beta
New features include User account management, priority-based track selection in Playlist Generator Pro and much more!

For more information please visit http://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,3748.0.html.
2/25/2014 RadioBOSS 5.0.3
What's new:
  • Improved Start Time playlist duration calculation
  • More reliable method to store user settings
  • Fixed a bug: sometimes track title was sent twice to the server
  • Hot keys now work in AUX players
  • Search feature added for AUX players
  • Music Library: bulk set Playcount for tracks
  • Extended the "no repeat" period for Track List
  • Event-driven mode for WASAPI devices now can be enabled
  • Added Polish localization
  • Added Portuguese localization
  • Fixed rare crash when sending notifications
  • Fixed a bug in Report Viewer (track duration was detected as ??:??)
  • Ads Scheduler: default priority for tracks is now 5
  • Playlist Generator Pro: bulk playlist generation command line improved (new options added)
  • Fixed lots of minor issues
Download: RadioBOSS 5.0.3
2/14/2014 RadioCaster 2.1 released!
What's new:
  • Event-driven mode support for WASAPI devices
  • Improved AAC+ quality on low bitrates
  • Fixed a bug: on some systems settings were reset occasionally
  • Fixed a bug: program crashed sometimes after running for a long time (30+ days)
  • OPUS codec support
  • Integrated server correctly serves MIME types for streams
  • Improved Configuration Wizard for encoders
Download: RadioCaster 2.1
1/31/2014 RadioBOSS 5.0.2
What's new:
  • Track List cache bug fixed
  • Bug fixed: generated report was empty sometimes
  • Search: "sort results" checkbox (right-click menu) to sort the results after search is complete
  • Bug fixed: notifications to email were still sent even when notifications are turned off
  • Playlist Generator Pro: changed UI while generating a playlist
  • Playlist Generator Pro: ability to generate multiple playlists at once using the command line
Download: RadioBOSS 5.0.2
1/25/2014 RadioBOSS 5.0.1
What's new:
  • Video window stays when RadioBOSS is minimized
  • Send Test Email button to test notifications
  • Hot keys in AUX players bug fixed
  • Slow search in music library fixed
  • Fixed a bug in scheduler: "Do not launch event when playlist is stopped" worked incorrectly
  • Fixed rare crash bug, which occured on some systems
  • Macro can be used in scheduler for commands
  • Minor UI improvements
Download: RadioBOSS 5.0.1
12/23/2013 RadioBOSS 5.0
What's new:

New features
  • AUX Players (can be added in Zone 2 and Zone 3)
  • Third work zone added. It can host: AUX playlist, Web browser, Cart wall, File explorer and Search (View->Work Zones->3).
  • Email notifications on error, silence detector actions, and other events
  • Do not launch events when MIC is on (Settings->Inputs->Advanced)
  • Play intro file when broadcasting encoder connected
  • Podcast playback (check "Podcast" when adding a URL)
  • A setting added to change the font in secondary windows (Settings->View->Other windows font)
  • New settings added to change color scheme + two default color schemes (dark/silver)
  • Added ability to change the playback control buttons' style
  • Playlist columns show/hide (View->Playlist columns)
  • Ability to load/save Cart Wall to a file
  • Loop option in Cart wall
  • Now it's possible to make the playlist tab non-playable (right click a tab)
  • Custom title format for encoders, also possible to disable metadata for the encoder
  • OPUS broadcasting and playback
File types
  • Treat the file type as a voice track
  • Custom title format for the track type
  • New option: do not mix tracks of this type with other tracks
  • Bed for file types
  • Automatic sweepers: insert a sweeper before event launch to make the event start at the specified time without an interruption of the playing track
  • Scheduler can now wait a specified time frame to launch an event between the tracks (Maximum time to wait in queue -> Play action)
  • Events can be assigned into groups
  • Save as a new event/Delete event buttons in the Event window were added
  • New scheduler command: download - downloads a file and saves it to a disk
Advertisement Scheduler
  • Grid copy/paste feature
  • "Add to queue" schedule event option
  • Improved grid color scheme
Report Generator
  • Date/time is now included in reports
  • Filters: filter by file type, track title or filename
  • Report generator now doesn't need to access original music files
  • Reports generated much faster
Playlist Generator Pro
  • Ability to add commands and network streams
  • Playlist export options: add to the end or overwrite
  • An option added: crossfade amount to take crossfading into account
Music Library
  • New feature: files verification - test all files in the library and report broken/unplayable (Tools->Check Music Tracks)
  • New feature: scan files and cut silence - scan all files and set their Cue In/Cue Out points to remove silence
  • Last played column added
  • Added ability to print music library
  • Overlay playback: playlist pause/unpause is now performed smoothly
  • Numerous improvements in UI graphics
  • Stream playback quality control: restarts the stream if any problems are detected (works only on streams with the duration set)
  • Crossfades edited with Segue Editor are now marked in the playlist (Custom Mix column)
  • ON AIR indicator when broadcasting is on (Settings->Broadcast->Show On Air)
  • RadioBOSS API file duration bug fixed
  • RadioBOSS API new commands added: delete, move, trackinfo, mic
  • Library search: tracks are now sorted by artist and then title
  • Export next track information to nowplaying and HTTP request
  • Improved track selection for the Track List feature
  • Report files are now saved in UTF8 encoding and contain all track information
  • File type for commands
  • An option added "identify sound cards by driver name" for Windows XP systems with multiple sound cards with the same name
  • Fadein/Fadeout options for microphone
  • DSP manager grays out the plugin types that are turned off
  • More user actions are now logged in the report
  • A setting added: fade out when the Stop button is clicked
  • Improved Stream Archive feature
  • Event window shows a warning on incorrect Repeat settings
  • Track waveform display in Now Playing didn't take the end time into account
  • WMA tag reading/writing problem
  • Incorrect encoding with some ID3v2 tags
  • Fixed several Cart wall bugs
  • m2ts video files playback
  • AIFF audio files playback
  • Prelisten bug on Search tab
  • Playlist and Scheduler printout didn't work on some machines
  • Track artwork display for some files
  • File Type incorrectly detected for events with "Send task name as title" option
  • "Back" button works in the Encoder Configuration Wizard
  • Overlay player sometimes didn't close
  • MIME type correctly sent when using the integrated server
Download RadioBOSS 5.0

11/01/2013 RadioBOSS 5.0 beta
New features include AUX players, OPUS support, third work zone, automatic fillers and much, much more!

