Ability to TURN OFF repeat protection for commercials

we have commercials that need to play two or three times in an hour

the repeat protection keeps this a mess for commercials

a need to turn off or if a folder says Commercial the folder would have the repeat always off


we have


folder under that one
Big Dog - Eat All You Want 03292021
in that folder

under Commercial folder we have sub folder
Big Mac Cars
in that folder file
Big Mac Used Cars - White Car Sale

the turn off could also be in the file type setting

this ad play four times an hour for five hours

these files can not be renamed because owner wants affidavit show the file name because it changes weekly and also plays two time an hour 6:00am until 10:00 am each morning monday to friday

because of the repeat protection this does error and really goes nuts


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It's already possible. Repeat protection only works when you select tracks using the Track List feature. The repeat protection rules are not applied when you start the tracks directly (e.g. you start a specific track or a playlist).

When you add a Track List, you can enable the option "Ignore repeat protection rules" in this case, when selecting a track it will not consider the repeat protection rules.