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Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.Professional Radio Automation at a price you can afford.
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RadioBOSS makes automating your broadcast to the world, your business or shop professional, simple, affordable, reliable.

NEWS 11/24/2014

RadioBOSS 5.2

New features in RadioBOSS
  • Added "Dark" UI color scheme
  • Song Request API to receive automated song requests
  • Listener number chart in Broadcasting Statistics
  • Tag Editor improved: faster artwork and metadata reading, ability to edit tags during playback, and fixed the bugs
  • Cart wall improvements: hot keys, progress bar, grid resize, drag-n-drop
  • RadioBOSS is accessible by using only the keyboard; improved compatibility with screen reader software
  • "DTMF Only" logic changed (see the documentation for more info: http://manual.djsoft.net/radioboss/en/starting_events_by_dtmf_signal.htm)
  • "Next play" right-click playlist command evolved to Playback Queue
  • Track Tool redesigned
  • Scheduler Overlay player moved to the bottom left corner
  • All tracks that were played in the Overlay player are now included in the report
  • VST and Winamp DSP plugins can be used for a Microphone
  • Quick DSP configuration for the microphone: right-click the MIC button
  • WASAPI driver for pre-listen sound card
  • Added a button to the toolbar to record the stream (activates the Stream Archive feature)
  • Stream Archive configuration option added: automatic start/stop when MIC is activated and deactivated
  • FLAC and OPUS support for Stream Archive
  • Level Meter and MIC button can be moved to the center of the window (menu View->MIC and VU meter in the center)
  • New columns added to the playlist: Play, Insert stop command
  • Playlist file name history for AUX players
  • Custom picture can be used as a picture for tracks with no artwork
  • Added ability to set the Rating and File Type from the playlist
  • Notify when a track is going to end (flash in red)
  • "Tag from filename" right-click command added in the Track Information panel
  • Notepad tab improved
  • Item spacing setting for library search
  • Library search: alternate colors in the result
  • Station logo (top right corner) preserves image proportions
  • "Skip after scheduled track" option for file types
  • Status bar shows listener numbers: current and peak
  • HTTP Request: %listeners variable to send listeners count
  • Lots of minor issues and bugs were fixed
  • Code optimization for faster and more stable operation
  • Event sweeper feature improved
  • New "getfile" scheduler command added: command allows to select one file from the folder (newest, oldest, or random) and, optionally, delete it after playback
  • Scheduler list can be filtered by day of week (List button->Show filters)
  • "Weekdays" column added to event list
  • New "silencedetector (on/off)" command to control the silence detector from the scheduler
  • Warning when the scheduler expiration date is in the past
Playlist Generator Pro
  • UI to generate multiple playlists
  • Maximum (MAX), Minimum (MIN), and Average (AVG or AVERAGE) variables to set the playcount priority rules
  • Overlap amount can be set with fractions of a second
  • Length filter improved (allows to specify seconds)
  • Rename presets: right click on the preset name
Music Library
  • New feature: schedule automatic music library update (synchronize track with folder(s), update tags)
  • Multiple folders can be added at once from the Add Directory window
  • Improved the Check music tracks feature
  • Added "Scan BPM" feature (Tools menu)
  • Save search results as a music library (xml) file
  • Added "item spacing" setting
  • Added Bitrate column
Advertisement Scheduler
  • Color indication in the advertisement list to show missed, expired, and disabled tracks
  • Presets for grid
  • DTMF Only option for events
  • Added new feature: create report for advertisement track impressions within a specified date range
  • Sweepers to make commercial blocks of desired duration
Report Generator
  • Split into pages/continuous report option added
  • Listener field to include the number of listeners in the record for each song

Download: RadioBOSS 5.2.1

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