For more information please visit http://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,3543.0.html.
08/30/2013 Stream Hosting
Please visit RADIOBOSS.FM web site for more information.
08/01/2013 RadioCaster v2 Released!
What's new:
  • DSP Manager module can be used to add various DSPs: Winamp DSP/VST plugins/integrated DSPs
  • Auto-restart if programs crashes or hangs for some reason
  • Fixed a bug: sometimes when transcoding another stream the sound was corrupted
  • Fixed a bug: sometimes titles were sent in wrong encoding
  • Multiple overall software improvements
Download: RadioCaster 2.0
07/24/2013 RadioBOSS 4.9.1
What's new:
  • File Type assignment sometimes worked incorrectly
  • Resume Playback bug fixed
  • Fixed Undo bug in the playlist
  • Fixed a bug: in rare cases last 2-3 seconds of a small file were cut
  • DTMF detector didn't turn on automatically when scheduler list was reloaded
  • Added "minute" macro for the scheduler: ?mm
  • Fixed selection bug in the playlist under Windows XP
  • Line Input when used with DirectSound driver was always mono
  • "One track only" option state is now saved between sessions
  • Fixed several bugs in Prelisten feature
  • Force 24h now forces Start Time to be in 24 hour format
  • Fixed several bugs in Search feature
Download: RadioBOSS 4.9.1
05/30/2013 RadioBOSS 4.9
What's new:
  • Remote control via HTTP protocol
  • Removed Crossfades, Tag Editor, and Plugins tabs
  • Track information/Tag Editor is now shown under the playlist (can be turned on/off by pressing Ctrl+I or the small "i" button)
  • Send the station logo and track artwork to the Shoutcast v2 server
  • An artwork file can be generated along with the nowplaying.xml file
  • Crossfade settings have been moved to the Settings->Crossfades menu
  • Crossfading: MIX point is now detected based on the sound level
  • Crossfading: new setting added to start fading out on mix
  • Redesigned FX tab: removed the Equalizer and Tempo effects; added DSP Manager
  • DSP Manager can be used to add various DSPs: Winamp DSP/VST plugins/integrated DSPs
  • Ability to choose the source for broadcasting encoders: RadioBOSS Out/Line.IN/Line2.IN
  • Reworked Line.IN/Microphone settings, category renamed to Input
  • Added second line input: Line2.In
  • Added DSP manager for Microphone: allows you to use the Equalizer or Compressor DSP for microphone
  • Changing playback devices doesn't require you to restart the program anymore
  • Playlist and scheduled events list printout
  • Added new columns in the playlist: BPM, Rating, and Play count
  • Added Search feature for file explorer (Right click->Show search bar)
  • New right-click menu command for playlist: "move under the currently playing track"
  • File Types: ability to set the background color for the file type
  • File Type can be assigned from the Track Tool
  • Scheduler: set the font and background color for events
  • Scheduler: commands can be inserted after the currently playing track (instead of immediate execution)
  • New scheduler command: makelibrary - create/update music library files
  • New scheduler command: adsupdate - update playlists and events from the Advertisement Scheduler
  • New scheduler command: createbackup - create settings backup
  • Added settings backup and restore feature
  • Ability to assign multiple beds for a voice track
  • Added a feature to assign SayTime or Text-to-Speech to the cart wall
  • Drag-n-Drop to the Cart Wall from Windows Explorer
  • Improved MP3 encoding quality
  • Improved AAC+ encoding: added low bitrate profiles (8, 12, and 16 kbps), improved quality on bitrates under 56 kbps
  • FLAC broadcasting is now possible when using a built-in server
  • Improvements in an integrated broadcasting server
  • DTMF: added an option to delay an event launch
  • Active playlist is now marked in bold font
  • Improvements in the Search tab
  • Added a "Play count" field for HTTP request
  • Improved support for large fonts
  • Added item spacing setting for playlist (Settings->View)
  • Added a setting to change the voice track folder (Settings->General)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for the voice track recorder
  • Web Browser tabs preserve the last visited website address
  • Improvements in the TrackList feature (better track selection)
  • URL playback is now possible when using Overlay Playback in the scheduler
  • Fixed video playback problems for some MKV files
  • Playlist duration, start time, and playing time left calculations are more accurate
  • Wine compatibility: RadioBOSS can now be used under Wine in Linus/OSX
  • Improved Prelisten feature
  • Improved sorting in the Music Library
  • Numerous other UI improvements and program code optimizations
Playlist Generator Pro:
  • Ability to set the total playlist duration in days
  • Playlist Generator Pro can store the last position in the source when selecting "In Order" - this allows you to take subsequent tracks each time the playlist is generated
  • Added a no-repeat rule for album and track title
  • Added filter by BPM for categories
Advertisement Scheduler:
  • New settings for generated Scheduler Events
  • The first day of the week (Sunday or Monday) now depends on the system language
  • Ads Overview feature: view all ad blocks on one screen
  • Empty block generation: include intro/outro/intro+outro option added
  • Active/Start date/End date options added
  • When tagging mp3 files the tag version now doesn't change to ID3v2.4
  • Search in music library could produce incorrect results
  • OGG broadcasting sometimes caused sound corruption
  • Sometimes voice tracks weren't recorded when the ASIO device was used for the Microphone
  • Edit->Undo command removed the current/next track marks
  • Recording and playback devices now do not depend on Default device selection in Windows
  • ReplayGain information wasn't read for some OGG and MP3 files
  • Several bugs were fixed in the Ads Scheduler
  • Scheduled tasks sometimes could be skipped on slow or high-loaded computers
  • Several other minor fixes
  • Now it's possible to disable MIC or any of the Line inputs in the settings
Download: RadioBOSS 4.9
04/26/2013 RadioLogger 2.5
What's new:
  • Stop and Rec buttons were added for manual recording
  • Improved recording quality at low bitrates
  • Show button on taskbar - option added
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Several bugs were fixed
Download: RadioLogger 2.5
02/06/2013 RadioLogger 2.4
What's new:
  • Ability to record from network stream (URL)
  • Several UI improvements
  • Now program doesn't have to be restarted when changing source or playback devices
  • First day of week (Monday/Sunday) is now determined automatically depending on system settings
  • Numerous overall improvements
  • several minor bugs were fixed
Download: RadioLogger 2.4
01/30/2013 RadioBOSS 4.8.2
What's new:
  • Settings for DTMF tone detector: threshold, time frame
  • Time Zone setting allows to change time for RadioBOSS only
  • Fixed "connect" command
  • Fixed: ReplayGain for some MP3's didn't work
  • Minor improvements
Download: RadioBOSS 4.8.2
01/25/2013 RadioCaster 1.5
What's new:
  • Improved user interface
  • Can work as stream transcoder
  • Settings can be applied without program restart
  • Several minor improvements
Download: RadioCaster 1.5
01/15/2013 Update: RadioBOSS 4.8.1
What's new:
  • Chained OGG support
  • Web-browser now remembers the last opened URL
  • Search works much faster now
  • Added a timer in voice track recorder
  • Removed unnecessary options on "Broadcasting" settings tab
Download: RadioBOSS 4.8.1
12/21/2012 RadioBOSS 4.8 released!
What's new:
  • Events can be started by DTMF signal. The signal is checked on the line input (configured via Settings->Microphone/Line.In->LINE.IN).
    In the event properties set the "DTMF" option and set the sequence, eg. "764C".
  • Automatic time announcements (demo voices can be downloaded from the "Download" section)
  • Added second work zone which can host Search, File expolorer, Cart wall or Web browser. It can be shown/hidden via menu: View->Work Zones->1 or 2 or using hot keys Ctrl+1/Ctrl+2
  • Search feature extended: now it can search in different music libraries
  • Added button to check for updates: Help->Check for Updates
  • Added a setting to change a font used in the Player window (Settings->View->Window font) and font used to display countdown timers under the On Air box
  • Added ability to move tabs in work zones
  • Added new commands: "streamarchive on" and "streamarchive off" to turn on and off stream recording
  • Playlist Generator Pro can be launched from the command line
  • Mouse drag-n-drop for categories and playlist structure in the Playlist Generator Pro
  • Added Text-To-Speech feature (Playlist->Extra->Add TTS)
  • Improved network stream playback (now it re-establish the connection in case of error)
  • Improvements in the Adverticement Scheduler module
  • Improved "Add command..." feature (Playlist->Add command menu)
  • Improved "Restart program if it crashes or hangs" feature
  • Fixed performance issue in Music Library when loading large libraries (100k+ tracks)
  • Fixed performance issue in Playlist Generator Pro when generating with "Read additional info" option
  • Fixed an error when program failed to start on some systems
  • Fixed a large number of bugs + numerous overall improvements
Download: RadioBOSS 4.8

