Connecting RODECaster Pro with RadioBOSS


I have RadioBOSS in my PC and I broadcast live thru

Now, I have bought RODECaster Pro (mixer) which has 4 mics, Bluetooth, phone connection.

Please let me know how do i connect this RODECaster to RadioBOSS..  so that I can use all 4 mics and also take phone calls and play music thru Bluetooth.. plus also play music from RBoss too.



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It appears that your mixer supports USB interface - in this case, you should select it for one of the inputs:

Then select "Audio source" to use the configured input io broadcasting settings, to make RadioBOSS broadcast the mixer output: (the option is located at the top right corner).

It should also be possible to select the mixer as playback device (so that everything that plays in RadioBOSS goes to the mixer) - try selecting it as "Main soundcard" in the settings:

Then you connect all mics and other audio sources to the mixer, and if mixer was selected as playback device for RadioBOSS, one of the sliders will control RadioBOSS's output. The final mix will be broadcast to the configured servers.

Question: What if I want to do the my RadioBOSS computer outputs to the Rodecaster Pro mixer?

Can I use the USB out for the main audio out, and select Bluetooth as my Pre Listen out?

Thanks for your help



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If the mixer is connected via USB to the computer, there's a good chance it will be available as playback device in RadioBOSS Settings->Playback. If not, connect it using a wire computer out -> mixer in.