Device stalled

each day on event load i had "main device appears to be stalled. reinitializing, main device started sucessfully. d "main device appears to be stalled. reinitializing, main device started sucessfully."

i may have to get back to a stable release. it's not coming from my device and i'm having playback/buffering on soundcard issues.

it may comes from the caches buffering setting, but definitely not for the event load disfunction. restarting the software solves the issue
I added 2 additional encoders and that might caused a 25% overcharge of my CPU. maybe the cause of the playback issues.

edit : still having playback issue even with 40 or 45% cpu usage. it definitely comes from the software. the player read music not on 1x speed, reducing speed and stopping randomly. software reboot most of time solves the issues. sometimes i have to reboot the computer.
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45% CPU usage if it stays constant is very high, RadioBOSS only consumes less than 1% by itself, plus around 1% for each streaming encoder. If you only run RadioBOSS and nothing else consumes CPU, it's a problem and you should see why it happens. If you have any plugins, try disabling them. Otherwise you have problems with choppy playback and freezing. The "device stalled" error can also be caused by this.