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11/30/2012 RadioCaster 1.4 Released!
- Metadata can now be read from URL
- 192khz encoding
- Fixed buffering problems on some machines, improved performance, several bugs fixed.

Download: RadioCaster 1.4
11/25/2012 Beta version: RadioBOSS 4.8
More information:
RadioBOSS 4.8 [beta]
10/17/2012 RadioBOSS 4.7.7 Released!
- Resolved several streaming-related issues:
* Sudden disconnects
* Slow track switching
* 'Chopped' sound
* Buffering on listener side
* Unstable work on ADSL connections
* ... and the like
- New Help File
- A bug fixed "Send task name instead of track titles" sometimes didn't work
- Several UI-related improvements

Download: RadioBOSS
09/29/2012 RadioBOSS 4.7.6 Released!
- Encoder Wizard improved: if started again, all fields are pre-filled with existing values, allowing for faster configuration changing
- Custom title can be specified for URLs and Pause
- File Types: new option "Do not add files of this type to report" added
- Added "prelisten" feature for Cart Wall
- Mix Point is now shown in Now Playing box (red line)
- Voice Tracking: now voice track is played closer to subsequent track's intro. It can be configured via Settings->Playback->Fading.
- Voice Tracking: it's now possible to set bed for voice tracks. It's used for long voice tracks which don't fit in the intro+outro.
- Segue Editor: volume control extended
- Fixed a bug: on some systems registration key was not stored
- Playlist Generator Pro now doesn't crash if it's closed while playlist generation is in progress
- Fixed a bug with WMS broadcasting in PULL mode
- Dutch translation added
- Several bugs, related to "Start time" and "Playing time left" calculation, are fixed
- Fixed a bug: on some systems in very rare cases program crashed at startup
- Numerous UI improvements

