Getting Statistics from Azuracast


We broadcast on an Azuracast broadcast server, and we are using RB 5.9.4

We are unable to receive the listener broadcast statistics, as shown in picture 1. We know we do have listeners (we are one of them!)

Could you kindly take a look at the two screen shots, and let us know if there is a setting we may have missed?

Thank you



  • 1 - Statistics Screen.png
    1 - Statistics Screen.png
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  • 2 - Broadcast screen.png
    2 - Broadcast screen.png
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In the statistics window it shows error 404 that means it's unable to gather the statistics. The configurtion details are supplied by the streaming company you use, we can't know what is the correct configuration. You can try the "Get statistics from the server" option instead of configuring it, usually it works.