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Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.
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RadioBOSS makes automating your broadcast to the world, your business or shop professional, simple, affordable, reliable.

NEWS 12/23/2013

RadioBOSS 5.0

What's new:

New features
  • AUX Players (can be added in Zone 2 and Zone 3)
  • Third work zone added. It can host: AUX playlist, Web browser, Cart wall, File explorer and Search (View->Work Zones->3).
  • Email notifications on error, silence detector actions, and other events
  • Do not launch events when MIC is on (Settings->Inputs->Advanced)
  • Play intro file when broadcasting encoder connected
  • Podcast playback (check "Podcast" when adding a URL)
  • A setting added to change the font in secondary windows (Settings->View->Other windows font)
  • New settings added to change color scheme + two default color schemes (dark/silver)
  • Added ability to change the playback control buttons' style
  • Playlist columns show/hide (View->Playlist columns)
  • Ability to load/save Cart Wall to a file
  • Loop option in Cart wall
  • Now it's possible to make the playlist tab non-playable (right click a tab)
  • Custom title format for encoders, also possible to disable metadata for the encoder
  • OPUS broadcasting and playback
File types
  • Treat the file type as a voice track
  • Custom title format for the track type
  • New option: do not mix tracks of this type with other tracks
  • Bed for file types
  • Automatic sweepers: insert a sweeper before event launch to make the event start at the specified time without an interruption of the playing track
  • Scheduler can now wait a specified time frame to launch an event between the tracks (Maximum time to wait in queue -> Play action)
  • Events can be assigned into groups
  • Save as a new event/Delete event buttons in the Event window were added
  • New scheduler command: download - downloads a file and saves it to a disk
Advertisement Scheduler
  • Grid copy/paste feature
  • "Add to queue" schedule event option
  • Improved grid color scheme
Report Generator
  • Date/time is now included in reports
  • Filters: filter by file type, track title or filename
  • Report generator now doesn't need to access original music files
  • Reports generated much faster
Playlist Generator Pro
  • Ability to add commands and network streams
  • Playlist export options: add to the end or overwrite
  • An option added: crossfade amount to take crossfading into account
Music Library
  • New feature: files verification - test all files in the library and report broken/unplayable (Tools->Check Music Tracks)
  • New feature: scan files and cut silence - scan all files and set their Cue In/Cue Out points to remove silence
  • Last played column added
  • Added ability to print music library
  • Overlay playback: playlist pause/unpause is now performed smoothly
  • Numerous improvements in UI graphics
  • Stream playback quality control: restarts the stream if any problems are detected (works only on streams with the duration set)
  • Crossfades edited with Segue Editor are now marked in the playlist (Custom Mix column)
  • ON AIR indicator when broadcasting is on (Settings->Broadcast->Show On Air)
  • RadioBOSS API file duration bug fixed
  • RadioBOSS API new commands added: delete, move, trackinfo, mic
  • Library search: tracks are now sorted by artist and then title
  • Export next track information to nowplaying and HTTP request
  • Improved track selection for the Track List feature
  • Report files are now saved in UTF8 encoding and contain all track information
  • File type for commands
  • An option added "identify sound cards by driver name" for Windows XP systems with multiple sound cards with the same name
  • Fadein/Fadeout options for microphone
  • DSP manager grays out the plugin types that are turned off
  • More user actions are now logged in the report
  • A setting added: fade out when the Stop button is clicked
  • Improved Stream Archive feature
  • Event window shows a warning on incorrect Repeat settings
  • Track waveform display in Now Playing didn't take the end time into account
  • WMA tag reading/writing problem
  • Incorrect encoding with some ID3v2 tags
  • Fixed several Cart wall bugs
  • m2ts video files playback
  • AIFF audio files playback
  • Prelisten bug on Search tab
  • Playlist and Scheduler printout didn't work on some machines
  • Track artwork display for some files
  • File Type incorrectly detected for events with "Send task name as title" option
  • "Back" button works in the Encoder Configuration Wizard
  • Overlay player sometimes didn't close
  • MIME type correctly sent when using the integrated server
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