Download: RadioBOSS
09/19/2012 RadioBOSS 4.7.5 Released!
- New feature: Push-To-Talk for microphone
- Added ability to turn off additional info reading in Playlist Generator Pro
- Several user interface issues fixed
- Turning off VST plugins now turns off all loaded plugins
- Fixed APE tag writing for some files
- Fixed statistics display for Icecast KH servers
- Fixed a bug: under certain circumstances broadcasting stream was broken causing players to buffer
- Fixed broadcasting in OGG and FLAC

Download: RadioBOSS
09/13/2012 RadioCaster 1.3 Released!
- Wizard to help set up encoders
- Integrated broadcasting server
- Styles support: now it's possible to change how program looks
- New option: hide program to system tray
- Several minor improvements and bugs fixed
- Improved stability

Download: http://dl.djsoft.net/RadioCaster_setup.exe
08/31/2012 RadioBOSS 4.7.4 Released!
- Improved stability and overall program code optimization
- Playlist Generator Pro now uses Start and End parameters set in TrackTool
- Fixed a bug in Playlist Generator ("not enough tracks" error)
- Fixed: sometimes an error message popped up on program closing when VST plugins were used
- Changed User-Agent string for HTTP request, and now it can be changed in player.ini file
- HTTP request fixed: after long time running the feature stopped to work
- Line.In position properly restored after program restart when "resume playback" feature was used
- Fixed several minor bugs
08/21/2012 New version: RadioLogger 2.3
- New option "Ask on close" added
- Bug fixed: sometimes records were not split correctly
- Several minor improvements and fixes
07/03/2012 Update: RadioBOSS 4.7.3
- Windows Media Services streaming support (PUSH and PULL modes)
- Wizard to help set up broadcasting encoders
- Improved profile loading speed and fixed couple of minor bugs
- Playback of tracks now starts faster
- Memory usage of TrackTool and Segue Editor reduced significantly
- TrackTool loads tracks much faster
- Bug fixed in the Microphone/Line.In settings
- Bug fixed: encoders edit while statistics was open resulted in error message
- Bug fixed: silence detector triggered when line.in was used in "windows mixer control" mode
- Several other improvements and fixes
06/22/2012 Update: RadioBOSS 4.7.2
- Several bugs in the HTTP-GET feature were fixed
- New fields for HTTP request: %seconds and %filename
- Metadata for streams is displayed with delay to compensate for playback/download buffer
- Bulk tag editor in Music Libaray fixed
- Several localization issues updated for English, Russian, German languages
- Now playing/FTP upload/HTTP request are now performed when title is changed in the network stream
- Other minor improvements and fixes
06/01/2012 Update: RadioBOSS 4.7.1
- Smooth seeking (configurable via Settings->Playback->Fading)
- Fixed scheduler event bug: changing the source folder/playlist for "play one track" didt't take effect; random selection sometimes didn't work
- Program hang on Windows 2003 Server and sometimes on other systems fixed
- Better operation with no sound card
- Fixed "read_folder" command
- Configurable network playback buffer (Settings->Playback->Miscellaneous)
- Improved stability
05/10/2012 RadioBOSS 4.7 released!
- Added Graphical Segue Editor
- VST plugins support
- Auto-restart feature in case the program crashes or hangs
- Winamp General (gen_*.dll) plugins supported (experimental)
- Multiple Winamp DSP plugins can be used simultaneously
- Local Mute feature for microphone (disable local echo for microphone)
- ReplayGain support (Playback->Miscellaneous)
- Playlist Generator Pro: "use all tracks from source" option
- "Maxium time to wait in queue" option for scheduled events
- Repeat protection for the Track List feature
- Custom broadcasting title for events
- Export selected events from the scheduler feature
- Improved Shuffle mode
- Auto-save for the scheduler event list
- Improved voice track playback, now the voice track is played in the intro/outro portion of the tracks and the music is attenuated
- Fade in/out settings for the cart wall (Settings->Playback->Fading)
- "Do not crossfade short tracks" option added
- "Do not fade out tracks in manual mode" option added
- Graphical intro/outro indication during playback
- "Ask on close" option added
- Track Lists are now preloaded to avoid any possible gap when reading big playlist/folder
- Several HTTP requests can be used
- Ability to name broadcasting encoders
- Configurable mouse double-click function for playlist
- Substitution macro for scheduler (?yyyy, ?mm, ?dd, ?hh)
- Total listeners peak statistics
- "Start time" takes crossfading into account for improved accuracy
- Option added: "do not send info about this track to the server" for the file type
- Track Tool improved and fixed several errors
- Fixed MP4 playback and tag reading
- Fixed errors in video file playback
- Bugs fixed in Playlist Generator Pro and Playlist Generator
- Several Microphone-related bugs fixed
- Fixed player window position when second monitor was disconnected
- Minor fixes in the Voice Track recording tool
- Stream Archive feature fixed
- Fixed the prelisten bugs
- Improved stability

03/13/2012 RadioCaster 1.2 released!
- Some bugs were fixed
01/09/2012 RadioBOSS 4.6.4
- New feature: insert timed pause
- Song title is now sent to server after reconnect
- Program starts up faster
- LINE.IN duration can be set in seconds
- Fixed: M4A (iTunes, ALAC, AAC) tags read incorrectly
- Fixed: "prevent multiple instances" feature failed to work sometimes
- Fixed: Music Library player failed to work
- Fixed several bugs in the Track Tool
- Fixed: tag writing for FLAC files

12/10/2011 RadioBOSS 4.6.3
- Report Generator: custom printable reports of what was played
- Playlist Generator PRO:
-- better shuffling
-- fixed some UI issues
-- error log now includes the category name
-- several bugs fixed

12/02/2011 RadioBOSS 4.6.2
- Added Shoutcast 2 broadcasting support
- Added a “Manual” mode to the scheduler. In this mode, tasks are not launched automatically, but the program shows a task launch countdown instead. Tasks in this mode are started manually by clicking the “Start” button. This feature is useful for live broadcasts.
- Fixes in the Track Tool program
- Some interface issues fixed

