Back-timing in RadioBOSS Cloud

Matt Barton

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I have been using RadioBOSS Cloud for nearly a year and it's fantastic. So this is just an idea to make it even better...

It would be useful, especially when playing out fully automatically, if the software could select tracks so that the song playing ends promptly e.g. at the top of the hour. In other words back-timing so as to fill up the hour. That way the TOTH jingle etc. could be played out on time, without having to stop a track short or play over the top of it.

And/or - the ability to have a sweeper/filler track (e.g. playing at 1 minute before the TOTH) to give a buffer (in this example 1 minute) for the software to have more choice of track lengths - which could then end up to a minute before the TOTH with the sweeper filling up the remaining time.

Thanks for your consideration of this.


I just want to add something here as an additional variation on the above.
Same thing, just slightly different.
But a different option from which to choose. Rather than RB selecting a song to fill the gap time wise (which will be pretty tricky to achieve given that scenario nicely if you ask me... yes, you did ask me, so I told you).
The choice of music would be the users... music only or music/singing voice or a combination of something like a sweeper to end with/start with... in music example below 40 secs for music before/after, 10 secs for sweeper).

A track say 90 secs long (could be just music only or a song with singing voice). Actual length doesn't matter as this is just an example, but of a size of course the right size to fit the gap.
Previous track ends at 59:10 (that is, 50 secs to go to the end of the hour 00:00)
Music/song track starts at 40 secs into the start of the track.
The track then finishes out at 00:00.


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This is how Sweepers work now in RadioBOSS. In RadioBOSS, you select a folder from where to choose the sweepers. You can have dedicated folder(s) for the purpose, having different sets of sweepers for different cases.