11/17/2011 Update: RadioCaster
- Fixed: 'error code=8' error on some systems.
10/21/2011 Major update: RadioBOSS 4.6
- Voice Tracking
- New scheduler edit features: Import, Duplicate; updated event window
- Ogg-FLAC broadcasting
- "Run in" scheduler times works much accurately
- Playback settings reworked. Now it is possible to send jingles/carts to another device.
- Cart wall playback lowers playlist volume
- Playlist drag-n-drop improved
- Playlist Generator Pro speed improvement
- Music Library speed improvement
- Fixed CD grabber/converter
- Fixed speaker assignment (didn't work on some sound cards)
- Fixed scheduler issues: sometimes days of week were interpreted incorrectly; "repeat" feature works correctly after midnight.

09/07/2011 New product: RadioCaster
RadioCaster is a program for taking any audio connected to your computer or playback device and broadcasting it online. Easy to setup and use.
More info: RadioCaster Overview
08/18/2011 Update RadioBOSS 4.5.6
- amplification for all file types now also works with "play above the air" tasks
- added a high-pass filter (HPF)
- fixed a bug that affected the order of execution of certain scheduled tasks with certain commands
- the cart-machine plays video files now
- fixes and improvements in the UI
- Unicode playlists are now saved in the .m3u8 format (according to the standard), which means that they can now be opened in other programs
- scheduler: additional options cannot be used for all commands; these options become unavailable for incompatible commands
- scheduler: when the "repeat every ... minutes" option is enabled, the time of the last task execution is calculated
- fixed: an error occurred sometimes when the list of scheduler tasks was being edited
- fixed the operation of the silence detector
- fixed an error with WMA file conversion
- Playlist Generator Pro enhancements: improved the random track selection algorithm; fixed interface bugs; fixed the filtering by comments feature
07/31/2011 Update RadioBOSS 4.5.5
- Added an option: "do not write an APEv2 tag with additional information to the file"
- Window colors are configurable now
- When the "getrandomplaylist" command is used, playlists will not be repeated any more
- You can now set an activation threshold for the silence detector
- Added an ability to minimize the left part of the player
- Tag reading for M4A, MP4 (iTunes) files is now supported
- Fixed an error with reading ID3v2 tags in some encodings
- Fixed some interface errors
- Fixed an error: the StreamArchive function didn’t work
- Fixed an error pertaining to a wrong order of tasks coming from the scheduler
- Fixed a bug with the Shuffle feature turning off
- Fixed bugs and new features added to Track Tool:
-- The tag editor can be minimized now
-- Playback is now performed by the second device selected in RadioBOSS
-- Correct work with m4a, aac, tta formats
-- Fixed errors that occurred when reading and saving tags
-- Testing of the fade in/out point works correctly now
07/09/2011 Update RadioBOSS
- the microphone can be used in the Mono mode
- you can now set the duration for Line.In
- a new option for tasks in the scheduler: "do not remove after playback "
- the scheduler now allows you to launch programs
- you can now set an arbitrary format for tracks in the playlist
- a microphone amplifier
- Greek localization
05/11/2011 Update RadioBOSS
- Scheduler can be turned on/off at set times
- It's now possible to have different station info for every encoder
- New timer: shows the total playing time left
- Added option to don't show stream name in title (Settings->View)
- Fixed: sample freq may be incorrect when using MP3 encoder for broadcasting
- Playlist Generator: playlist can be used as a track source
- Playlist Generator Pro: fixed some bugs; new feature: add specific track
- Many minor fixes and tweaks
04/10/2011 Update RadioBOSS
- Fixed random program crashes
- TrackTool vertical zoom now works correctly
- Fixed slow starting of some mp3 files
- Many other minor fixes

03/25/2011 Update RadioBOSS 4.5.1
- updated TrackTool
- updated Playlist Generator Pro
- unlimited File Types quantity (limit was 10 before)
- fixed error which crashed RadioBOSS after several time operating

03/06/2011 New version RadioBOSS 4.5

- Includes new Playlist Generator Pro software - advanced playlist generation tool
- Allows use of microphone and linear input using ASIO or WASAPI API's, which minimizes latency; Microphone/Line.in settings are completely revised.
- Broadcasting improved. Now RadioBOSS allows to use any number of encoders (instead of fixed up to 5 encoders in earlier versions); Possible to resample or change number of channels for broadcasting encoders
- Changes in user interface
- ASIO and DirectSound outputs: optimized CPU usage
- added "Last played" section
- added "Remaining in this hour" timer
- removed track bar for changing track position. Now its function is included in the "On Air" display(right-click to change track position). "On Air" also shows intro duration and Fade Out position.
- Music Library optimized and now works several times faster
- New fields in the Broadcast area: AIM, IRC
- New hot keys: F1-F8 for Explorer, Search, etc
- Silence Detector now triggers only if playback was started before; and doesn't after playback was stopped
- optimized CPU usage when using ASIO and/or DirectSound
- Track List: when source is a folder, it's possible to read whole directory tree

01/16/2011 New version RadioLogger v2.2.

- the code has been optimized and the program now works faster and is more stable
- the recording quality has been improved
- the output file name format is specified more accurately now, you can also add a serial number to it
- added an ability to record sound from playback devices (Stereo Mix is not needed any more)

11/05/2010 New version RadioBOSS v4.4.

- Possibility to work with several playlists (in addition to Main, Temp). The program supports an unlimited number of playlists.
- Possibility to save additional track parameters (genre, rating, language, crossfade parameters). To do that, launch the TrackTool program from the playlist or Music Library.
- Added an integrated web browser.
- Cart machine
- Added a possibility to broadcast using a proxy server.
- Added a possibility to use proxies for playing streams
- Added a plug-in for MIDI playback
- Cart machine
- Improved AutoAmp AGC (Automatic Gain Control) feature
08/30/2010 Update: RadioBOSS v4.3.1.

- video playback for Windows Vista/7 has been improved
- a pre buffering option for Microphone/ Line In has been added to address errors during Line In playback
- an option of recurrent auto save of the profile has been added (e.g., when the program is exited incorrectly, playlists, schedules and settings will be saved)
- MKV video files playback errors have been corrected
- the Silence Detector functionality has been restored
- virtualization display error occurring in WASAPI has been corrected
- several errors in the Task Scheduler performance have been corrected
- many other corrections have been made

07/28/2010 New version: RadioBOSS v4.3 Released.

- Concurrent playback on several sound cards
- Output through ASIO
- Output through WASAPI (recommended for Win7/Vista and above)
- Adjustable sampling rate during mixing
- Improvements in the scheduler. You can now set the start date for a task and make it recurring – that is, make it start on specific days of the week or with certain periodicity. You can also schedule tasks for a specific minute of specific hours during a day.
- Added a new option to the scheduler - “clear the Main playlist"- that enables you to completely clear the playlist when changing a block.
- Added a possibility to launch a track from the playlist according to the schedule.
- The task editing window now has a wizard that simplifies the addition of commands, Internet streams and so on.
- Changed profiles for AAC/AAC+ broadcasting for improved sound quality with the same bitrate + fixed some AAC+ broadcasting bugs.
- The time remaining till the start of scheduled tasks is now calculated with greater accuracy
- Fixed a bug that caused the next track to be shown incorrectly in the Shuffle (random playback) mode
- Fixed a bug that caused the program to work incorrectly on computers without a sound card

05/18/2010 RadioBOSS v4.2.8.500 Released.

- updated the help file
- improved the scheduler algorithm
- the position of the video playback window is now saved
- improved the "resume playback" function
- fixed a bug in the getrandomplaylist command (sometimes the playlist did not start)
- fixed a bug that caused the program to start twice when the “start automatically” option was enabled
- fixed a bug in the connect/disconnect commands, automatic reconnection to the server now works correctly

04/28/2010 User Manual for RadioBOSS published!
RadioBOSS User Manual is now available.

Download PDF: RadioBOSS_UserManual_en.pdf

Online: Read Online
03/19/2010 RadioBOSS 4.1.0 Released!
Update: RadioBOSS 4.1.0


- fixed a bug in the scheduler: sometimes, tracks were inserted into the beginning of the playlist instead of being queued
- improvements and bugfixes in the music database
- improvements in the playlist generation algorithm
- fixed bugs in the playlist generator
- fixed a bug: the total number of listeners in broadcasting statistics was calculated incorrectly
- fixed a bug: sometimes, 2 tracks were played at the same time
- lots of other minor improvements and fixes

03/11/2010 Update: RadioBOSS 4.0.9
Update: RadioBOSS 4.0.9


- a feature for playing one track from a playlist or folder has been added (the Playlist->Add Track List menu command)

- an error in the AutoAmp function has been fixed
02/26/2010 Update: RadioBOSS
Update: RadioBOSS

- Bug fixed: the silence detector did not work correctly in the "no sound card" mode
- Added a possibility to set the duration of playback for audio streams (the value is specified in minutes after a space, e.g. "http://stream/p.m3u 60")
- Changes in the program architecture: improved stability and decreased CPU load
- Added a possibility to disable visualization
- Added a possibility to select a tracks database in the playlist generator

02/07/2010 Update: RadioBOSS
Update: RadioBOSS

- the Turkish translation has been added
- the broadcast statistics shows the amount of data sent to the server
- the silence detector is triggered by the signal strength
- silence detector alerts are logged in the report
- fixed bug: sometimes the schedule list was loaded empty
- the size/position of columns is retained in the report
- it is possible to select the encoding for the HTTP request (UTF8 or ANSI)
- now the track name is sent to the Icecast server in the UTF8 format

01/28/2010 Update: RadioBOSS
Update: RadioBOSS

- tag read/write added for FLAC, MPC, APE, TTA files.
- removed tag support for WAV files
- improved line in/MIC support
- fixed scheduler errors: playlist generation and streams playback
- fixed MMS streams playback error

01/19/2010 RadioLogger 2.1 Released!
New version: RadioLogger v2.1

- Fixed some user interface issues

11/20/2009 RadioLogger 2.0 Released!
New version: RadioLogger v2.0

- Improved user interface
- Many minor issues and bugs fixed

10/28/2009 RadioBOSS 4.0 Released!
New version: RadioBOSS v4.0

- Application got split into versions: Express, Standard, and Advanced.
- Windows Vista and Windows 7 Compatible.
- Modified player’s interface.
- Added resizing of interface units (versions Standard and Advanced).
- Video playback (version Advanced).
- Support for Unicode in file names, interface and tags (except ID3v1).
- Player now shows which track is to be played next.
- Added launching playlists over air.
- Fixed error when generating playlists by schedule.
- Added ‘Pause’ command to scheduler.
- Information on ‘Stop’ and ‘Pause’ button clicks now gets recorded to the report.
- Modifying broadcast settings no longer requires restarting the application.
- Encoder priority when airing now matches the priority of the RadioBOSS application.

08/27/2009 RadioBOSS v3.2.5 Released!
Update: RadioBOSS 3.2.5!

- now it is possible to view the statistics of network broadcasting
- the program does not freeze when connecting to the server
- the microphone (the MIC button) now works during network broadcasting
- the line-in and microphone now work better (no more stuttering, distortions, etc.)
- the MIC button now works correctly in Windows Vista
- the new "generate" command for creating playlists according to schedule is available in the scheduler
- the bug causing an error while switching to the next day has been fixed in the "repeat" function of the scheduler, the task used to stop launching
- the "Set the minimum buffer size automatically " is now available in the settings
- the program has been optimized for running on multiprosessor and multi-core systems
- several minor bugs and drawbacks has been fixed

06/18/2009 RadioBOSS v3.2 Released!
New version: RadioBOSS 3.2!

- Added an ability to broadcast in AAC and AAC+ formats
- Added an ability to simultaneously broadcast in different formats and/or to different servers
- Bug fixed: when an OGG stream was played, tags could not be read
- Bug fixed: when a mixing point was enabled, stream playback interrupted when a stream was launched
- Bug fixed: sometimes, when Winamp plugins were used, not all of them were loaded or the list of plugins appeared empty
- The explorer is updated automatically

04/17/2009 RadioBOSS v3.1 Released!
New version: RadioBOSS 3.1!

- scheduler: FADEOUT command is added (syntax: fadeout
03/22/2009 RadioLogger - new version
- AirCorder renamed to RadioLogger
- Added "Start with windows" option
- Program now runs minimized to tray
- New command in the "Archive" - "Open containing folder 
- Fixed some minor bugs

02/12/2009 RadioBOSS Updated (v3.0.1)
- Added the Genre and Album fields when executing an HTTP request (transmitting track data to the website).
- Fixed error: The linear input did not function on some computers (find out more at http://www.djsoft.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=151).
- When launching a track over the ether, the mini-player window doesn’t pop on top of all windows (that is necessary, for example, for the cases when besides outputting sound from RadioBOSS the computer is used for outputting video).
- In the MIC button settings, added changing the device and the mixer.
- Track launch time now refreshes continuously.
- When launching a track over the ether, the application takes file type settings into account.

10/29/2008 RadioBOSS 3.0 Released!
1. Possibility to automatically send metadata (information about the track played - artist, title, etc) to the specified server/website. Two options are available: copying the NowPlaying.xml file to FTP or sending request to the specific script via HTTP. This can be handy, for instance, to show the title of the current track on the website.

2. When exporting in the XML format, the length and playback time of the track fields were added.

3. Streaming playback was enabled (HTTP, FTP and MMS protocols).

4. Tag editor was improved. Now there is a possibility to save ID3v2, OGG and WMA tag saving glitches were fixed. Currently, tags for the MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV files are readable and writable.

5. Limitation to 30 characters in the tag fields was removed. With MP3 files, RadioBOSS preferably uses ID3v2 tags.

6. Limitation on the length of track title in the playlist was removed (previously was 58 characters).

7. Table columns (playlist, schedule, etc.) can be swapped.

8. The program was localized to French.

9. Many defects and glitches were fixed.
08/06/2008 RadioBOSS 2.9.5 Released!
- some parts of the program have been modified for Windows Vista compatibility
- the program now reads ID3v2 tags
- bug fixed: the individual fade in the file name could not be detected if the file name was longer than 50 characters
- bug fixed: the program failed to save the value of the Public property in broadcasting settings
- you can now change the volume gradually using the setvol command with the following format: "setvol Level TimeMS" (for instance "setvol 50 500" will set the volume level to 50 within 0.5 seconds)
- several flaws in the music database have been eliminated
- users can now select the folder for storing reports (in program settings)
- reports are now saved in the CSV format and contain more details: scheduler events, program starts and exits, full paths to launched tracks
- users can now move tracks from the report window to the playlist
- the installer has been updated (you can install the program for all users of the system at the same time)
07/31/2008 AirCorder 1.1 Released!
- records can be split into parts of defined length (5, 10, 15 minutes, etc.)
- automatic renaming if a file already exists
- fixed a bug in the mini-player (some users heard crackling noises on their systems)
- limitations of the demo version have been modified (you can now create two tasks in the scheduler)
- several minor fixes
03/05/2008 RadioBOSS 2.9
RadioBOSS has been updated including improvements in network broadcast and bugfixes.

List of changes:
- New network broadcast settings added, Auto-Reconnect functionality is fixed (automatic reconnection if connection to server lost)
- Crossfade parameters can be again specified using the filename (i.e. Track01^xxx.mp3 where xxx - is the fade length in seconds, which can be fractional, e.g. 2.3, the ^ character can be changed in the Player.ini file using the FadeSign parameter)
- Viewing TOP-100 popular tracks by play count (Music database - TOP-100 menu)
- Fixed bug when track play time was calculated with the "Read track information when displayed in the playlist" option
12/29/2007 Christmas Sale!
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10/21/2007 Update: RadioBOSS 2.8.9
RadioBOSS updated to version 2.8.9. Changes:

- bug fixed: some tracks with freq below 44.1kHz played incorrectly
- ability to use shoutcast/icecast server without any additional plugins (Broadcast section in the Settings window)
- ability to run program on computers without a sound card (for streaming)
09/10/2007 Update: RadioBOSS 2.8.5
RadioBOSS updated to version 2.8.5. Changes in this release:

- the installation file has been improved, now all old settings are preserved when you update the program
- several bugs have been fixed in the playlist generator
- tracks played above the broadcast are logged
- a new option in the generator: enqueue a track right after the current playlist or right after the playing track
- export from the music database to the player: the "after the selected track" option has been added
- you can use either the Mute button or the Gain slider to completely turn sound off (the -Inf dB value)
- the player is now more stable
- a lot of drawbacks have been fixed
09/05/2007 Forum
Forum created. It's empty for now... So everyone is invited to leave a comment!
08/29/2007 Update: AirCorder
- translation into Polish and Portuguese
- bug fixes
07/22/2007 RadioBOSS updated to version 2.8.1
Update: RadioBOSS 2.8.1

- localized in Norwegian
- name of the run schedule is displayed in the software heading
- fixed bug with loading Winamp plugins
- fixed a few minor GUI bugs
- fixed bug when processing the "getrandomplaylist" command
- fixed bugs in the tag editor for WMA and OGG files
07/13/2007 Release: RadioBOSS 2.8
RadioBOSS 2.8 is out!

- new scheduler commands are added: clearplaylist and getrandomplaylist
- the GUI has been improved
- the source code of the program has been optimized so that the CPU and memory usage have been lowered
- the work with a linear input and a microphone has been improved
- the Preferences window has been created anew, new options have been added
- fixed bug when working with a number of multi-channel cards
- fixed bug: when playing a jingle over the music the air volume level sometimes differs from the presetted one
- fixed bug: when trying to perform a search in the track database with more than 50 000 tracks
- many minor changes
03/21/2007 Update: RadioBOSS 2.7.5
Changes in
- updated player, fixed bugs
- new scheduler commands: reboot, poweroff (system reboot and shutdown)
- ability to add commands to playlist (see FAQ question N9)
- imrpovements to the "musical base" program, displaying file sizes
- the program is translated into slovak
02/03/2007 RadioBOSS 2.7 Released!
- instead of two preset file types “advertisement” and “jingle” there are now 10 configurable file types
- export of information about the track being played into an xml file
- the "crop selected" command (delete all tracks except selected)
- scheduler: option to repeat task in specified time
- scheduler: new commands to control DTR and TXD signals of the COM port: set and clr
- scheduler: command to load playlist, profile, schedule list (load)

- the air is muted when the MIC button is pressed
- playlist shuffling algorithm is improved (better playback in the shuffle mode)
- player interface is improved
- music database: when the file has no tags, its filename is used to determine author and track name
- player now starts faster
- scheduler: tracks are accumulated in the playlist in direct (not reverse) order
- smooth volume change when the scheduled track or jingle is launched over the air
- smooth enabling/disabling of the Mute mode

Fixed bugs:
- scheduled tracks sometimes were added into the Temp list
- the progress window sometimes didn’t close after adding files from explorer
- the program don’t hang anymore on some specific computer configurations
- the MIC button didn’t work on some cards
- many minor bugfixes
01/18/2007 Volume Discounts
Now we offer volume discount pricing for RadioBOSS!
12/17/2006 AirCorder 1.0 Released!
New product from djSoftware! AirCorder is a program used to record radio station broadcast on the computer hard drive.
12/08/2006 Bug fix (we strongly recommend you to update!)
Bug, which may lead to hanging of the program or the system in some situations has been found. The bug is fixed, for installation details click here.
11/07/2006 Update: RadioBOSS
- new interface languages: Italian, Serbian
- fixed AutoAmp misperformance when crossfading
- fixed bug: Winamp plugin wasn't activated at program startup
- new schedule command: play x (where x is the number of a track in the playlist)
09/20/2006 RadioBOSS 2.6 Released!
What's new:
- added functionality: voicetrack
- changed mixing algorithm: lowered CPU load, Winamp effects are now applied to the entire output stream, visualizator and level indicator display more complete information (taking into account jingles, crossfades etc.)
- track database: such parameters as the number of track run, last time the track was run are logged, additional information about tracks can be edited (intro/outro, individual crossfade parameters etc.)
- fixed bug: silence detector sometimes didn't work correctly
- fixed bug: error when entering the menu on some computers
- lots of minor bugs fixed
08/31/2006 RadioBOSS 2.5 Released!
What's new:
- changed appearance
- track launch time is calculated more correctly
- "shuffle playlist" option in the scheduler
- equalizer is improved
- option to automatically save the profile
- new scheduler command for changing volume
- lots of fixes and improvements
05/10/2006 RadioBOSS 2.4 Released!
What's new:
- new column in the playlist: displays when the track was launched and estimated time before launching next tracks
- ability to resume playing the playlist from the last position after restart
- scheduler: button to force task start
- scheduler: option to remove the previous schedule from the playlist
- scheduler: new column in the list, displays time before the task starts
- scheduler: 10 seconds before starting the task, the corresponding row begins to blink
- distortion effect removed
- Music Database update
- ability to work in the limited user mode improved
- new options: equalizer band width, button in the taskbar
- bug fixes, lots of other improvements
02/11/2006 RadioBOSS Released!
- The program is translated into Spanish and Portuguese
- fixed: error when launching an empty playlist
- fixed: error when loading some playlists
- fixed: slow filling of the quick search list in version 141
- fixed: some errors when editing a playlist
- silence detector can now be switched with a double-click on the corresponding field in the status bar
- some improvements in the silence cutting functionality (for completely silent and damaged files)
- multichannel card support is improved
- more configuration options
- new command line parameter for loading profiles (radioboss.exe profile "profile_name")
- improvements and fixes of the interface
- many small bugfixes
12/27/2005 RadioBOSS Released!
- can use Winamp plugins
- new audio engine
- bug fixes
11/21/2005 Update RadioBOSS
- you can now schedule on a day-of-week basis
- the code was optimized resulting in increased performance and decreased memory requirements
- scheduling bug is fixed
- interface is improved
- various bugs are fixed
10/15/2005 New version: RadioBOSS 2.1
Updates since 2.0:
- sound delay when working with microphone/line input is removed
- updated scheduler
- support for plugins for playing different file formats
- mixing bug is fixed
- schedule is stored in plain text
- bug fixed: last 500 msec of a file were cut
- base: built-in player is improved
- scheduler: now you can play files over what is broadcast at the moment
- multiple fixes and improvements